Friday, January 27, 2012

Musical Beds

Musical beds seems to be the name of the game at the Thomberg House. Mark and I are content in our own room, in our own KID FREE bed.. but where you will find Marly & Dean in the morning is always a question of late.

The Twinners moved to thier butterfly and dinosaur rooms downstairs this summer. The transition seemed relatively smooth for the first week or so, until the novelty of their new decor and surroundings wore off.

You see at home, or when out as a family of 4, Marly and Dean tend to behave like a "unit". At home they play together, chat together, and make many decisions together. If Mark or I attempt to take the kids out for errands as individuals, they often resist and attempt to decline the opportunity.

And so, I can't say I was surprised when Dean began to sleep in Marly's room, in bed with her, instead on in his own dinosaur bed just across the hall and within view. This went okay for a while... but Marly LIKES to sleep, and began to get annoyed with brother Dean. I should also point out they each have a twin size bed.

For a while he returned to his own twin bed.
And now.. well, now you just never know where you might find a kid.

Sometimes Dean sneaks into Marly's bed after she is alseep.

More recenty over Christmas, and in the past two weeks we have had some general health bugs. Each kid has spent time sleeping in the guest room upstairs, next to Mark and I.

Now and again, the kids have started the night in their own rooms, and been discovered in the guest room by morning. They have found their way up and into bed overnight. Sometimes Mark and I hear them creep up, sometimes not. Sometimes there is one, and sometimes two.

This past week, both kids have taken to starting the night in the guest room double bed. Niether Mark or I have any problem with this, as long as they GO TO SLEEP., we shall see what happens next week. Only time will tell in with the musical beds at the Thomberg's.

**Disclosure - Mark is going to read this post and say,"There is NO photo! It is boring with no photo." I suppose he is right, but I haven't taken the initiative to snap a photo first thing in the morning when I hunt down the little people.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Marjarie McNeely Conservatory at Como Park

At least once a winter the kids and I go and check out the flowers, plants and fish at the conservatory at Como Park. I pretend it is a visit to the tropics 20 minutes from our house.

It is a great, easy, free, get-out-of the house activity.
And.. parking is a breeze in winter.

I grabbed the camera. We have year after year of photos of the kids in the exact same spots. Here we are last year and taking it WAY back to Christmas 2009

It is a great way to watch them grow. They grow too fast.

Marly has on Hello Kitty socks. She loves Hello Kitty. The socks don't match her dress. It turns out little girls who are nearly 5 years old don't have the same fashion sense as their mommy's.

Mommy had on her Prairie Underground hoodie with brown shearling boots from Costco.

Dean still loves Polar Bears. There are Polar Bears at Como Zoo. His socks are green and have a white Christmas bear on them, most likely a polar bear. He really likes those socks.

They are each their own person. They don't look alike.

They are best buddies.It becomes so clear when you ask them to "get together" for a picture.

And then they are OFF again.

....Off to check out the Polar Bears. The Polar Bears were taking a nap this Sunday afternoon.

Next time....

Sunday, January 22, 2012


I can't say I have been super busy, but I might be hybernating!

We had sick-ie Twinners at the Thomberg House last week.
Mark and I tag teamed our schedules on Monday to take care of Marly.
Dad came to the rescue Tuesday and took care of two sick-ies.
It was back to trading work-from-home time on Wednesday, with a 2 co-pay clinic visit. The cough and fever was was nothing more then a nasty cold, for which we are thankful.

Monday, the work-from-home-trade-off occurred at 11:30. Dean was at school solo, since the bug hadn't yet hit full force. Sweet, sick Marly and I cuddled while I read her her several Hello Kitty books. Then she ate a little lunch with a cheery demeanor. While I was busy working on the computer at the table, she wandered off quitely. I discovered my babe sound asleep in our bedroom with her blankies and a couple of Hello Kitty's.

The kids were back to school on Thursday, not even close to 100%, but fever free.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

This and That...

The week between Christmas and New Year's was filled with relaxation and rest.
Here is some of "this and that"...

We were lucky enough to have an overnight with the H-we's on Christmas Day night, as they were between family activities in the metro.Four friends in their matching shirts (of course, purchased off Etsy, and our Christmas gift to P and M).

We also took in the Muppets movie, took naps, played games, watched movies, visited my friend Amy Schafer (and family) who was home to her mom's for Christmas...oh and Dean puked all over somewhere in there too. Friday we checked on the MN Landscape Arboretum on a balmy day. As you can guess, I took several days of PTO.

The fondue from New Year's Eve.

Cheers! (mom and dad DID enjoy the fireworks across the street later that night. Marly and Dean did NOT stir!)

We also went sledding at a park near our house on New Year's Day, then hit up Papa and Nana for lunch at the Good Day Cafe and a movie at West End to wrap up the official holiday season New Year's Monday.

In the week that followed, we caught the second to the last night of The Wizard of Oz at the Children's Theater Company, with tickets from Plum District. The whole family enjoyed the presentation.
So... here we are TWO WEEKS LATER, finally wrapping up the holiday posts.

Are you sick of it yet? I am!

Just the same, we really had a wonderful holiday season. Hope you all did too.

Monday, January 9, 2012

Kelly, Bowling and Prairie Underground

I am sure I have mentioned before the kids LOVE to go to their Aunt Kelly's house. This Saturday the kids got to hang with her and Pat for an overnight.

And when the mice are away, the parents will play!

Oh wait... that's "when the cat's away...." - Oh well.

You see, I had asked Kelly if she could watch the kids so we could go out with friends. The plan was to meet the Hentges and the Wiekert's at Bonfire's for dinner, then head to Blainesbrook to bowl. We even went on to a New Brighton bar for a nightcap. Can you believe we stayed out until 1:30?

We are damn glad new mom Doris had a groupon for 2 hours of bowling, and invited us along. We all had a blast.

To make for an even better weekend, after dropping the kids off, I stopped in at Hot Mama to use the Christmas gift card that was burning a hole in my purse. I cashed out the entire card on one Prairie Underground Cloak Hoodie. Clearly I have been sucked into their cult following, because I am now salivating for the LONG cloak hoodie!

Sunday I put on my new sage-y green zip-up favorite, and Mark and I went to Fat Nat's Egg's for breakfast before heading up to get Marly and Dean. We didn't even get a mile from Kelly's house before Dean inquired, "When do we get to go back to Kelly's?!?"

Luck for us, Kelly's likes to take them!

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Christmas! continued....

Christmas afternoon at Kelly and Pat's house. Pin the nose on the Reindeer. Have I ever mentioned Dean is a cheater?

Are there any other photos of Mark this holiday season?

Our tradional holiday gift for the grandparents - photos and a photo book.

I think this is the ONLY photo of ME this holiday season! We must get better about that in the year ahead.

Uncle Jeff.

Relax and play.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Christmas at the Thombergs

Admittedly, our Christmas decor is now at least partially removed or returned to storage, but here is what the Casa de Thomberg looked like for the holidays! The ever changing IKEA shelving.

Willow Tree Nativity.

silver and green... cheap and expensive, all mixed up...

Upside down red Chirstmas pillow, red throw, the card holder, berries on the banister, and holiday sign in the background.
A framed Christmas photo in the bathroom of years gone by, some garland on the light, an Angel here and there. Of course the buffet in the kitchen was dressed up, and downstairs bathroom had jingle bells and a welcoming holiday penguin statue. Oh, and this and that here and there and everywhere.

Our stocking on the fireplace and a new favorite decoration of the kids - The Rudolf the Reindeer from Good Will. Of course I intended to spray paint it, but the kids like it just the way it is for now, googly eyes and all!

Our Charlie Brown tree downstairs with many fun, treasured and meaningful ornaments.

Baby's first Christmas bootie and a polar bear for Dean.

And of course, the real deal tree (with Dean poking his head in) dressed up in red, green and the ever present white snowflakes hand made by Elna (and originally given to my mom).

Christopher our "Elf on the Shelf" who has now returned to the North Pole!

Which leads to Christmas morning and gifts to open....

Pirate Ships, slippers, dinosaurs and more for Dean.

A dolly high chair for baby Emma and Miss Marly.

Smiles, Excitement and Delight.

What, Santa brought you a Hello Kitty House? Really!!!!

The Twinners!

Hope you all had a very Merry Christmas.

Monday, January 2, 2012

Christmas Eve

A snow free Christmas began with the Christmas Eve candlelight service at First Lutheran in Hector at 5 pm, followed by a hamball supper at Jan and Sheldon's with aunts, uncles, cousins and their kids.
Arts and crafts.

Cute as a button Kaylee Walter, just in from Iowa for Christmas on the farm.

Rachel checking out the new 3D TV and looking lovely in her holiday finery.

Soon Santa arrived.

Does anyone notice a theme here with Hello Kitty? (below)

If you are also noticing Marly has on the same dress at she did at this event LAST YEAR, it is because we forgot her red dress at Brett and Rachel's when we left there at 8 am Christmas Eve morning because Marly had thown up the night before!

Charles - the tiniest one to take Santa's lap.

Dean-0 with a Dino.

A second cousin, or two, or thirteen.

And a Christmas Eve drive back with two sleeping, holiday jammie clad twinners, placed snug in their beds at around 11 pm. Mommy puts out the cookies and milk for Santa for them!

The Eve of Chirstmas Eve

At Brett and Rachel's

Baby Charlie's first Christmas.

Kevin was home from New York.

Playmobile pirate ship


Somebody LOVES Hello Kitty

The Thomberg's distribute their family photos

Dad and Chris


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