Monday, December 1, 2008

Gratitude - Thanksgiving/Day 6

Of course I am grateful for the gathering of family and delicious food at Laura and Mike's house.

Today I express my gratitude for Hwy 212 and the journey home. There is something about this drive that calms my soul and fills me with emotion I can't properly put into words. As the car cruises west into the countryside, I feel the open sky fill the air and space around me, with the hue changing ever so slightly as it rises up from the all encompassing horizon. I am being pulled along to a familiar endpoint. The clouds and sun shift with the passing miles and minutes. The landscape stretches endlessly before me as far as the eye can see. The trees and farmsteads are familiar blips approached and passed as we speed along. There is something magical and ethereal about the place too far off to pinpoint where the land and the sky come together. The color palate of the land changes with the given season. This Thanksgiving, the hues are brown. To an outsider, it is probably bland, lifeless, and baron. To me, it is the colors of another safe and bountiful harvest that has drawn to a close....

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