Tuesday, June 28, 2011

2011 Vacation Post #6 - Andrea

Me.... Yes... in the summer I often put ice in my wine....

Of the two parents, my "style" of book reading might be prefered over Mark's...

I think my sunglassed make me look like a bug, but I wear them anyway. These are from Gap... Kids. Have I ever mentioned I have a small head?

  • I like to rest and take naps on vacation.

  • I like to check out and read, while ignoring the kids and Mark. This vacation I read, "Little Bee". I also read People magazine, etc.

  • I like to take the kids to the pool.

  • I like to just "hang out" on vacation around the resort property, on the beach, and by the pool. I like to bring a glass of wine with me....(in a plastic cup usually, oh.. and on ice again)

  • I like to eat wonderful food on vacation and most certainly have PREFERENCES about where we eat. This year I was excited to eat at the Duluth Grill (as seen on Dives, Drive-ins, and Diners), the Ledge Rock Grill right at the resort, The New Scenic Cafe (we try and get there every trip Up North), and Sara's Table Chester Creek Cafe in Duluth.

  • I LOVE lattes, and was delighted my Dad often endulged me with a trip up the road to a small coffee shop called the Mocha Moose in the morning (or afternoon).

  • I actually enjoyed our visit to the Train Museum in Duluth. I recall Brett wanting to go there every year when we were little. I wasn't not nearly as thrilled. I was surprised how much I enjoyed our visit with the kids.

  • I think the Vista Harbor Cruise is WAY TOO LONG!

  • I still believe in Earl.

  • I know family vacations are PRICELESS!

Monday, June 27, 2011

2011 Vacation Post #5 - Gooseberry State Park and Split Rock Light House

The best weather day of the trip was our excursion to Gooseberry Falls and Split Rock Light House. Stopping at the usual overlook for the tradational family photo.

We are so thankful Dad and Chris take us on such a wonderful summer vacation every year.

Marly's choosen outfit for hiking and siteseeing - a new tulle skirt from Nana!

The pregnant lady hiking with a smile.

After lunch we headed to Split Rock.

Once again posing for the classic vacation photo opportunity with the lighthouse looming in the background. How many of you Minnesotan's have this same photo from your childhood, or your children's???

2011 Vacation Post #4 - Campfire

Nothing says "roughing it" like staying at a resort where they come around each evening with a golf cart to start your lakeside campfire...

With Auntie Rachel and baby-to-be.

Dad and his children

Mark catching a few moments of solitude.

Friday, June 24, 2011

A Little of This, A Little of That

The kids are wrapping up their first week at their Montessori school. The teacher has told Mark and I they seem as if they have always been there, and have adjusted very well. I surely attribute this to their good care at Daycare Cindy's. I will say they are tired at the end of the day, but seem to really be enjoying it, which we expected.

This morning we celebrated Friday, and the end of the week, with donuts at our favorite bakery. Jack's happens to be in the same complex and two doors down from our child care... which might be more trouble leading to MORE treats.

Last week I got a Shellac manicure. We returned from vacation on Friday, and before 4 pm I managed to sneak in a mani/pedi. Unless it is a gift, I never get a manicure because it rarely makes it through the day without a smudge or chip. Not the case with the Shellac. I love it. It is now a week old and going STRONG. Now lets see if I can get it off myself after another 10 days of wear or so, without having to go back to have it wrapped in acetate. I think I will stop in at Sally Beauty Supply and see what I can get to take home.

Let's see...Last weekend we hit Taylor Collins grad party, and the kids had a baby-sitter while we attended the wedding of Eric and Gretchen Mellies. Mark had a nice and relaxing Father's Day. He got to do exactly what HE wanted, which was to STAY HOME. I made some nice meals, got rootbeer float supplies, and endulged in some cupcakes at Byerly's. He made a Menard's run, painted, rested, etc.

This week I often went downstairs to look at our MESS (hoping something had magically changed)! We got water in our basement due to a sump pump malfunction several storms past, and now have carpet that needs replaceing. Mark has taken this as an OPPORTUNITY to paint the kids' future rooms. IT IS TIME for them to be separated. They just goof off EVERY NIGHT! Let's hope I can get mov'n on the project at hand, instead of living with trashed carpet, and a bed set up in our living area for no real reason except it needing to go somewhere.

This weekend we have more fun summer activities - a party and a graduation. (Which makes it hard to take the basement situation seriously!)

Oh.. I think I have done a good job saving my WW points for food and drink this weekend!

Let the good times roll!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The Bird Book - 2011 Vacation Post #3

Several weeks back, at our local garden center, Dean spotted a bird book. He begged to take the bird book home, and I said, "No." He mentioned the bird book whenever we went anywhere that had books on display.

Of course, this mommy broke down and went to Borders the day before we left on vacation and purchased "Birds of Minnesota". I gave it to Dean before we loaded the car Friday morning. He was ecstatic. He paged through the book most of the way to Duluth.

He took that book with him EVERYWHERE on vacation. He checked out every bird, and looked up the robin over and over.

He saw a dead/stuffed hummingbird on display at Gooseberry Falls. He spent the next 5 days on the lookout for a live one, bird book on the ready.

Marly has kiddy binoculars to spy the birds!

A happy boy with his bird book!

Monday, June 20, 2011


I am interrupting my post-vacation updates for a more REAL time blog.

Today marked a few changes in the Thomberg household.

Before vacation the Twinners had their last day at Daycare Cindy's. After nearly 2 years of good care, it was time to move on for new educational endeavors.

Today was their first day at a Montessori school. Last night I packed their lunches, and they were ready to go this morning, with brand new personalized back packs. We set up a two hour practice two weeks ago, and this morning was all smiles.

Once at school, Marly paused after she put away her pink butterfly pack and put her arms upto me. I was prepared for a grasp and cling to mommy...or tears, but all she wanted was a good-bye hug.

Also this morning, Mark started a new role at the 'Bou. He is officially a district manager. He has additional stores on his scorecard and is temporarily co-directing the Duluth area.

Finally, I started Weight Watchers several weeks ago. Unfortunately, our vacation last week (followed by a wedding and graduation this weekend) caused me to throw the points system right out the window and onto my belly...while drinking a lot more points. TODAY I will begin again!

Welcome Back to Reality World! Welcome Monday!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Meet Earl - 2011 Vacation Post #2

Meet Earl the Seagull. He is an old fellow.

I first met Earl in the winter of 3rd grade, in Orlando, Florida. My dad became acquainted with the seagull in our hotel parking lot, and introduced the bird to Brett and I on our first (and only) family vacation to Disney World!

That summer following, Earl travelled to meet us up on the North Shore. After that, he found us year after year on vacation. This mighty seagull has never missed a trip.

The first time we took Marly and Dean to the North Shore four years ago, we introduced old Earl to the new members of the clan as soon as we arrived at Bluefin Bay.

As we hopped out of the car in Canal Park, Duluth this past Friday, Marly and Dean searched the sky for our dear friend Earl.

Yup, there he was... third one to the right....

Earl has been hanging with us all week.

Be seeing you around Earl! Take Care.

Monday, June 13, 2011

My Little Pirates - 2011 Vacation Post #1

The Twinner's were sassy on Saturday after the arrival of the rest of the family to our vacation rental.

With the arrival of Nana came cool new hooded bathrobes. With the arrival of Rachel came sailor hats from the table decor at a work conference.

Add in the imagination of four year olds and you have the arrival of two pirates on the shores of Lake Superior!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

2011 Family Vacation

The Thomberg's are on vacation!!!

The Pacifica hit the road mid morning last Friday - destination Duluth!
Saturday we cruised 45 minutes up the shore and awaited the arrival of Papa, Nana, Brett and Rachel at the Larmont Cottages near Two Harbors, on the bank of Lake Superior.

We have been having a wonderful time enjoying the water, sun, beautiful State Parks and time on our side.

Post will be random and how they hit me......

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Monday, June 6, 2011

Blogging Backlog

I am behind on blogging, and recording the history of the Thomberg's... my online scrapbook.

So.. I am cheating. I am backlogging/backdating our life.

Scroll down to take a look.

Friday, June 3, 2011

Remembering Marlys

Tuesday, June 1 marked the 11th anniversary of my Mom's death. Here are the flowers my Dad ordered for the alter at his church over Memorial Day weekend. He kindly gives me the bouquet later. Last year we brought it to the cemetary.
Marlys is loved and missed. Her memories shine bright.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Memorial Day

On Memorial Day, Mark worked to turn over our townhome for new tenants. The Twinners and I assisted, then headed to Brett and Rachel's for supper and our first boat of the season! Brett checking the slab of pork loin large enough to serve the entire neighborhood. (There are still leftovers in my fridge. I will be moving to the freezer.)

On the water, with the sun or our shoulders and the wind in our faces.

Dean and Uncle Brett.

Dad and Chris in the back.

Not pictures - Lovely pregnant Rachel.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Memorial Weekend Picnic

Friday morning of Memorial Day weekend, I decided the Thomberg's were light on calendar events for the holiday ahead. What to do??? Entertain! Whip together a BBQ, of course.

Friday at 10 am - I called my best friend Gretchen. "Hey... What are you guys up to on Sunday? You know how I mentioned we should get together?"
Friday at noon - I lunched with two dear friends. "Hey.. What are you guys doing on Sunday?"

Friday at 6 pm - "Mark... What would you think if we hosted a BBQ on Sunday???"

Friday at 7 pm - I texted and called those friends I had casually thrown the idea around with (and a few more of COURSE).

Saturday after a trip to the Mpls Farmer's Market - Worked the guest list, worked the yard, worked the house, and debated the menu with Mark (Crock pot of shredded turkey for sandwiches or hamburgers and hotdogs?)

Saturday at 4 pm - Left the house for the Costco run. On the list - plenty of white wine, beer, fresh pattied hamburgers, hot dogs, buns, fruit, juice boxes, a giant bag of those really delicious crinkle cut sea salt potato chips, and a glorious cream filled cake with strawberries on top.

Saturday at 6 pm - Dashed into Party Place as they were closing the doors for blue napkins and plates, forks, spoons, cups, and a few more flags for decor.

Sunday morning - Lament about the weather and begin set up.

Sunday afternoon - Eagerly wait for the arrival of our guests.

Sunday around 4 pm - Drinking, eating, grilling and games with friends!

Flags in our planters out front.

The men playing boche ball on the lawn Mark can be very pround of.

Eating inside in anticipation of a few sprinkles.

Lawn time with Sam.

The sound of children's laughter and play, and screeches of delight may be one of the best parts of a summer picnic.

We had a wonderful time! We had a similar impromptu BBQ last year... and you can probably expect a similar post next year. That's how we roll at the Thomberg's. We loved having Jess, the Lyons, the H-we's and sister Sam, and Brett & Rachel for a fun afternoon and evening.


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