Sunday, February 28, 2010

Birthday Party with the Thompson's

Saturday we had Mark's family for lasagna supper and cake!

After the kids played with their new toys, Grandma & Grandpa had headed home, and the camera was put away... we had a Lady Ga Ga dance party with the CD Kelly put together just for the Twinners. Unfortunately, we didn't hear Uncle Pat calling FOUR times, so he thought the party was over. (Oops!)

Saturday, February 27, 2010


Marly noted her mommy got flowers for her birthday, and requested flowers for her own special day. Daddy was delighted to oblige.

Dean REALLY wanted his picture with the pretty flowers too, but for some reason Daddy prefered this pose for his birthday shot.

Friday, February 26, 2010

One Day, Two Kids, Three Years Old!

Tomorrow is M & D's birthday! This morning they headed off to daycare with cupcakes to share and we are gearing up for some fun.

This is the first year we are able to host a traditional party for the Twinners in our own home. We didn't have room in the townhouse. So this past week, day by day... I have been checking items off my list to make this weekend's events special for Marly & Dean, and special for our guests. Of course we have worked to try and accomplish a few small home improvement/decorating feats. The outcome to date are some very minor accomlishments, some 1/2 way & most ideas removed from radar for the moment. You see, this is the first time many of my aunts or cousins may have seen our home. For full disclosure, if you were to walk into our house right now, you would see it is clearly NOT fit for a party... but we'll be ready in time.

This was a part of our party invite. I really like the photos (taken on Super Bowl Sunday) because I think we captured M & D's personalities and relationship at this stage in their wee lives.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

A look back in time/my pregnancy journal

The Twinner's third birthday is this Saturday... so I thought I would take a look back at the pregnancy journal I wrote the 9 months prior to their birth. Here is what I wrote the last two weeks before their arrival. I had been resting at home and restricted from work since the beginning of February. Because both babies were breech, a c-section was inevitable. (Forgive my everchanging tenses!)

Week 36 - Monday we see Dr. E and set up the c-section for February 27th at 7:30 am. You will be just under 38 weeks, but this is an open day for the Dr and he is a being cautious w/ my blood pressure. I am short of breath most of the time and can’t walk too far. I don't go out very much w/ out Mark. I measured 44 inches and weighed 167 pounds. I started at 131. At the Dr. I can’t get down from the exam table w/ out Mark’s help.

Week 37Thursday I had my LAST appointment at the perinatal clinic. I brought the ladies chocolate and weighted 169 pounds accourding to their scale. All went well.

Friday we were out to dinner at Ruth Chris for Rachel’s Birthday. I am VERY round and my shirt is a bit too short. It is really quite hard to move and I really feel better if I have Mark’s arm. In the bathroom at Ruth Chris, two women younger then me comment on how cute and big I am, and I alert them I have twins on TUESDAY.

Saturday we had a big snow storm and thru Sunday got 12 inches of snow. I didn’t go out much. Had to miss Chris’s birthday brunch at Salud in Edina, since Mark was working at Marco’s and I really don’t feel comfortable going about without him. Sunday we enjoyed church. Sunday I miss my mom quite a bit and I tear up in church. There are only a few people at church due to the weather.

Really, I am quite uncomfortable most of the time and I am ready to go from beautiful belly to precious babies. Babies still move a lot and Mark talks to you often. I will miss the moving and my belly very much. My face, legs, and arms are all small. Babies seem to absorb everything right on my belly. I am very proud I made it to 37 ½ weeks!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Baby Shower, Basketball and More...

Saturday Marly and I cruised home for a baby shower for our cousin's wife, Michelle. After the church basement shower with plenty of gifts, Marly and I headed over to the school. My other cousin Michelle's daughter Mariah was playing basketball in an elementary tournament, and we wanted to say "Hi".

At the shower I got to see many relatives, friends, and neighbors, chat and catch up. At school, we ran into even more wonderful old friends. We saw Jack and Gayle Grimm from my childhood church, my oldest cousin Deb, and Molly (the wife to one of our family farms employee's growing up. If I can digress for a moment....when I was little, and it was fall harvest, I use to LOVE to ride in the beet truck to the dump and back with Molly's husband Scott.). It was so much fun to visit my own school with Marly in tow. As we departed I snapped her picture at a side door.

Michelle commented it wasn't necessary to travel to Hector two weekends in a row just for her baby shower. The truth is, if I don't come home for events like this... what or how do I come? I can't just show up on doorsteps on a Saturday morning, and we have no doorstep of our own at this place I choose to lovingly refer to as "home". My kids are little, and don't yet have organized activities demanding our time. Currently, I want and choose to use our time to attempt to stay close to my extended family. I know the day will come this will not be readily possible. I will cherish it now, with some sort of hope that it will somehow carry me through.

Sunday I was working at the Change for Kids Collection Party at the Mall of America for KS95 for Kids. All went well! If you would like more info about the Change for Kids fundraiser, or the private party coming up at Nickelodeon Universe the evening of March 7th... Click HERE!

Friday, February 19, 2010


My life consists of a perpetual cycle of Unload/Reload in a variety of forms. I was contimplating my routines this morning...

Get Up

Unload dish washer, unload or reload washer, dryer, or drying rack

Get dressed

Make the beds

Load kids for daycare/Unload

Go to work/Pay the bills

Set the table/Clear the table

Pour the milk/Wipe up the spilled milk

Sweep the floor/Empty the dust pan

Load the dishwasher/Load or unload the washer, dryer, or drying rack.

Get undressed

Go to bed

Add to this weekly...

Take out the trash/Put in a new bag

Get the groceries/Load the car/Unload the car

Strip the sheets/Make the beds

Unwind the vacuum cord/Vacuum/Rewind the cord...


BUT... you can add in stopping in the middle of the drive just this morning to watch the garbage truck go around the caldesac, watching the kids run around the kitchen table a million times, chasing kids with the vacuum, playing with trains on the floor, questions for mommy, stories for daddy, mommy chorus's from the backseat, pizza I didn't make, kids actually occasionally eating their vegetables with a giddy grin, announcements on who went poop, Dean giving Inga a dolly a time out, Dean giving me sloppy kisses, Marly giving me kisses when I beg her, the twinners kissing and hugging each other, loving my husband, loving my family, loving my friends, being loved back, having a paycheck...



Monday, February 15, 2010

Valentine's Gala and more!

Friday we had my family birthday dinner at Jax Cafe...

Then, on Saturday the Thomberg's headed west for the Tim Orth Memorial Foundation Valentine's Gala. We stayed at Mike and Laura's. Cousin's Mikayla and Mariah babysat the trio of toddlers, while the parents were out dining & dancing at the Bird Island Ballroom.

My cousin LeAnne helps to coordinate the gala, and we had a fantastic time.

Brett and Rachel attended the first time event last year too.

Here are some of the ladies...

The BI Ballroom has seriously never looked more beautiful! There was a ventriloquist and DJ for entertainment, after the dinner of chicken and ribs.

I have YEARS of memories of the BI Ballroom, from weddings with Polka Bands when I was little, to weddings as an adult (30 plus years of turkey, mashed potatoes, and corn at long banquet tables in rows), to paying at the door for Shaw Band and Johnny Holmes in high school and college.

One staple at the BI Ballroom is dancing to "Fishin' in the Dark". Of course the song was a crowd pleaser late on Saturday.
Set Ups! (If you are from a small town/country you know exactly what this means. If you are from the metro, you may have no idea.) The ballroom only has a 3/2 liquor license, which means you can bring your own bottle, then purchase the cola, tonic, etc. to set it up.

Notice the green drink in the plastic cup on the right... There was a machine with Grasshoppers in it! Who can beat this old school, ice cream, supper cluby, after dinner, cream de mint delight!

After the gala, we stopped for last call at the Other Place in Hector. Back at home, Laura surprised me with a Bunny Wolf poppy seed birthday cake! I was thrilled. THANK YOU Laura!

We wrapped up Valentine's weekend with a heart shaped pizza for supper on Sunday. My dad came by too.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day

Lately Dean squints his eyes shut whenever he smiles and poses for a photo.

Here he is being "Dean-O the Dino" - RArrrrrrrrrrrr!

Friday, February 12, 2010

Our first trip to the Dentist

Marly and Dean has their first visit to the dentist Thursday. When I was visiting myself on Wednesday, I was talking to the dentist, expressing my concern we hadn't brought the Twinner's yet. He assured me now was just the right age. The office manager came over to alert me of a 4 pm opening the next day, so I went with it! Mark met me there with the kids yesterday. Everything went wonderfully, which I assumed it would. Dean was excited to wear sunglasses in the cool chair.

Marly watched Dean, then took her turn. She was a little unsure at first, but quickly warmed up to the situation.

We left with clean teeth, fluoride pills since we have well water, and an appointment in 6 months for another cleaning and plans to get 4 sealants for each Twinner. It turns out they have deep grooves it their molars. I think I also had deep grooves in my molars as a child, so I wasn't surprised. Mark and I are glad to do what we can to protect them from cavities.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Hello old friend!

Hello old friend! We are reunited and it feels so good.

For Christmas, I got a generous gift card from Chris for Sephora. For quite some time I have wanted to re-invest in some decent make up, and get a consultation on products. Well... the card in the pretty little mirrored case was burning a hole in my purse, but I simply haven't had time to use it until now.

Top of the list of purchases - America's #1 Blush too many years running in Allure - "Orgasm" by NARS. I have been using it since my wedding...until I had twins, and it ran out, and I felt unable to drop $26 on blush. Today my cheeks have the just right glow again (at least to me).

After my dental appointment last night, I called dear Mark and asked if I could make a detour to the mall before returning home. It is my birthweek after all...right? Despite my droopy face being all coked up on Novicaine, I was like a kid in the candy store.

Thank you Chris for this gift. Thank you also for the birth month mani/pedi's for Rachel and I.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Flexing My Dollars on Dental

***UPDATE to this post... my dental work is now complete, my pearly whites are white from front to back... AND I still have FLEX dollars left! The dentist also hopes I don't need further work (and there is NONE he could forsee), as he says my mouth it difficult to manauver... something about my jaw. What the heck does that mean???***

For my past three regular six month dental appointments, my dentist has urged me to upgrade/change out/refill my silver fillings from childhood. At the first appointment (more then two years ago) he suggested the work. At the second visit, he urged me to consider planning ahead for the dental work, and mentioned thinking of my Flex health dollars through my place of work. At the third visit, he encouraged me to do it at my next 6 month visit or before. So, I have one side on my mouth done, and this afternoon I will finish the other side.

Mark and I LOVE the dentist, and take our teeth seriously. We do not go to the same dentist though. He goes to a dentist in Forest Lake he has been seeing for years. I go to St. Paul Family Dentistry, where I have been a patient since a co-worker at KSTP TV recommended me. (It was no longer reasonable to travel to Hector to see my childhood dentist, Dr. Menser... although his daughter, my high school classmate, is now in practice with him.)

After my last 6 month appointment, I decided my fillings had lead a long and good life, and it was finally time for retirement. They have been properly protecting my teeth  for a least 20 years! (Surely a good investment on my parents part, and naturally they instilled my respect for dental health. I just recalled my mom use to get lectured by Dr. Menser. She brushed so vigerously she was wearing the enamal off her teeth.)

So, I am using my Flex healthcare dollars and finishing up the job. Mark and I had dollars left over last year (no ER visits from either of us, no babies, and I didn't end up purchasing glasses), so I got the first two done last month. Today we move on to the left side. Unfortunately, there are 4 over there. This will pretty much wipe out my Flex dollars (in February). Let's hope I don't have any recycling accidents this year. (I know, I know... I should have avoided MORE taxes, and put in more money...)

I will alert you I do NOT recall the last time I got a new cavity. My best friend Gretchen has a good theory we both have more childhood cavities then our husbands, since we both grew up drinking well water with no floride.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

What to wear?

Goodness knows I love fundraisers, the wide variety of ways to raise dollars, and what motivates people to give.

Just today I got a forwarded e-mail from my sister-in-law, alerting me to a woman she knows attempting to sell 100 skirts in 10 days to help raise funds for her husband's cancer treatment. You can bet within minutes, I was on line to her Etsy shop called Seams and Dreams determined to purchase a skirt for little Miss Marly. A cute skirt for my kid AND I can help someone locally, well who can resist?

If you know a wee one/child who would enjoy a darling skirt, check it out HERE (or above of course). Please note several of the skirts (like the photo I nabbed from Etsy) are designated to the fundraiser.

Not only do I have a passion for fundraising, I love sharing causes with others. We FUNDraisers also like to be FRIENDraisers. (Yes... I am that cheesy!)

Dancing with Dave

Last weekend Mark and I unconsciously and consciously decided to plan nothing. While commuting home on Friday I called Mark and convinced him Thomberg Family Pizza night should hit the road. We headed to Sammy Perella's near our home, and we all had a great dinner out. The kids are finally getting to a place where we can actually all have fun in a social dining setting.

Saturday was your usual, uneventful day... which is was what we had planned/or NOT planned. Our next couple of weekends are booked solid with festivities, work, and birthday hoopla too, so this past weekend was designated down time.

Anyway, Saturday as I was cooking supper upstairs, Mark turned on our favorite - Dave Matthews (anything DMB really. We are not picky.) 'Typical Situation' was playing, and I came downstairs to find a dance party underway.

Dave's lyrics move me often, and this Saturday evening was no different.

When I say the lyrics "move" me, initially I meant emotionally. If taken in the literal sense, you all know I have NO rhythm, but I will try.

It's a typical situation
In these typical times
Too many choices
Everybody's happy
Everybody's free
We'll keep the big door open
Everyone will come around....

My life is pretty 'typical', and we do have 'too many choices', but this Saturday evening, even I can recognize that 'typical' is good, and 'EVERYBODY'S HAPPY'!

Monday, February 8, 2010


Last night I pulled the mani/pedi tub out from under the bathroom sink so I could take off some polish... and there it was - Marly's diaper from last week! It was clean and dry, so there was no foul stench to give it away. Tricky Trickster had even wrapped the tabs tight before placing it inside the cupboard, behind the tub. Tonight after prayers I did a quick spot check on the Trickster. Darned if she didn't grin from ear to ear and start to giggle. Not sure where that diaper is. I will probably find it next month. She went potty one more time and agreed to put Dora on before settling in for the night.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

The Valentine Itch got me again!

It never fails, February arrives and I get the Valentine's itch. (Before I was married, I actually use to send out Valentine's cards to many relatives and friends.) I find myself drawn to pink and red clothes or accessories. I find myself craving hearts strewn about my home (hence yesterday's post). If I had more free time, I would make Valentine's with the Twinners this Saturday...

Well... I been coveting a beanie hat for Marly for quiet a while (I hate admitting how materialist I can be). She likes accessories in her hair, and I think maybe... I could get her to wear a cute hat.

So, with the arrival of February, I could no longer resist the temptation to buy. I went on line and searched for a Valentine beanie for little Miss Marly. First I went to Briar Clair, an Etsy seller I have purchased from before. They were SOLD OUT because of a special they were running, with advertising on a HIGH traffic blog that I won't name because she has PLENTY of traffic already.

So I searched around Etsy and came across DolceVitaMia, and found what I was looking for. Like the headband with flowers I purchased at the holiday's for Miss Marly's Christmas attire, the flowers detach, can be worn alone, attached to her headbands, etc.
I desperately hope they arrive by next Friday! I won't lie... I really love the girlie girl stuff for Marly....

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Be My Valentine

Anyone who knows me well, might know that I LOVE Valentine's Day (...something about a birthday!). Well growing up, I always remember my mom hanging up hearts around the house for Valentine's Day (birthday!). You know, those card stock printed paper holiday decoration you could buy for any season at like, Kmart. Do you know what I am talking about? You hung them up on the window or wall or door with Scotch tape! After the holiday, you would rip them down (marring the back where the tape had been) and save them until next year (or at least we did).

Well, it is safe to say I am not very successful at being crafty... but every once in a while I just can't help myself from pretending. So, I had this intense itch to create heart holiday garland for the banister to add some heart hoopla to our home. (I wasn't up for a trip to Kmart.) I picked up a couple of those "spool of ribbons" at Walmart and got various shades of pink and red card stock on a 2 for one deal at JoAnne Fabrics.

So, for several evenings last week (after the kids were in bed) you could find me sprawled out on the floor cutting, punching, and stringing my hearts. I enjoyed the therapeutic activity so much, the lengths of garland kept growing as I thought up more places to hang my hearts! (with out being tacky hopefully...)

It is time to dust UP high. See the cob webs in the photo above! Heart garland now graces all three of our living/dining room windows.

Happy Valentine's Day!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

The Disappearing Diaper

Marly and Dean are potty trained, but not night trained. Actually I have not even thought about it. Every evening we put a diaper or a pull up on the kids, then their jammies. More often then not, they now wear two piece PJ's. This is easier on mom and dad when they claim they must go potty again after they are tucked in and have said their prayers.

Yesterday morning, Marly crawled into our bed around 4:30 am. Yesterday was a VERY out of the ordinary morning for the Thomberg's. You see, Mark was home and planning to take the kids to daycare. He ended up working all weekend and decided to take a few hours for himself on Monday. Normally he is gone by 5 am every weekday.

As he was undressing Marly (an unusual change of routine), he discovered she was damp, and diaper free. Some quick investigation uncovered wet sheets and mattress pad liner in her bed. The Dora pull-up she had on when she went to bed with on Sunday was no where to be found. Hmmm....

This morning, Marly got up after me (and long after Mark had left the house). She got into our bed to watch cartoons while I got ready. When it was time to go potty and get dressed, I discovered a dry daughter, but again... with NO diaper. Again, I have no idea where the diaper she started the night in has gone. I did check under her bed, in the cabinet, etc.

Hmmm - Tricky trickster may have decided she thinks she is NIGHT potty trained. Her parents are NOT convinced.

Dean does NOT take off his diaper at night. I suppose about 80% of the time, his diaper or pull up is dry. Unfortunately though, the last two Saturday afternoons, he has taken to pooping in his pants while under his kiddy picnic table in the toy room. The smell gives the naughty boy away every time. Darn it - He did it last Sunday too (even though I had asked him just 20 minutes before to go POTTY!)

We will see what tomorrow brings...

Monday, February 1, 2010

A Thomberg Family Outing

It had been too long since the Thomberg Foursome had a fun family weekend outing.

The past couple weeks, we have enjoyed family gatherings/meals with aunts, uncles and the grandparents. But as for Foursome free time, just getting what needs to be done has been consuming Saturday and Sunday. So Saturday morning, after Mark returned from doing some work at the 'Bou, we bundled up, loaded up, headed to McDonald's for lunch, and then on to see the ice sculptures at Rice Park for the St. Paul Winter Carnival. I promised the kids we would see a dragon (I noted the photo on line), and it was nearly the first sculpture we came across.
It was finally back in the double digits in Minnesota, and the kids enjoyed being outside.

I had to discourage both Marly and Dean from trying to lick the ice.

Brrr.... getting chilly!

Dad was getting cold. Time to head home!


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