Wednesday, April 29, 2009

What's Up!?

Well, I was slow to post because it was a NO PHOTO weekend. I can give you an update, but I have no images to add! I thought my camera had been left on my desk at work... turns out it was under the seat of my car the whole time.

Friday - On my way home from work, I made what has become a rather regular stop at the Papa Murphy's on Lexington to pick up nourishment for Thomberg Family Pizza Night. Of course I had a coupon (for a free cheese pizza, which Marly and Dean enjoyed). The Lyon's joined us for the evening.

Saturday - After nap time, we headed to the H-we's for a long overdue overnight. The kids enjoyed the outdoors and the parent's enjoyed each other's company. Gretchen and I snuck out and bellied up to the bar for a beer at the "P House" right around the kid's bed time... so the men got the privilege of putting the little people down!

Sunday - I took the kids to our yearly church "Spring Fling" while Mark did inventory at Caribou. The kids love the petting zoo. Yup - sure would be cool if I had photos of Dean with the camel, or Marly petting the lamb, or the kids dancing arm in arm with each other to the music from the church band.

So... that is our weekend in a nutshell. Life moves forward too quickly as usual, since it is now Wednesday! I made up a turkey meat loaf last night, so it is sure to be a good day (since supper is done!).

Thursday, April 23, 2009

My Cousin Kris

I had the greatest childhood growing up surrounded by my fabulous cousins. Being from a small town and the farm, we all spent plenty of time together. My cousins were my friends, and remain so today (although distance and time make seeing each other difficult).

Anyway, naturally this includes my older cousin's Dee and Kris (the girls of my mom's only sister). Growing up, they were often over to our house helping to take care of Brett and I, or just hanging out with my mom.

We are all grown up now, and Kris has has lived in Fairmont for many years. I only see her a couple of times a year, yet know we will always be connected.

Kris was recently featured in the magazine called 'Womeninc' and there is a really neat write up about her. Her reflections on FAMILY brought a flood of memories back to me. She writes about my mom and grandparents, and it is simply lovely.

Here is a link! If you have a moment, and know Kris, my Mom, or the Toren's it is worth the read. You can also click on the icon/photo and it will enlarge.

Like Kris notes, I too have vivid memories of Saturday's at Grandpa and Grandma's. Mom, Brett, and I would head to Hector, pull into Toots and Jon's drive, beep the horn, and Kris, Dee and Toots would pile into the Caprice Classic and we would cruise to Bird Island. For full disclosure, I think I mostly ate rolls, fed Taffy the dog summer sausage, and didn't really clean anything. I bet Kris actually vacuumed or dusted or cleaned the toilet!

As for her comments on literature, she once read excerpts those books to Brett and I when we were kids and she came on vacation with our family to help entertain Brett and I Up North!

Thank you Kris for the wonderful way you honored your family. Congratulations on your successes. You are a special person who has played a special role in my life!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Terrific & Terrible Two X Two

Marly and Dean are both terrific and terrible all at the same time at age two. When they were infants, everyone asked, "Are they double the work?" Actually, they were NOT double the work. We simply did everything and repeated, or did everything in tandem.

Well, at age two, they are DOUBLE the work, DOUBLE the fun, DOUBLE the trouble, and DOUBLE the love. Last night after bath time I asked them to hug for pictures, and much to my surprise they DID!

I forgot to comb their hair before I began snapping away...

Although they are beginning to understand pictures, they still don't understand multiple commands and once. They would hug, but they wouldn't hug and SMILE at the same time.

Minutes later they were on to something else.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Happy Birthday Dad!!!

Today is my Dad's birthday. The family will be dining out tonight at Red Lobster. I see tasty and generally unhealthy breaded shrimp in Marly and Dean's future! I think anyone who knows David would tell you he is a kind, honost, good man. I am so lucky to have him as my father.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Happy Easter Everybody!

We had a wonderful Easter Sunday! The Easter Bunny brought Marly and Dean the 'Mr. Potato Head' Bunny and left eggs scattered around our living area. We went to church, came home, and got photos of the kids in their Easter attire. We had dinner at Brett and Rachel's and then an Easter egg hunt.

There were simply too many delightful images to share in one post, so I thought I would include family photos now and save the Easter egg hunt for later this week.

At Brett and Rachel's.

Looking for ducks at the pond bordering our townhome!

Marly seems to love to wear dresses!

Marly and Dean were nibbling on the bread I had in case the ducks were out!

I have many of my own Easter memories of childhood and many, many photos of Brett and I dressed in our Easter finery standing in front of the Easter egg tree mom would force from a honeysuckle shoot in a decorated coffee can of sand and water every year. The eggs hanging on the tree were hand blown and decorated by my mom. I can't wait to force a branch and get them out for Marly and Dean, hopefully next year.
Of course, my mom made me a new ruffly dress every year and I had new white patent leather shoes and a white shawl!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Happy Easter - Flashback Friday

Hello all! Wishing you a wonderful Easter weekend.

The first year of Marly and Dean's life, we attended our own church. Church was full so we carted the car seat carriers up to the balcony. Their little outfits were so tiny. I do believe Marly's Easter attire was her first real dress. We went to Brett and Rachel's for dinner.

Last year Mark had to work at Caribou. I got up early, loaded up the Twinners, and the three of us attended church in Hector surrounded by family and had dinner at Jan's.

This year we are attending our own church and heading to Brett and Rachel's.

Como Park/Spring 2008 - Wearing Pottery Barn overalls which were a gift from LeAnn M.

Spring 2007 - Wearing hats handmade by Laura M

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Sunday Brunch at Jax Cafe

You can't beat sunday brunch at a historical restaurant where you are greeted with a pianist when you enter, have a mimosa at your fingertips, a delicous buffet spread to tempt your taste buds, and customized matchbooks honoring your special occasion.

If you want a special place to celebrate a milestone with your family, I highly recommend Jax Cafe in NE Minneapolis. Sunday we celebrated Mark's Birthday and our Anniversary.

Dean wanted to share his milk with Auntie Rachel.

100% Daddy's Girl

The Thomberg Family

Brett, Rachel, M & D

Dad, Chris and Marly

Monday, April 6, 2009

Happy Anniversary Baby! Happy Birthday too.

Yesterday Mark and I (A.K.A The Thomberg's) celebrated our 6th wedding anniversary. Today Mark celebrates his 36 birthday. Coincidence? Not a chance!

Many years back, on New Year's Eve at a beautiful dress up dinner party, each friend went around in a circle and proclaimed their resolution for the year ahead . Everyone was surprised when Mark publicly professed his New Year's resolution was to propose to me. Indeed he did at a weekend get-a-way to the north shore in March (2002). Once I got the diamond, Mark made something very clear - He intended to be married by his 30th birthday on April 6th, 2003. If I was going to be his blushing bride, I better be marching down the aisle before this milestone occurred.

Perhaps I like to push the limits with my significant other. As luck would have it April 5th,2003 was a SATURDAY! I quickly decided no other day could be better for us. At midnight, six years ago, our wedding guests took a brief break from their dancing and drinking to sing 'Happy Birthday' to Mark. Matron-of-Honor Gretchen even did a breathy Marylin Monroe /JFK version for the groom. I recall my happy husband giddy and ecstatic exclaiming (in his somewhat disheveled, sweaty tux) he had never had so many people to sing to him.

Anyway - Happy Anniversary and Happy Birthday Baby!

(I did call and leave Mark a singing VM this morning, but I pretty much stink at that. I could call and beg Gretch to do a VM of the breathy version for him...except it would be pretty wierd to have my best friend do this when not primed with liqueur!)

Photo recap coming from brunch yesterday...

Lunching with the ladies..and more

Saturday I joined three high school girlfriends for lunch at Ridgedale. Unfortunately we only get the opportunity to reunite a few times a year. Fortunately, we make the most of every minute with fast moving conversation! We come from various directions and schedules and make the most of a catch up session.

After the lunch I raced home, as several relatives who were in the area for another reason stopped by for a visit - Aunt Toots, Uncle Dick, and Noreen got to see how much Marly and Dean have grown.

Michelle, Me, Cindy and Becky

Friday, April 3, 2009


I want to express my gratitude for a beautiful day. Two robins greeted me with their intense bright orange bellies as I stepped out my door this morning. The sun is shining. My kids are happy and healthy. It's Friday and there will be pizza for supper!

Tomorrow I am having lunch with three high school girlfriends, and I am quite excited. Sunday we are enjoying brunch with Dad, Chris, Brett and Rachel at Jax Cafe in NE Mpls in honor of Mark's birthday (on Monday). It is also our SIXTH wedding anniversary!

I hope each of you enjoy your weekend and find gratitude in your day!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Mommy is no model!

The other day while I was getting ready at the bathroom vanity, Marly managed to get to the treasures in the cupboards below, which are usually closed with the hidden inside baby safe latch. She snagged herself a box from my hair color stockpile. She snuck off to the next room and presented her prize to her daddy. She waved it around and said, "Mama! Mama!"

Instead of being distressed and disturbed that she associates me with the home beautification product I buy on sale with a coupon at Ulta or CVS, I simply choose to be flattered she thinks HER MOMMY is the very pretty and attractive model in the picture!

L'Oreal - I am waiting by the phone for your call with a modeling contract to represent your high quality home hair color products I have been devoted to for 15 years!

ha - ha...I have enough jest in myself I actually included a photo taken on vacation in Jamaica, where I mostly certainly do NOT look like the model, except for the hair color!!!


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