Friday, September 28, 2012

Playing Hookie!

Last week Dad forwarded an e mail to me from my Aunt Carol. She had three tickets to the Guthrie on Wednesday afternoon she wouldn't be using - hers, my Aunt Jan's, and Joyce Carlson's from Hector. Did my Dad want them?

We took them and put our own butts in two of the trio. I have been very busy at work with Allina's Community Giving campaign, and was excited to snatch a few hours of PTO  to sneak away on a fine fall afternoon.

And what a pleasant day it was. My morning began with an enjoyable Working with Women MetroNorth chamber meeting, I cruised back to the office, shot off a few e mails, and bolted down 94 to meet my Dad at Sea Change for lunch. The sun was shining, the leaves were glowing, the day was gorgeous. My smoked trout salad was delicious with an indulgent glass of white wine early in the day. My Dad and I had plenty of time to split a decadent chocolate dessert before heading up the escalator and into the theater. We enjoyed the spender of fall from the cantilever bridge.

Inside, we discovered Bonnie Hartung (Dad's dear friends from Hector) had the seats directly in front of us.

We enjoyed the play.

Why let such a splendid afternoon come to an end? We walked a few blocks up Washington and hopped into the Caribou my Dad frequents near his office in the Grain Exchange. I ordered the high sugar/high calorie Pumpkin Spice Chai Latte, since it was a "special" day! I met manager Mike, who is a direct report to Mark.

Finally, I headed home. I hope whatever I missed at work, I caught up with later. The beauty of "playing hookie" is you don't have to miss anything with your kids and family or friends, because SHOULD be at work.

Anyway, it was a grand afternoon. I enjoyed the carefree hours spent with just Me and just my Dad! Thanks Aunt Carol and Aunt Jan for the tickets. Sorry we couldn't see it with you!

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Good Bye Summer!

It is with NO SADNESS we I say "GOOD BYE!" to summer.
It was a summer with NO missed opportunities, NO shortage of activity, and NO shortage of fun.

The Thomberg's raced through summer at mock speeds.
We were on super drive.
We didn't miss a chance to hit the water in a park or pool or lake.
We made good use of our Bunker Beach Water Park season passes.
We camped.
We saw fireworks and parades and water ski shows.
We went home to Hector, to the lake, and to friend's cabins.
There was maybe one single summer weekend that we spent entirely within the metro limits.
We spent time with family and extended family, and the kids ran wild with their cousins.
We sported awesome tans.
We ate A LOT.
By mid-July we forgot to apply sunscreen.
We had fun.

We had so damn much fun I couldn't bear to write another "Thomberg Summer of Fun" post as August ended.

There is NO POST on the State Fair.
We did take a day off work and went with my Dad as always.
We did go to basically every barn, except the swine barn.
We did go to the kiddy midway.
We did eat cheese curds, pronto pups, mini donuts (and chicken fried bacon too).
We did go home tired.

There is NO POST about Labor Day weekend.
We did spend it at the lake.
We ended the summer the same way we started it - with an overnight at Brett and Rachel's and hours on the boat.
We were joined by the H-we's.
Dean water skied.
Piper got her first lesson in water skiing.
We did have a few cocktails and a fire in the evening.

Fall is here.
We are happy to herald in the new season, with some time spent closer to home.
Last week we were up VERY late, in our own backyard, around a fire, with our neighbors.
Two Sunday's in a row have included walks of exploration along the bank of the Mississippi River across the street from our house.
The kids are into their third week of school and have adjusted perfectly.
We welcome the cooler days, instead of the intense heat of the past three months.
The mums are planted.
The impatients are dying.
I get to wear cardigans again.
I love cardigans.

Fall is good.
We are ready for fall (and a nap or two).

Monday, September 17, 2012

The First Day of School

Like many students across Minnesota, Marly and Dean headed off to their first day of kindergarten the day after Labor Day. The kids attend a math and environmental science magnet school in our school district. Several neighborhood kids also attend.

The first day we took the traditional front step photos, then loaded up, backpacks in hand, and drove the Twinners to their new school. Usually they will ride the bus and we will drive them to their stop, but mama duck and daddy duck weren't ready to put the goslings on the BIG YELLOW BUS on their very first day,with so many new unknowns.
We drove them to school and delivered them safely to Mrs. Loveridge's classroom at the end of the long hall, past the lunchroom referred to as the "cafe". I was resolute this whole kindergarten things was NO BIG DEAL for this mama duck.
Dean was very anxious the night before and morning of. Marly keeps her emotions close to the vest. Dean held both my hand and Mark's as we approached their classroom. Marly wanted no hand. Suddenly this whole kindergarten thing was becoming a BIG DEAL for mama duck. Mama duck started to take deep, calming breathes.
Once Dean settled into the new environment, he realized it wasn't so different from pre school. We got each child situated, and they began to ignore us, and sort of "shooed" us on with our day. Other mama ducks were holding back sobs as they exited the room.

...And so we took step towards the door.
We entered the hall.
We did not look back
This mama duck's eyes began to well up.
Walk quickly, breathe deeply!
Maybe a tear slipped down my cheek.
Maybe Mark was trying VERY hard to keep control.

Our only teeny tinies we will ever have just went off together to conquer kindergarten,
leaving mama duck and daddy duck behind with out a second glance!

Monday, September 3, 2012

The Last Day at Step by Step

Last Wednesday was the Twinners final day at Step by Step Montessori.

With director Ms. Jenni
Cupcakes from Jack's for their friends

Flowers and a Caribou card for Ms. Yelena
and Ms. Jacki
(...and Ms. Kim in the afternoon.)

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Thomberg Summer of Fun 2012 - Reunions and running

Two Weeks Ago....A weekend of reunions and more.
"Best Of KSTP Eyewitness News" reunion at Sweeney's in St. Paul. CJ even mentioned it in the Strib. This is me with Maria Awes. At one point in time we worked on the desk together.
Ginther - The man I owed my job to at Channel 5, pictured with Al - The man who was made me great on the desk.

It was quite a night.... with oh so many co workers from the past, on hand from near and far. (Kari Patey from New York, Ginther and Jim Guy from Seattle, and Dean Staley from New Mexico. I STILL can't believe it.)

My Facebook post prior to the event sums it up best for me. Photos of the event are courtesy of friends' Facebook posts.
'At one point in my career, I went to work every day and wrote on a giant dry erase board around 9 am. I spelled poorly in neat handwriting. I ordered people around through out the day. I swore a LOT. I wore a headset for the phone, and checked multiple fax machines about every 15 minutes. I watched 3 TV's simultaniously at 5 pm. I got to send the chopper in the air. I woke (paged) people awake way too often. I got a major adrenaline RUSH whenever newsworthly tragidies occured. I don't do those things anymore, but I still canNOT spell. To all the fellow KSTP TV alumni/friends coming to the reunion/gathering TONIGHT, I can't wait to see you all!'

Saturday lunch in Uptown with Delta Zeta sisters I have not seen in YEARS! Unfortunately, the gathering occurred do to the unexpected death of a fine Delta Zeta sister.
Sunday we went to cheer Kelly as she ran her first 1/2 marathon. WAY TO GO KELLY! Amazing indeed.
Go Kelly! Go!
Sunday afternoon running through the sprinkler.


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