Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Gratitude Day 36 & 37

Day 36/Monday - Today I am grateful to have had an enjoyable Christmas and time away from work.

Day 37/Tuesday - Today I am grateful for the giving, generosity, kindness of others and the examples it provides to me. Today I met and amazing family at Gillette. For a year, they collected and saved their own money. At the end of the year, they had well over $2,000. They took the money and bought I-pods for the kids at Gillette, because their youngest daughter is best friend's to one of our patients. This mom, dad and their three kids were an honor to meet. If only I can raise Marly and Dean like that...

Check out the story on KSTP by clicking here! The boy mentioned at the end is Brandon. He is one of my HEROS and he is my friend!

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