Monday, March 31, 2014

Happy Valentine's Day/Happy Birthday!

Happy Valentine's Day to You! Happy 39th Birthday to me!
A play by play of the day...
 Dressed in red and ready for Valentine's Day.
 Funny faces!
 Marly and Dean were ready for the school party with Pop Rocks and custom labels from an Etsy seller.
Mom was ready to help host Dean's school party and prepared with the craft
For the craft project, I traced hearts on white vases from the Dollar Spot at Target. The kids decorated them, made a label for a loved one, and got to add mums to take home. Dean brought his home for Dad.
 Back at home, I had my own beautiful tulips from Mark.
 Friends arrived, we hired a babysitter for 6 kids, and we headed out for a Valentine/Birthday dinner at Maverick's.
Cheers to me!

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

More February Birthday's

The month of February is FILLED to the BRIM with birthdays in our family.
-Marly and Dean

And so one Saturday in February, Kelly, the kids and I celebrated with the Thompson's. First I took new mom Kelly for birthday mani/pedi's at Taj here in Brooklyn Park. Mark took care of baby Declan while we were pampered.
 We had a glass of champagne as our toes-ies soaked in the warm tub. Meanwhile, back at the ranch Mark  prepare by favorite, decadent/rich pasta dish, with sausage, fresh basil, heavy cream, and peas.

We had a fun family gathering...
 ...with cake...
...and cutie cousins!

Thursday, March 13, 2014

The "Friends" Birthday Party

Have I ever mentioned I HATE kid birthday parties. Ask anyone, there isn't much that I "hate". I truly dread them. I try and get into it. I try and get "excited" by going on to Etsy and choosing a custom invite to print, then spend another $3 to purchase the "icon" to add to the treat bags and cupcake toppers and such.
And then I print the invites and help the kids add the names, and I DREAD the expense and the chaos - the CHAOS!!
Dean wanted a bowling party, because 'ya know... he had so much fun at Alex's and so and so, and so and so, and you get it. Marly consented, because she didn't have a better idea in mind.  I suggested MANY alternatives, and still it was BOWLING.
I called around and settled on an independent bowling alley called Classic Lanes in Coon Rapids. Last year, I nearly LOST MY MIND when I took Dean to a Brunswick Bowl party, and needed to STAY to assist him due to the parent/plus family/plus school friends ratio. At one point ALL THE  KID PARTIES up and down the lanes were lead in some obnoxious song and dance together.
 OH NO!!! There was no WAY I was paying for one of those mass audience parties. Please note,  I have NO OBJECTION what so ever to any parent  who hosts one for their child. Invite my kids. They will be thrilled! I just don't like being at them myself, which is why I cannot bring myself to host one, because I would be required to stay. (I will probably eat my words next year. I get it)
And so I booked someplace less "cookie cutter". I brought in cupcakes and balloons, and beads, and popcorn treat bags to take home, and sippy cups labelled with their names, which was filled from countless pitchers of Sprite, giving them a massive SUGAR SURGE!
And the CRAZY kids bowled, ate pizza, GUZZLED more sprite, opened gifts, and ate cupcakes.
Oh yes...and Dean questioned WHY we weren't at Brunswick... the "cool" bowling alley!
Marly with her bestie - Izzi
Then they bowled a bit more, while I checked the time on my cell phone incessantly, counting down the minutes 'til the parent's would arrive to pick up their children, and we could pack up.

I looked around and wondered if anyone would notice if I ordered a pitcher of beer for Mark and I (or maybe a cocktail would be more discreet?). For all we spent, surely the bowling alley could  throw in a complimentary pitcher for Mark and me in sympathy and support??? (better make it one pitcher EACH!)
Two Hours of my life and Two Hundred and some dollars later that I will NEVER get back, and it was FINALLY over. ($200 does NOT including the invites, cupcakes, name labelled sippy cups, balloons, or popcorn treat bags)

PLEASE remind me NEXT YEAR we will are going some other route to honor their birth, because this was like some sort of corporal punishment for choosing to give them life.

...and to endure some sort of mass party with too many 7 (or eight) year olds will surely set me OVER THE EDGE if  I were to endure it again, and would just need to bring my own FULL bottle of wine and set it there right out in the open!!!

Go ahead parents - you go ahead and judge me!

Sunday, March 9, 2014


SEVEN years ago 7-27-07 our Twinners entered the world at about 7:57 am.
And here are our Twinners now!!!!
Marly weights in at 48 pounds and 46 inches tall
Dean weights 49 pounds and is 49 inches tall
Outside of school and Dean's karate, they spend most of their time together, and prefer it that way. They still sleep together in the upstairs guest room. I fear their dino and butterfly bedrooms will no longer be "cool" when they actually take up residence in them.
This year we hosted a Thompson February Birthday supper, a Melberg family & friends party with the usual crock pot of shredded turkey, and a BOWLING party with TOO many seven year olds.
Dean has never had an Angry Bird birthday cake.
Marly has never had a princess birthday cake.
...and they couldn't care less.
 I always wonder when it will dawn on them how special they have it in their "twinness".

For now, they remain steadfast and true to each other. They know the world in no other way - which works for us.


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