Friday, August 29, 2008

M&D's FIRST trip to the State Fair!

Mark and I took the afternoon off work on Thursday to take M&D to the State Fair. We had a fun afternoon. We ate a corn dog, deep fried gourmet pickles, cheese curds, fresh cut fries, roasted corn, a snow cone (M&D's favorite), a funnel cake, and one foot long (in that order). I wanted the chocolate covered bacon, but the line was too long. We also went down the Big Slide. Not sure if the kids liked it or not, because we couldn't see their faces in front of us.

Dean LOVED the animals. In the sheep barn, he could not believe every direction he turned there were more sheep. He just kept squeeling in delight. In the 'Miracle of Birth' barn, he tried to crawl in with the calf.

We headed to the John Deere area for photos Grandpa would enjoy.

M&D on a Gator! Seriously, can't they at least have one real tractor on display.

Marly instantly channeled Grandma Marlys when she saw the lawn mowers. She headed straight over and started to climb aboard all on her own. It was if she knew and was drawn to it! Naturally, we always had John Deere lawn mowers.

She was grinning from ear to ear once she got all the way up! I was pretty moved to see her living up to her namesake! My mom spent a LOT of time mowing lawn, as many farm wive's do. Farms always seem to have acres of lawn to mow, and tons of trees to go around. In my mom's younger years, she mowed in a bikini. Yup, she always had a great tan. I remember my cousin's coming over to watch us so my mom could mow lawn. When I was really little, I remember begging to ride along with her on her knee - very safe! When I was in college, I remember she tipped the lawn mower over mowing the steep road ditch at our house. She called Brett to come quick and tip it back up before my dad found out!

Everyone is getting a little tired....

Dean sporting his sunglasses from the Lion's Eye Bank booth. Of course we stopped by the SCSU booth and the LifeSource both promoting organ and tissue donation. Mark and I opted out of volunteering at the SCSU booth, as we do most years. I think we missed it, and will be back next year to volunteer.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Checking out the rain - 17 months

Photos taken about two weeks ago!

Family photos at Tracy's wedding

Okay, not a single photo of the bride or the actual wedding event. At the moment, all I have are pictures of our immediate family! I am really trying to advance my skills as a blogger, but somehow just don't quite hit the mark. We actually had two cameras at the wedding, Mark's fancy one, and the point and shoot (which I get to use). I brought my camera with a DEAD battery! Very helpful.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Family Filled Weekend & Contemplations....

We are back from Glenwood/Lake Minnewaska and Tracy's wedding. As a wedding attendee, the event seemed to go off with out a hitch (except my own kids making a ruckus during the service). Tracy looked beautiful and it was a fun few days. Mark even got to come back to the dance after he put M&D to bed at the townhome, because a relative's relative sat at our townhome until we got back later. (Did you follow that??) Lovely 19-year-old Ellie was staying at the townhome next door anyway, and was ready to leave the dance.

On Thursday, we were the first of any family to arrive at Peter's Resort and the resort was great. We had a town home next to Barb and Charlie's townhome, so we were in the middle of all the action and activity. Brett and Rachel arrived a short time later. Dad and Chris later that night. Relatives came and went through the weekend. Saturday after the wedding was a full day of family fun (despite the cool weather and high winds that kept everyone off the lake).

It was a delight to watch Marly and Dean toddle about with their second and third cousins of similar age. Third cousin/15 month old Sophie Hawkinson was a hit with M&D. She had a cool wagon along. I soaked up the family atmosphere. It was really neat to see everyone.

And then we headed home... and I had time to think. I live in the cities. Do we want to live in the cities? Why do we live in the cities? Because we work here, that's why. But why do I need to work here? (Yes, there are many wonderful opportunities at my fingertips here. Yes my friends are near and dear to me here!) this the best place for Mark and me and Marly and Dean? Truly, I think about this often. I actually believe I pretty much had the perfect childhood. How do I give that to M & D in a suburban setting, away from the farm? How do I instill in them my idea of what family is, or give them what I had? I was raised not just by my parents, but rather by my family who was my community.

Mark tells me there is no way to give them what I had living in the cities, and of course I will never be a farmer! I struggle with this, and in the end, I just don't have an answer and not sure I ever will...

Life is a catch 22 perhaps...

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

WE'RE SO EXCITED - Tracy's Wedding!

Mark and I are so excited - we are heading out of TOWN tomorrow morning!

We are going to Glenwood, MN to my cousin Tracy Melberg's wedding. Tracy's fiance lives in Glenwood, and Tracy is now a resident too! My Dad has a cabin for our branch of the Melberg crew at Peter's Resort. There are a slew of other wedding guests staying there as well. This includes Barb and Charlie (Tracy's parent's) and Brad, LeAnn and kids (Tracy's brother who is my age) and more. Of course Barb to the rescue for the David Melberg clan, as she booked our cabin for us MONTHS back. We will be pontooning, boating, eating, sunning, and enjoying time away through Sunday.

Friday evening is Tracy's actual wedding. I am sure the 'Cousin's Crew' will be in rare form... or maybe not with lots of kids to take care of too. I am so excited to see Tracy get married. I am also excited about the Glenwood/Lake venue Tracy has chosen. I am not sure the Hutchinson Event Center would book another wedding attached to the "Melberg" name at their facilities since the 'Cousin's Crew' has now broken... hmmm... four banquet tables at two wedding receptions. Three of those tables were broken on purpose. (LONG story). Anyway, I went shopping in my girlfriend's closet for the dress I am wearing, and Marly & Dean's clothes are already packed.

I have the Pacifica partially packed too w/ one Pack n Play so far, two Bumbo's, a hoard of diapers, wipes, the swim gear, and the wedding gift, with LOTS more stuff to follow. Tonight I am off to Costco and the grocery store for supplies. One of the items I am bringing is the ever popular Texas Caviar bean dip.


Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Me at Hockey Docs

Here I am at the Gala event I mentioned earlier. Bethany, the young woman in the middle, is a Gillette patient. I truly enjoy working with her and she and her family inspire me on a very regular basis. Bethany's mom kindly sent me this photo.

I did not include other photos of the event, such as our kids with Kristi Yamaguchi on Friday night, as I had not asked for permission of the parents.

Sick Day

Yesterday I had a sick day from work. I was not sick, and the kids have nothing but colds... but Nanny Auntie Kelly had a migraine. I SOOO enjoyed my "sick day" home. I have been quite busy with work, and this was a much needed forced break. It was great to have a day away with no plans, and time to completely devote to M & D! We didn't have a real exciting day, but that's the point! We did visit Jenny and Vivian in the afternoon.

So what have I been busy with at work??? The 2nd Annual Hockey Docs/21 for Kids Gala took place on Friday night at the Minnepolis Marriott SW, with their golf tournament on Saturday at Rush Creek in Maple Grove. Friday we had 5 families attend the gala and auction to represent Gillette. 21 for Kids is the foundation created by former SCSU/MN Wild player Mark Parrish from Bloomington. All his family and friends volunteer at the event, and many, many hockey players attend. Hockey Docs are Twin Cities doctors who like to play hockey recreationally, but wanted to use their connections to help kids charities. At the golf tournament, we had a Gillette child who helped players putt on a hole for donations. Each foursome has a hockey player celebrity golf with them. Our families had a great time! The inventor of Crocs shoes was with one foursome. He donates Crocs to every golfer.

Check out on line at

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Like mother, like daughter, and down the line

I have been watching Marly walk about the past few weeks, and often smirk at her precocious gait. She has this way of moving her arms, holding her head, and swinging her hips. She often seems to smile as she walks about. Then one day I had the realization... she might walk something like me. It is safe to say I do not have a graceful bone in my body, and would better describe myself as gawky.

Well, rumor has it, as an adult, I might walk EXACTLY like my own mom did. Rumor has it I might have the exact same mannerisms as my mom did. Rumor has it I might talk almost exactly like she did. Rumor has it I might look almost exactly like her too.

Well, Marly does not look exactly like me. She has her Daddy's brown eyes... but I suspect she just may reflect some qualities of her namesake. Perhaps the gawky walk??? Time will tell. (Maybe dance class or yoga could correct this less then graceful posture in myself and her if necessary!)

What I wish for her is to have her Grandma Marlys's general love for life and great love for the people around her. I strive to possess those qualities too!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008


Being around infants makes all mommy's reflect on their own children. Being aroud 4 week old baby Vivian has prompted me to post infant photos of Marly and Dean. They are about two weeks old in these pictures Kelly's fiance Pat took at our home.

Mark and Dean

I picked this photo thinking it was Marly, but now I think it might be Dean???

Hmmm - Which is which???
Dean is on the left, Marly on the right.
Funny how to this day, Dean is TWO inches taller.

Vivian - A child of God!

Last Sunday, Mark and I had the honor of attending the baptism of Vivian Ann Lyons and of being a sponsor to her. We are excited Jenny and Jeremy have asked us to play this role in their child's life, along with Jenny's sister Holly.

Vivian was quite all through the baptism and service at Central Lutheran Church in downtown Minneapolis. M & D were also very well behaved in church. They remained quite with Jenny's parents while Mark and I were up in front of church too.

After the service, we went back to Jenny and Jeremy's for a very nice lunch. Jeremy's parents were also in town from Colorado, meeting their granddaughter for the first time.

Marly and Dean had a great time playing succor with Holly's son's Garret and Reese.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Miracle Treat Day

I rarely talk about the amazing place I work in my blog - but today is the day. I work at Gillette Children's Specialty Healthcare. I work on fundraising with Children's Miracle Network sponsors of our hospital. We serve children with long and short term disabilities and special needs.

Anyway, at this time of year I am in the midst of a true blizzard, working on Dairy Queen Miracle Treat Day. This Thursday, August 7th, proceeds of Blizzard treats at participating DQ's benefit our hospital. Last year $214,000 was raised in this one day.

For MTD, I stay busy working with Gillette families in coordinating visits to DQ, promoting the event to our staff, encouraging DQ operators, alerting our sponsors and anyone else we can think of about Miracle Treat Day.

On the actual day, this year I will be at KARE 11 for their morning show with one of our GREAT Gillette kids, who I adore named Brandon. You can see Brandon on our Cure Pity site. Check us out if you are up around 6:20 AM. After that we have Blizzards being delivered to our hospital patients, and after that I will be visiting several DQ's. Funny thing is, this week of the year, prior to Thursday, I can't stomach a blizzard, as my stomach is in knots working to make the day a hopefull success!

Anyway, hope you will head to your DQ for a treat this Thursday! Calories don't count when it is for charity. You may want to call your DQ in advance to find out if they are participating.


Happy Birthday Sawyer

M & D and I had a activity filled weekend involving sand., while Mark was working at Caribou. Saturday we went to Lake Elmo Park beach outside Woodbury and met friend's Molly, Peter and Charlie, Amy D & C and kids, and Jessie for fun in the water and sand. The weather was perfect. The kids had fun. They were SOUND ASLEEP in their car seats before we even exited the parking lot!

Sunday, M & D and I picked up Dad/Grandpa David and headed to Jan and Sheldon's on Lake Allie for Sawyer Melberg's 3rd Birthday party. Marly and Dean's favorite part of the day was their first taste of root beer float with a straw. Their least favorite part of the day was their first boat ride ever. They looked a bit terrified in their little pink and blue life jackets.

I enjoy going home for family events. I don't think I make it to quite half of the various kid's birthday parties, but I do try because these activities are very important to me. The BRAND NEW 212 (312) makes for a slick drive out too! I am not quite sure how much time it shaved off, but it seemed quite speedy.

Having missed some nap time over the weekend, they were both a bit cranky on Monday!

Sawyer is the child on the left in the striped shirt!

Monday, August 4, 2008

Thomberg Family Pizza Night

We all know once you have kids, you can pretty much throw dinner OUT with your spouse out the window for a few years (except for special occasions).... so what do the Thomberg's do on a Friday night??? Thomberg Family Pizza Night!

Thomberg Family Pizza Night (TFPN) was instated when I was prego with Marly and Dean. I was too tired to go out, so we had a standing date for pizza at home - Marco's Pizza of course. We often invited friends over to join in the meal. Noth'n fancy - just pizza and wine. If you came for pizza night, you may have provided the wine, desserts, or a salad. Sometimes we burnt the pizza. Mark would curse our home oven over his store ovens. Oh least it was time spent with friends. At some point, I think we gave up on the salad, because we primarly wanted the pizza.

The first week Marly and Dean were home, Jessie and then boyfriend Jeff joined us for TFPN. This new mommy enjoyed a glass of wine, adult conversation, and even stayed up until MIDNIGHT, just hours before M & D's next feeding.

The past TWO weekends the Lyon's have joined us for TFPN. We have had the pleasure of seeing baby Vivi in her third and fourth weeks of life. TFPN seems to be a great trip out for new parents, and we are happy to have them. This is a baby friendly environment.... but M & D still have to go bed by 8 pm (Thank the Lord I don't need to feed them at 2:30 AM!).

Since the closing of Marco's, we have enjoyed pizza delivery from other venues, gotten back on board with Papa Murphy's, or we make our own with Bobili whole wheat crusts. Unfortunately, we sometimes still burn it. Of course we do a layer of cheese, then the toppings, and then another layer of cheese. Once we made the mistake of accidentally buying nearly fat free mozzarella. Yuck!

Someday, in the WAY OFF future... Mark and I may again get to go out to dinner, and I can again pull out a pair of sassy heels, well cut jean's, and a trendy shirt. Until then... it is TFPN for us! Crazy thought - Some Friday we may venture out with M & D to Punch or Pizza Nea on a Friday night!


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