Monday, June 29, 2009

The rest of our weekend...

Saturday Mark's parents kindly came over to help with some house projects, then we headed to Fairmont that afternoon. We were cruising to southern Minnesota to celebrate my cousin Kris's marriage to Rick Sparks. They had a back yard gathering with plenty to eat after a small ceremony. It was great to see relatives... plus Marly and Dean are to the age where they PLAY. With all the kids around, they required little parental assistance. There is light at the end of the tunnel.

With the Twinner's changed into their PJ's, we loaded for home at 9 pm. Just after 10, Mark and I were hitting the DQ drive thru. Darn little stinker Dean was still awake, so he also enjoyed soft serve.

Sunday Mark worked at the Caribou tent for the PRIDE event in Lohring Park, and I stuck close to home.

Congratulations Kris and Rick!

Women and Children ONLY

Friday our friend Amy Chausee called for a simple supper time gathering of gals pals and kids at her home. Come with your kids and a dish to pass in hand. No men allowed. If you were a boy and didn't need your mommy to dish up your plate, you were not welcome.

Clothing optional since the kiddy pool was out.
Whose driving that thing!

Angie exclaimed while holding Vivi, "Everywhere I turn there are wheels and diapers!"

William Chausee, the oldest male in attendance. Will came up and asked me why Marly was so chubby. I told him it was because she steals all Dean's food, and that is why Dean is so skinny!

Cale Braid pushing his wheels. Dean way in the back harrassing the dog.

Marly with Audrey Chaussee. Giddy up!

Thank You Amy for hosting! Amy had flown in from a work trip in Kansas City that morning, then spent much of Friday at her office! WOW. Super friend/mom!

Friday, June 26, 2009

The Dog Days of Summer

When I was at Walmart for work the other day, I picked up a sprinkler for the kids. It was Monday night and it was HOT even after supper. At first the kids were sceptical when I ran through with them. They ventured off to another area of the yard to avoid the streams... and then they got curious and came back around. They happily entertained themselves with their new toy for more then 45 minutes.

Think back, way back, to the yard of your childhood and running through your sprinkler. Ours was always placed down from our garage. It connected to our actual pump house at our farm site. To the side was our clothes line (which did not see much use that I recall). Down farther was the garden off the field, with a strawberry patch. Our house was white with blue trim. We had ACRES of lawn and many old out buildings. The sprinkler was NOT typically put into action to actually water the lawn, because there was way too much grass for that.

Marly takes a refreshing sprinkler drink.

While the Twinners squealed with delight... Mark and I were perched on our front walk with a cold beer in hand. For 45 minutes we didn't even need to get our butts off our seats to chase after a Twinner. Eventually, Marly squirted Dean in the face and he ran over crying. Mark had to teach him to squirt Marly back.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Happy Father's Day Mark!

I had hoped to give Mark additional rest and newspaper time to start the morning, but Dean decided to kick off Father's Day before 7 am. I made quiche for breakfast, then we headed to church. On the way home, Mark requested a detour to the Linder's 1/2 price plant sale.

Dean helping Daddy unload his 1/2 price dirt.

Posing in the lilac bush.

Some of Daddy's Father's Day loot - perennials for our yard.

For many years, Mark has coveted a large carved wooden gnome crafted by some guy up by Chisago City. I always said, "...some day when we have a larger home and yard." I am pretty sure I can't afford the four foot gnome now, so Mark got this cement garden gnome as my token offering. It is from Hill's Unique Gifts in Hector. This Farm Girl knew they would have a what I needed. I e-mailed Laura Melberg, she stopped by Hill's, e-mailed photos back, then picked up my choice. He was waiting at Jan's on Saturday and hid under the back seat for the ride to his new home. Mark named him "Stevo the Gnome." He was 'resting' in the flowers out back when Mark woke and looked out our bedroom window. I think I may have to get out to Hill's and pick up a friend for Stevo. The kids love him.

Mark told Marly she should wake Stevo up.... so she was determined to try.

Happy Twinners, Happy Daddy!

The kids took a LONG afternoon nap recovering from the lake on Saturday, so Mark and I spent quality time working in the yard (Mark's request for his day). For supper I grilled burgers with Parmesan cheese (fresh grated from Costco) worked into the meat, and good old American cheese on top. Just to class it up for Father's Day, I even buttered and toasted the buns. Hey folks - It's the little things, right???

Happy Father's Day also to my Dad studying in France! I missed you.

The PERFECT Summer Saturday!

Saturday was the PERFECT Minnesota day at the lake. One of those days you dream of all year long until the season arrives. One of those days you covet when it is hot outside and you are at work or stuck in the metro.

We spent the day at Jan and Sheldon's house on Lake Allie. There were two boats, a paddle boat, floaties, a golf cart, PLENTY of food, sunscreen, heat, a cloudless sky, and lots of family to enjoy every moment with!

Sutton, Saxton, Mikayla and more...

Mariah with Marly & Dean.

Mark told me to "let go" for a better picture... I did, and seconds later they were chortling water in the lake. They both survived! Marly was back for more after a few minutes to recover.

Dean preferred the paddle boat.

Chad, Brett and me in Brett's ski boat.

Mike, Laura, and Wilson heading to South Beach. No.. not a bar or someplace in Miami! South Beach is the preferred sand beach swimming area on Lake Allie. You can only get to it by boat, since it is on private property in a cow pasture!

The ride home after supper, and after forgoing naps.

Dean - Overtired and CRANKY most of the ride home. I didn't snap a picture of Marly with her blankie over her head. She acts like it muffles Dean's screaming and crying.

Thank You Jan & Sheldon for a WONDERFUL, FANTASTIC day!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Dead Battery!

Photos and recap have been rescheduled due to my DEAD, DEAD, DEAD camera battery!

Monday, June 22, 2009

Coming Tomorrow

A recap of our Super Summer Saturday and Father's Day...
Sorry - I am behind.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Tater Daze Parade

Last night (Thursday), Mark and I took the Twinners to the parade for Brooklyn Park's town days/festival. We saw fire trucks, marching bands, ate candy, and the kids loved the Tater Days potato mascot.

Hey, they give me candy if I stand along the edge of the street! (Is that mom wiping dirt off the candy - No... not me.)

Hmm... what's next?

Getting hot and trying not to act tired (above)...

Stomping to the beat of the marching band.

The view is better up here. (Dear me.. I still REALLY need a hair cut. It is embarrassing. I may leave work early today...)

We left early to get to bed. At the parade, someone threw bubble gum. I traded the kids for another piece of candy and put it in our bag. Once home, Dean found it and started chewing away. He didn't swallow it and was so proud of his gum!

(...gum and Grandma Marlys - There is your flashback for Friday!)

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Gretchen Saves the Day

It is typical for me to chat with Gretch while commuting to or from work a few times a week. Last Friday I was lamenting Mark and I were lacking focus on our marriage, which is a familiar topic lately. Like any couple with small children, our energy is on them... and this truth has been taking its toll on us. I came to the sad conclusion we had not spent time alone together since our trip to Jamaica in early February. I think we can all agree the nights we spent house hunting while my dad babysat for a few precious hours doesn't really count (for sure since Realtor Angie was with us!)

As I drove home in true frustration and sadness, Gretch saved the day. "Well why don't you just bring the kids here tomorrow?" It was that simple. I needed help and she cooked the plan. "Go home, tell Mark, and bring the kids over whenever your want. They can spend the night."

Drop off Saturday at 4 pm, back at home after 5 pm where Mark had continued painting in my absense, got ready in the bathroom with no one grabbing my leg or grasping for my make-up at 5:20 pm while Mark rested for a few minutes, glass of Chardonnay on the patio at 6 pm, flipped through the Minneapolis St. Paul magazine in peace at 6:15 pm, headed out to dinner at the Sample Room in NE Mpls at 7 pm, Mark enjoys a Mojito and me a cucumber mint cocktail upon arrival 7:20 pm, head for a drink in NE after our delicious meal where we talk about things besides Marly and Dean at 10 pm... and there you have it. The Thomberg's had a much needed date night. Sunday I hopped in the car at 8:15 am, was at a Caribou drive thru for a Breve at about 8:30, and was pulling into the Huwe's at about 9:10 (only 10 minutes late).


In the mean time, here are our DIRTY kiddos at 6 pm on Sunday.

Dean thinks he is very cool in his shades.

Both mom and Marly are dirty from yard work.
The embarrassing part is we went to the park like this after supper!!!

Monday, June 15, 2009

Minneapolis Farmer's Market

Mark and I realized we had not been on any family outing of late that did not involve Home Depot, so Saturday we headed to the Minneapolis Farmer's Market. What a great morning! It was easy to get to, easy to park, and a great place to take it all in. We were virgins to the farmer's we left the stroller and wagon at home. The kids had no problems walking, but next time we will be bringing the wagon, because our arms were overflowing with goods we purchased... (and we will be coming back!). We came with a mostly empty diaper bag and left with it spilling over.

We ate a foot long hot dog with fresh peppers from a meat market in Cannon Falls, sampled olive oil and balsamic vinegar, sipped coffee, smelled the flowers, and listened to the musical talents busking on the street.
Back at home with our goods - radishes, dill, parsley, poppy plants, honey, olives, and goat cheese & red pepper hummus ($4 but just too tasty to pass up).

I'm not sure these flowers will survive...we will see. They are now in the backyard.

The dill was used on our salmon on Sunday.

The parsley will probably be used for potato salad later this week.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Bon voyage Dad/Grandpa!

In about an hour my dad will be boarding a plane to go study abroad in France. He will be gone until July 4th finishing up his final credits for his masters from the Carlson School of Management at the U of M. Chris will be joining him the first week he is away.

Last night we were at Dad and Chris's for a Bon voyage Supper!

The kids are wearing "I love Grandpa" Mickey t-shirts.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

TWO Cats in a Hat.

Marly and Dean have been sleeping in their twin beds since we moved in, and it is going okay. Marly likes to burrow in. Dean stays at the top. Both kids typically wake up once at different times during the night, although last night I rejoiced at a solid night of sleep. Dean seems to want reassurance, Marly wants a drink of water. Dean is difficult at bedtime . As usual, I know we need to get them down earlier. Bedtime is creeping past 8 to 8:30 pm, which leads to toddler monsters.

Mark chose a Dr. Seuss theme for their room, and we just put curtains up on Sunday! (Thank you Grandpa and Grandpa Thompson for coming to help with a few projects!) They remain in one room next to us (a choice I question every night at 8:45 and 9:10 when I am struggling to stop their shenanigans). We live in a split level, so two rooms would mean moving them downstairs.

Sometimes we find one or the other asleep next to their bed along the wall, but we think they climb out, not fall...Sometimes one Twinner leaps to the next...

All of these photos were taken in the dark of night.
Both slept through my flash photography.

Mark is thinking about painting a colored square behind each letter...It still looks like something should be added.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Where's My Popcorn Bowl?

Mark and I recieved the popcorn bowl below as a wedding gift. It is no secret I have an addiction to air popped popcorn. After I lost a bit of weight several years back, it became a FAVORITE bedtime snack of mine. Every time I would make popcorn, Mark would say, "Where's my popcorn bowl?" It was his joke, because the bowl was stored in the garage of our tiny townhome on a shelf which was difficult to get to. There was no room in the kitchen, so it collected dust.

After a washing, the bowl has finally found use at our new home.

The bowl (seem on countertop above) now resides behind the curtain, inside of my pantry large enough to step inside!

It's the little things in life!
Look, our Aurthor Court gets the shelf all to itself below the bowl.


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