Thursday, May 29, 2008

Memorial Day Photos at Jan & Sheldon's


**I notice my kids appear to have on the SAME thing in the last 4 post photos! They have plenty of attire, you just can't tell with this COLD Minnesota spring because they always have on their little sweatshirts outside!**

The babies have on sweatshirts while the kids bask in the sand and water!

Mikayla, Shylah, Marly and Wilson.

The men putting in the dock.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

All American Memorial Day

The Thomberg's had your standard Memorial Day weekend. Saturday we enjoyed a BBQ at the Hagel Braids. Our friend Derek Harmon (gal pal Dawn's husband) was in town from MA for a pastoral conference on homilies. When Derek and Dawn left MN, we were all kid-less. Derek commented on how much our gatherings had changed, as my twins wandered off in different directions and had to be chased after and redirected every few minutes, while Heidi's wee one packed away quite a meal from his high chair.

Monday, the babes and I headed to the country. Mark was working at Caribou. Jan and Sheldon hosted a BBQ at their home and we enjoyed the beautiful lake view. Typical to MN, the men put in the dock. Jan and Michelle later accompanied me to the cemetery. After, the kids and I stopped at the Koenig's before heading back to the cities.

The photo is at Cindy's house. Twins toddling about is double the work. I will be honost, getting out the door on Monday morning was a bit stressful. When they were infants, I did one thing, then did it over. Now that they are mobile, it is less easy every day. I did not manage to take any pictures at Jan's house....

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Missing Memorial Day Memories

It is almost Memorial Day. It is almost the 8th anniversary of my mom's death occuring the Thursday after. This Memorial Day, I plan to head to the country and cemetery with the babes. Mark has to work. I hope to see family.

This morning I woke... and realized I could NOT remember the details of Memorial Day 2000. I was 25 and working at KSTP TV as the weekend assignment editor. My days off were Monday and Tuesday. I know I came home, and I think it was Sunday afternoon. I think Jared Walter was home and there was a BBQ at Carol's house. I think Dad and I may have went to the cemetery on Monday morning. I think it may have been rainy and Carol was with us, but I am NOT SURE.

I remember mom and dad were contemplating a cabin for us at the time. I remember they use to drive about looking at lakes. I THINK, Toot's came over and we drove around, maybe to Lake Minnebelle. I just don't know, and this is distressing to me. I THINK we all may have went to DQ in Hutch. I think we may have had supper at home first.

On Tuesday, I do know I headed back to the cities. While in the driveway at home, I remember thinking what a nice Memorial Day it had been, seeing lots of family. Right before leaving, I went pilfering through the closet for toilet paper and loaded it in my car. Mom saw, didn't say a word, and simply asked, "Do you want some tooth paste?" Yes... I was 25 and stealing my parents TP. I remember my mom following up by somehow expressing how proud she was of Brett and I. Brett had just graduated from St. Cloud State. He had survived his crazy teens. What a blessing!

Anyway, they are powerful, emotional memories... but they are fading....The last days and moments I spent with my mom....

Dear God, please let her be an angel watching over my beautiful Marly and Dean.

If you can help me with details, please feel free to comment. Without an account, you should be able to do so by using "anonymous" when you post. You then need to type in the security code number/letter.

Wishing you pleasant memories of family both departed and with us this Memorial Day.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Como Park

As a birthday gift for Mark, and anniversary gift for us.... Chris recently gave us a great new camera. Mark is in LOVE with it. These photos are from Sunday at Como Park. Usually the pics I post are from our standard digital snap and shoot, because that camera is easier for me to tote about and download. Mark personally picked the downloads for this post, as I requested photos of him on the blog. Unfortunately the pics included don't represent Mark's own talent and eye, except the top photo.

Friday, May 16, 2008

Belated Mom's Day Photos

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Year two of motherhood. This year we hosted Dad and Chris for brunch. Like last year we headed to Wagner's Drive In in St. Louis Park for supper and went for a walk around Lake Calhoun.

Donation Registry - Recycle Yourself Please!

I think most of you know I have a passion for donation, as in Recycle Yourself! I advocate and promote the donation of organ & tissue, blood, cord blood, and marrow. I got caught up in donation after my mom became a tissue donor with the Red Cross. After cardiac death, she helped save or enhance the lives of at least 47 people with her gift of things like skin, bones, heart valves and other tissues. When I learned about what this gift meant, I began volunteering as a public speaker for the Red Cross. Eventually, I became an employee. After the Red Cross Tranpslantation Services was sold, I went back to being a volunteer for the group who took over their services.

Outside of tissue donation, I advocate blood donation and etc. I personally cannot give blood because I lived in England during the period of the Mad Cow disease scare. I also advocate cord blood donation upon the birth of a baby. I tried to donate Marly and Dean's cord blood, but was unable to find an organization who would work with multiple births.

Why am I writing about this for heaven's sake???? I have just signed on to the National Marrow Donor Program. I have been meaning to do so for years. If I am a match, my bone marrow might be used to help treat someone with cancer or another potentially deadly disease. There is often a cost involved in the registry because some sort of DNA test is needed to make matches. Until SUNDAY, it is FREE to register yourself. Simply fill out a 20 mn questionnaire on line and then they send you the DNA swab to send back.

YOU CAN SIGN UP FREE TOO! Here is the link...

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Get in line - Tubes for Marly

Yesterday, Mark, Marly and I reported to Mercy Hospital at 6:15 AM for Marly's appointment to get tubes in her ears. It was a generally uneventful experience, as we had hoped. After scheduling the appointment but before the procedure, I looked at holistic treatment options. I researched chiropractic care, homeopathic options, pro-biotics, and possible allergies to dairy or wheat. My pediatrician said I would most likely be wasting my money on a chiropractor for chronic ear problems. Dr. Nana Chris urged me away from chiropractor care. I found homeopathic options to ease the pain caused by ear infections, but nothing that would actually make the fluid drain from her ears. I decided she was too young for pro-biotic supplements, which could reduce infections, but wouldn't remove the fluid either. Finally, the little dear had ear problems while breast feeding, and she LOVES her whole milk organic yogurt (plus it has those great pro-biotics naturally)... so I gave up on the idea of removing dairy from her diet.

So anyway, we got in line with the 5 other kids that day, and got the tubes on Tuesday. It was quick and we were in and out. I think she may already hear better. The most exciting thing about the day was meeting the anesthesiologist. Mark and I recognized his soothing voice when he spoke to us. He was the same anesthesiologist who had attended to me at Marly and Dean's cesarean delivery (which was also painless)!

Friday, May 9, 2008

Happy Mother's Day

To my friends who are newbies to the field, seasoned pro's and everything in between, Happy Mother's Day!

To my cousin's who are mother's, Happy Mother's Day!

To my dear aunts who kindly share their love with me, Happy Mother's Day!

Me with my kiddo's on my birthday.

Me with my kiddo's on Mother's Day last year.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Party in the CRIB - 8:30 sharp!

Marly and Dean go to bed around 7:30-7:45 PM. Their routine is lackluster. We play and start stripping them down after 7 PM, then wrestle them into fresh diapers and coordinating PJ's. Bath night every other. Some nights, a little "Good Night Moon." Every night, I carry them up stairs, deposit them in their cribs, draw the shades, turn on the sleep sheep, give each one last hug and kiss, and shut the door. That's that.

Last night I hear noises at 8:30. Is that crying???? I go upstairs to investigate. From outside the door I hear motion and giddy squeals. I want to bust in and see what is going on. Mark urges me not to, but wishes we had a video camera on them. I can't stand it anymore... I open the door. It's a party in there. They are both standing facing each other. They turn to me and grin with delight. They beckon to me, "Come join the fun Mommy!" Dean simultaneously shakes the bars of his crib and his head wildly, while bobbing up of down. Marly is giggling, boogy-ing her little butt, and waving her arms about. Dean has launched Oscar and Mrs. Oscar from the crib. Marly is more conservative. She has saved her favorite crocheted blankets safely inside the crib.

They keep reaching across to each other trying to touch hands. Just a few more inches....almost....More grinning. Happy, happy times.

Go to bed children!!!! This is NOT party time! (Even if it is deliciously adorable and just too precious.)

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Spring Cook Out

This past weekend, Mark, Marly, Dean and I went to the first cook out of the season at Brett and Rachel's. Brett had been up since 5 AM smoking pork. It was delicious. Brett made sure to pose Marly and Dean in front of the keg. It makes me think of a photo of myself at a hog roast hosted by Gary and Karen. I am crouching near the ground with the sun on my back, my little toddler hands gripping a plastic beer cup...or the photo where I am sitting and playing in a sea of Pfiffer beer bottles. I turned out just fine - Right???!!!!

Thursday, May 1, 2008

A Haircut for Dean

Dean got his first professional haircut this week at Kidz Hair. I admit, I channel Marlys on a regular basis. Because of this, I may be a bit anal about my children having neat hair. I prefer to tame and staighten the uneven whispies. I have given Dean many trims at home. I have done so for Marly as well. Dear Mark thinks although I may channel Marlys...I do NOT have her professional training or skills. He is perhaps right about this, although I do have my mom's scissors.

This being said, Mark decided to take Dean to the salon on Tuesday. You can tell Dean really enjoyed his experience. Mommy's House of Style is cheaper AND there are less tears involved.

Marly doesn't need a professional haircut, although she does have a few curls on top. Of course they are trimmed regularly by me to prevent a mohawk. Because I felt bad excluding her photo in the last post, I included her photo simply because I wanted to....All is NOT fair in the world of twins, but I couldn't have two posts in a row with out a visual of Happy Marly.


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