Friday, April 19, 2013


April 5th was our 10th wedding anniversary.
April 6th was Mark's 40th Birthday.

On Friday the 5th, Mark left early for work.
I called him around 7:20 am.
me - "Hey honey,  I think we both forgot something this morning!"
mark - "Oh... Yah... Happy Anniversary!"
me - "Yup - Same to you! Have a good day then!"

Ordinary? Sure.
Lackluster? I suppose.... but I will take it.
Our lives are slipping by day by day, and those days seem to turn into years overnight,  and we have no complaints!

Saturday morning Marly and I baked the traditional poppyseed cake reserved mostly for husbands and fathers.
Dean went to a classmates birthday party, and Mark, Marly and I ate cake as our lunch. It was delicious. That afternoon I shuttled the kids to Kelly and Pat's for an overnight.
Mark and my date night out included a delicious dinner in Nord'East Minneapolis at NE Social - a favorite spot for us. We headed to Maverick's afterword for a drink in our hood.

Sunday we slept in and went to brunch at 4 Squares, then Mark's family hosted a birthday dinner at Kelly's and Pat's.

We may not be exciting or adventurous, but we BOTH enjoyed a FINE weekend indeed, and plan to look forward to another 10 years at least.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Easter 2013

Happy Easter from the Thomberg's
 We started our Sunday with a hunt for eggs and Easter baskets. The bunny brought Marly a new kite and Dean a new baseball bat (for Little League). After snapping a few photos and getting sugared-up. It was time to head to church.
I read the scripture and helped serve communion in the narthex for the ChiEaster overflow. We headed home after eating some pasteries and hard boiled eggs from the Youth Continental Breakfast fundraiser. Mark wasn't feeling well... so he stayed at home. The rest of us headed west to Waconia for brunch with Dad, Chris, Kevin, Brett, Rachel (plus the bun in the oven), Charlie, Lester, Edith and Sarah. Somebody else did the cooking for us. We had reservations at an area golf course.

Afterwards, we headed to Brett and Rachel's house.

Play time in the garage.
Picture time.
 Us...minus Mark. Poor guy!

Look at this super cool bunny cake Sarah made.

 By bedtime... after combining all the Easter baskets the kids were kindly gifted, those darn chocolate bunnies had multiplied from 2 to 8! You know what they say about rabbits!!!!
This photo was taken two days ago.  I was about as efficient packing away my 18 (give or take)decor bunnies, as I was getting this blog post complete. As of just this morning, the bunnies are finally bubble wrapped, returned to the Easter tub, and back in the garage.

Monday, April 1, 2013

Good Friday and more

We have had a wonderful Easter weekend, beginning with Good Friday (and hope you all did too).

Thursday morning there was an e mail waiting in my in-box from my cousin Kris. She and Marissa were going to be in town on Friday and wondered if they could come for visit and stay over.

INDEED - Come for a visit!... but, that meant Marissa had no school on Friday, which prompted me to walk to the fridge and check our school calendar hanging on the side.

INDEED - No school for Marly and Dean on Good Friday. (Yup... still haven't acclimated myself to a non-daycare, traditional school calendar!)

 Anna to the rescue! She came to babysat while I went to a work meeting. Then it was home for the afternoon, and the first bike ride of the season. The kids peddled through the puddles and we checked out the river from the vantage point of the Isaak Walton League a few blocks up West River Road.
 Kris and Marissa arrived in plenty of time for Thomberg Pizza Friday. We ate Costco take-and-bake pepperoni and cheese, had a glass of wine, and talked and talked and talked. It was fantastic to have them over. I was a rather lack-luster host though. Nothing fancy...not even dessert! Luckily, it was of no matter. Just being together was a true gift.
 Saturday morning, Mark and Dean went to sign up for Little League Baseball. I am sure Little League will evolve into another story for another day. After Kris and Marissa departed, Marly and I headed to the Macy's Bachman flower show for some girl time.

The wait time was about 20 minutes, but it was worth it.....
 ....since we are still lacking spring in Minnesota!

 The flower show was a fine fix.
 Marly took this photo with her Mommy!
 Afterwords, I steered clear of the request for McDonald's and we headed to the Macy's Sky Room cafeteria for lunch. The kids meal cheeseburger with fries, chocolate milk, andcookie was about the same price as the Golden Arches, and much tastier in my opinion. The salad bar is excellent.

Later that afternoon, the kids attended a classmates Pump It Up Birthday party, while the Easter Bunny HOPPED to some mad-dash shopping!

So, that is all until I post on Easter Sunday.
Catch ya later.


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