Monday, December 22, 2008

Gratitude - Day 28

Day 28/Saturday - Today I am grateful for snowstorms! I don't get panicky or anxious about winter driving. Must be my rural/country blood. In high school, at age 17, I use to take off across the pitch black countryside and buck snow drifts to get to Johnny Holmes dances at small town ballrooms. Yup, my parent's (& Cindy's too) use to let us go. We had one of those old school cell phones (what a newfangled, coveted gadget at the time). It was heavy and looked like a lunch box! I would take my mom's big, old navy blue Caprice Classic and we were on our way. Don't worry - I was armed with emergency clothes if I went in the ditch! Of course there was the time I did go in the ditch (I was only on my way to play practice though). I called my Dad on the two-way radio. He said, "Pick up or tractor?" Of course I needed the tractor to get me out.

Anyway, despite the snow and ice, Mark and I packed up the Twinners and headed to the H-we's for an overnight. I still have an Emergency Bag. My Dad calls EVERY year to make sure it is safely in my trunk when winter arrives. (Not sure what is in the bag or if it fits though! The bag is purple). Although we could not go the speed limit on Saturday, we arrived with no incident what so ever. The snow was beautiful and we had a fun time getting "snowed in". It is no surprise the Pacifica got stuck in their drive-way, but anyone who has/had this vehicle knows it SUCKS in more than two inches of snow!!

Basically, I love the element of unexpected surprise a snowstorm creates. If you stay in, you can be cozy. If you decide to venture out, you might get snowed in elsewhere... which can turn into serious fun! Basically, you get to shrug off responsibility for a day!

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