Friday, December 12, 2008

Double Trouble Bedtime Shinanigans!

Twinners sleep update -

Wednesday and Thursday I got Marly and Dean into their cribs at 7:30 pm, in an attempt to get a better nights sleep for ALL of us. It turns out Dean has some new tricks up his sleeve for the extra 1/2 hour of down time. Wednesday I could hear Dean giddily chatting to himself at 8:15. I went in to access the situation. Marly was asleep. I look down at Dean, who is peering up at me with a big grin on his face. Dean had unzipped his fleecy footy jammies and undone his diaper. Thankfully this is NOT another poop story... but he did pee all over. Mark re-diapered and dressed Dean while I changed the sheet, then he was promptly placed back in bed. Of course he did NOT pee on Oscar. Marly slumbered away blissfully through the whole event.

Last night at 8:30 Dean began to wimper and whine loudly. I opened the door wondering what I would find this time. Dean was completely naked. He was laying on his stomach with his knees pulled up under him. Only Oscar remained in the crib. I carried him to our room for Mark to change and re-dress. I went back in to further access the situation. Everything was dry. Next I turn to Marly to see if she needed her blankets re-adjusted. Indeed she did. She had ALSO stripped out of her jammies... clearly on the prompting of Brother Dean! She is not nearly as bold as Dean-er. She still had her diaper on. She was asleep, but surely looked cold.

Tonight - Duck Tape on the zipper! Seems from the many mom's of multiples blogs I read, Duck Tape seems to be the answer to a great number of toddler dramas.


Anonymous said...

Too funny! I am suddenly worried about what tricks Cale is going to develop in the coming months. No sleepovers with Deano. That kid is a bad influence! :)

lots_of_love_four_kids said...

hi there-
not sure how I found your blog- but wanted to make a suggestion for your little escape artist. When our kids got to the age where they were taking off or unzipping the jammies- we put them on backwards-. Twist the footies around, and have the zipper up the back.
What a great blog! Best wishes with your little sweeties!

Mary in MN said...

You know, we've put jammies on backwards before, too. And cloth diapers. Really helps!!


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