Tuesday, July 23, 2013

There's a New Kid On The Block!

He's HERE! Baby Peter David Melberg came around sun up on Monday, July 8th. That's only a few days over due, RIGHT Rachel???

Brett and Rachel's new guy was somewhere over 8 pounds. I have no idea how long he was. I don't get into those stats and figures. I go with "plenty big and in general - healthy all around!"
Marly and I went to visit this precious package on Monday after work. The whole family was there - Papa David & Nana Chris, Grandpa Lester & Grandma Edith, Tanti Sarah, and Brother Charlie. Above is Marly with Peter's Grandma Edith!
Big cousin Marly took her turn holding the baby. Dean was at karate while we visited. Boy was he MAD when we got home and he realized he missed a visit to the NEW KID!
 Charlie was REALLY excited to be a BIG brother. Can you tell!!!???
 Ahhh! That's more like it!

The Twinner's Graco Duo Glide double stroller may get put back into action. It got a hose and scrub down, and we dropped it off on Sunday for the parents of "two under two" when we returned from Hector Days. I took the opportunity to hold (hog) the little bugger pretty much the entire time we were there. I got to feed him too. I honestly felt pretty rusty with the whole bottle/burp deal, but it quickly came back to me....

...I guess 6 years of time span will do that to a mama.


Tuesday, July 16, 2013

The rest of the weekend....

Of course the 4th of July is rarely a one day event. It is a holiday that can feel like it never ends, depending on where it falls in the week.

So, Friday the plan was to head to a public beach and back to a lake, this time with my best friend and the kids.
While the Twinner's slept in (and Mark was already out the door working), I packed beach gear into my favorite retro/historical Not-Really-My-Grandma-Lou Strawberry Bag, and prepped the food for our picnic. As I diced the turkey for salad, I was CONTENT and HAPPY.

I envisioned and remembered my mom in our kitchen preparing her salad, or a pan of bars (that one with coconut and chocolate chips in it), or a baked rice dish she use to make. (Does any one remember the rice?? It had cinnamon all over the top and was served at room temperature.) Anyway, she was always busy at work before we hit the road for Kandi, ensuring her family's day would be carefree and great.
As I stood alone in my own kitchen, everything in life seemed just  like it should be, and it actually brought tears of joy to my eyes.

I have DEAR family who I love and adore, and who love and adore me in return.
I have DEAR friends who I love and adore, and who love and adore me in return.
I was loved and adored by my parents as a child (and of course my Dad today), and now I have children of my own to love and adore.

Anyway, we had a pleasant and carefree afternoon at Big Lake, returned for a Friday overnight with our friends, attended our Godchild's 5th birthday on Saturday afternoon, and wrapped up our activities with aThomberg family bike ride on Sunday.

Oh... and at the close of the holiday weekend, there was still no baby for Rachel and Brett!

Note - Sunday we took a REALLY long bike ride all the way from our house, on the Mississippi River Trail, into northeast Minneapolis. We left our house between 3 and 4 pm, ate supper at Broadway Pizza off of Broadway and 94 at 5 pm, and were home sometime between 6 and 7 pm. (so that was some bike ride! We have no idea how many miles we went.)

Friday, July 12, 2013

4th of July 2013

Summer is OFFICIALLY half way GONE. Never mind it  really only arrived about three weeks ago.

It is safe to say we made up for lost time (and rain delays) over the 4th of July holiday and weekend. It was jam packed, although we spent every night in our own soft beds in our air conditioned suburban dwelling.
We enjoyed lots of time with friends, but don't you think for a second we didn't make it home to the county and family too.

Mark actually worked Thursday, so the kids and I hit the road solo at 9:48 am on the 4th. Our first stop was Brett and Rachel's, where we joined them for the Lake Pierson Boat Parade. Rachel was EAGERLY awaiting the arrival of the baby in utero, who made no appearance on the 4th. (Which is another story all together).

From there we continued our travels west on 212 to Lake Allie, which has become our 'usual' 4th of July holiday haunt.
Golf carts, boat rides, swimming, tubing, cookies and Special K bars, conversation, sun, sunscreen, life jackets, family, cousins, stories, laughing, friends, and...

Ham Balls!!!!

I took this photo for Mark. He loves Jan's Ham Balls, so she sent some home for my hard working hubby. Naturally there were barbecues, chips, fruit, salads, Jan's rice ring, dips, desserts, and all that jazz too.

There were also fresh peas in season.

I declared to my dear cousin Micheal (who teased me with a small cup of fresh picked peas), "What is the use of being from a farm, with like a TON of farming relatives, if I can't get some fresh peas to take back with me when I visit?????????"

Well - Micheal darted off in his convertible and returned from the field 45 minutes later with this giant garbage bag of peas, still on the vine. When we left after supper, I took the whole darn thing with me.

...along with those Ham Balls for Marky-Mark.

The Twinners and I buckled up and hit the road, reversing our direction, at 8 pm sharp. At 9 pm the kids were NERVOUS in the back seat we weren't going to make twilight and the amazing neighborhood fire works display hosted 5 houses up the street. (On Wednesday, the Twinners' actually helped spray paint red, white and blue stars on the neighbor's lawn for the festivities.)

On Riverview Lane you pretty much need a DARN GOOD excuse to miss the neighborhood fire works (hosted annually with an amazing party by one wonderful family). You risk being talked about if not in attendance. Since Mark was at home working away on performance reviews, it was the scheduled time to re-unite.

We made it with about 20 minutes to spare and search for the bug spray we never located! It was a fantastic display as usual!

Hope you all had a GRAND holiday too.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Summer Vacation 2013

So, get ready for the Vacation Photo BOMB!!!!
At the end of June, we enjoyed a wonderful Saturday to Saturday stay at Lutsen Resort. We originally booked at Bluefin Bay. Did you hear they had a fire that destroyed 5 units? Bluefin put us up at Lutsen Resort, since our reservation was affected. I can speak for everyone when I say we had a GRAND time. We would recommend this as a fine resort destination for Papa-Nana-Kiddo-Mom-Dad crews like us! 

Nana brought craft projects to keep everyone busy in our Cliffside Townhome. The kids also begged to go to the pool every day, and were delighted for every cloudy afternoon or morning  leading to another hour in the water.
Of course we headed to Grand Marias and shopped at the granddaddy of all Ben Franklin's -Joyner's. We also had the self proclaimed BEST DONUT, ate the fresh catch for lunch at the Angry Trout, and returned to Grand Marias on Friday for Thomberg Family Pizza Night at Sven and Ole's.
Marly and Dean basked on the rocks.
We walked to the light house and spent time on Artists Point.
Mark actually ALMOST totally disconnected from work..... almost....
One rainy afternoon, we went "off roading" on the logging roads in the Superior National Forest. The kids got to enjoy the wild ride in Papa's BMW. We also drank lots of fru fru coffee from the Moondance Coffee House and I am sure I had one along for this wild ride through the woods.
Our off roading lead back to the Sawbill Trail and to the edge of the Boundary Waters.
I strolled solo along this serene lakeside path, and quickly became a Manny's Porterhouse Steak dinner for a zillion hungry mosquitoes.
We hiked the Oberg Loop one sunny morning, and went for lunch at the Coho in Tofte. On Friday the Thomberg's also spent some time at the Temperance River.

What Lutsen vacation is complete with a ride (or 5) down the Alpine Slide?
Dean and Marly are fully aware next year when they are 7 they can ride down alone!
I want to tell you all - MOM IS THE FASTEST, and it doesn't matter which Twinner is riding with me!!!!!
We finally snapped a family photo 5 days in.
We had dinner in the dining room at Lutsen Resort one evening and the kids (okay mostly Dean) became obsessed with the 'Pass the Pigs' game.
Here is Papa eating some sort of custard dessert with lingenberries, with Dean photo bombing!

Mark and I went sea kayaking on Lake Superior, and the resort offered yoga one early evening on the beach.
The hubby and I opted for a Happy Hour brew instead.
At dusk, there were campfires on the beach, and we also caught Naturalists Programs on several evenings about forest fires, moose, and beavers. Oh yes... and then Dean would beg to play checkers in the main lodge every night afterwards. 9 pm... 9:30, 9:45 -- It's not bedtime yet! It's vacation!
On Saturday it was time to bid a fond farewell to Lutsen.
Palisade Point

Good Bye Lake Superior
Good Bye North Shore.

Thank you Nana and Papa for a wonderful vacation.


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