Sunday, August 26, 2012

Charlie's First Birthday Party

Just over a week ago Brett and Rachel hosted Charlie's first birthday with a darling and creative airline theme. It was a great day with a house and yard FULL of FUN guests, including friends dear and family beloved from all sides.
Rachel knew the party would be in, out, and on the lake. Guests were all about, so Charlie got the short end of the stick on any photo of himself with his gracious guests (young and old), or the obligitory kid cousin photo with the cake or a tornado of gifts and wrap we all cherish later.

He had a smash cake, but he doesn't look to into it.
While the kids were kickn' it up on the slip and slide outside, Charlie checked out his gifts inside.
A little dish soap added to the NEED for SPEED!
Go Wilson, Go!
Go Abbie Gierky, Go!
The men on the deck talked about the early sugar beet harvest, and the usual farm stuff like that.
Then there was Dad and Charlie skiing double on the lake.
Look at these grinning goons! Here they are at age 58??? and 61. Good God imagine them in their younger years! (Although my select few readers don't have to imagine.They know...)
Ladies saoking up the August sunshine.
And my FAVORITE photo of the day, representing my favorite piece to the day.

Me with my Mom's best friend Yowdie, and my Aunt Toots (my Mom's Sister).  (I know Toot's doesn't look like she is smiling. She was! I had two other snaps of this shot, and in those, someone has their eye's closed... sorry about that.. )

Anway, I could have sat and chatted with them ALL afternoon, sipping coffee. Somehow, months have slipped by since I last saw Toots, and I rarely see Yowdie, because that is just the way the world works.

(For my few select readers, take off your glasses or squint just a bit and I suppose you can see my Mom in this picture...)

Anyway - The party was a delight. I think every guest (young and young at heart) had a GRAND old time.

Friday, August 24, 2012

Birthday Wishes

Last Saturday we attended Charlie's first birthday celebration. I promise to post on the party soon! (I am sure one or two people are eagerly awaiting the entry...)

In the mean time, there are birthday wishes in heaven for my Mom, my Uncle Jon, and my mom's brother Curt. Thank you to my cousin Dee for her lovely Facebook rememberance.

My Mom would have been sixty last Sunday. I did not forget this. I did call my Dad for confirmation. To me she remains forever 48, and a perfect mom in so many ways.

That's all for now!

Saturday, August 18, 2012

This Summer,I, sun, water, play, family, friends!

I choose - sleeping until the summer sun wakes me up on Saturday, instead of an alarm, or getting out of bed to unload the dishwasher and start the day.

I choose - a day at the lake, instead of putting away a weeks worth of clean laundry.

I choose - salty potato chips, instead of a healthy vegetable choice.

I choose - camping with my bestie and our kids, instead of  a garage sale for all the sale-able crap in massive piles of tubs taking over the garage.

I choose - a evening bike ride through the neighborhood with the Twinners, instead of the supper mess on the counter and in the sink.

I choose - watering and tending the plants in the yard, then sitting with Mark on an adorandack chair watching the kids bike in the cal-de-sac, instead of the dust inside.

I choose - a stroll up the street to visit the neighbor's chickens with Marly and Dean, instead of sweeping the floor.

I choose - an afternoon at Bunker Beach water park, instead of scrubbing the kitchen floor that still needs sweeping.

I choose - a glass of wine on the deck, instead of the taking a brush to the bathroom toilet.

I choose - dinner off the grill eaten on the patio, instead of turning on the oven and setting the table.

I choose - an afternoon at Como Park or a playdate with a gal pal and her kiddos, instead of grocery shopping.

I choose - yet another day on the water while Dean water skis, instead of the windows that never got washed this spring.

I choose - heading to hang out with family in the country, instead of vacuuming the house and running errands.

I choose - my hometown days dance at The Other Place with my cool cat cousin's, instead of expensive drinks at a trendy urban watering hole.

I choose - ice cream and added pounds, instead of the diet I should go on.

I choose - my girlfriend's patio with sweet lights strung overhead on a balmy Thursday evening, instead of going to bed at a reasonable time on a school night.

I choose - a late night bonfire on Saturday, instead of getting up early for church on Sunday.

I choose - hosting the neighborhood National Night Out block party this year, making cute and neatly printed invites hand delivered with Marly and Dean to every front door AND mailbox up and down the street, instead of simply walking a few houses up the street with a pan of rice crispy bars.

I choose - a totally awesome tan, instead of the MORE HEALTHY skin alternative which involves shading the sun and applying sunscreen liberally.

I choose - picking up cold deli friend chicken for a picnic style meal on Sunday, instead of home cooking.

I choose - breakfast out and gallons of coffee with girlfriends, instead of organizing the closets bursting at the seams/doors with clutter .

I choose - heading north or west at some point each weekend, instead of staying in town for the duration.

I choose - itchy mosquito bites, instead of smoothly shaved legs.

I choose - shorts, instead of a skirt even though my legs show the results of the ice cream, potato chips, mosquite bites and chiggers!

I choose - reading a book by the window, instead of changing the sheets and wiping the mirrors.

I choose - finger prints on the screen doors, instead of pristine and polished glass because the visible prints are a reminder of the ones I love and cherish, and our summer season of fun.

I choose - inviting friends for grilling or dinner - BECAUSE I WILL FINALLY be pressured to put away the laundry, vacuum, grocery shop, and scrub the kitchen floor.

If we haven't enjoyed some summer time fun time with you the past three months, on the lake, at breakfast, for a meal or cocktail, outside, in the country, around the neighborhood, or at some event exclusive to summer, please call me! We will try and find a time to have you come for dinner, because my house is a DISASTER again!

Friends and family are ALWAYS welcome at the Thomberg House (when we aren't out and about doing all the things above), but do NOT open the closets or look closely at the ceiling and corners, because you WILL find spider webs! Come outside to the patio. It is a pleasant place. The only cleaning required is with a hose, and you all know we like the water.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

My Mr. 'Bou throws out the first pitch

Last night Mark was at the Twins game with Caribou Coffee.

Last week he was choosen by his 'Bou peers to throw out the first pitch at the game. It is quite an honor indeed. Back at home, his proud wife was giddy with excitement for him.
Mark before the game with another District Manager from the region "Mertz",and his Director of Operations "KP"
There it is! The ball for the first pitch. He got it bring it home with him.

Getting ready for the big moment, wearing his official Twins jersey with TC.
Taking the mound
My Mr 'Bou jumbo size
The ball made it over home base and into TC's gloved paw.
Mark checked an item off his bucket list last night!
Back in the Caribou suite with some of his managers - part of 'Marky Mark's Funky Bunch' team.
Kicking up his heels in his 'Bou award custom designed Chuck Taylor's. He earned the Converse tennis shoes last winter for his outstanding numbers and drive of Amy's Blend.

Monday, August 13, 2012

Lake Life - Thomberg Summer of Fun 2012

I reviewed my Outlook calendar the other night. I counted.  My kids have been in a Minnesota lake swimming and playing at least 18 days this summer.

Lakes include:
Lake Pierson (Brett and Rachel's)
William O'brien State Park (camping)
Lake Allie (Jan & Sheldon's)
Diamond Lake (The Ulrich Cabin)
Middle Cullen Lake (vacation)

Our most recent lake day was for Sawyer Melberg's birthday at Jan and Sheldon's. What a glorious day with family and friends. The birthday boy is the blondie on the far left in the photo above.
Tubing with your cousins

What could possibly be better on a Saturday afternoon????

Dean pointed out there seems to be a lot of "brothers" at these family things, and very few "sisters".

Melberg sisters consist of Marly (& two sweet girls we rarely see in Iowa), Me & my cousin Michelle above, and my Aunt Carol (who was on vacation in Alaska).

Dean and Wilson
The kids wrapped up the party with a water fight after supper.
You bet I was IN on the action.
I am proposing an "ALL GENERATION WATER FIGHT REMATCH" at Charlie's Birthday this weekend.Who's in???? Bring your own water balloons and guns!

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Summer-Fun-Vacation-Water Skiing

Me & my failed attempt to slalom

And then there is Dean. He just keeps going, and going, and going.
Next time he hits the water, he will lose some of the safety nets.
(like the rope attached directly to the skis...)

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Nisswa Turtle Races

For just $5, on any given Wednesday summer afternoon in Nisswa (rain or shine) you can rent and race a turtle at the town center!
Our Twinners
and Babe the Blue Ox
Our turtles did not win.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Summer Vacation 2012

Oh yes...we have been back from vacation for WELL OVER A WEEK, and I am just now putting up a post about our Melberg Summer Vacation to the Wilderness Resort on Middle Cullen Lake by Nisswa.

What have I been doing? If you must know, I have been reading the "50 Shades of Grey" series like every other woman in America, watching the Olympics,  hosting our streets 'National Night Out' Block Party, spending time in the water closer to home, and I guess I have this thing called a job too.

So - back to our vacation...

We stayed in a rental villa with plenty of room for all at a small resort two miles outside of town. In no particular order, we swam in the lake, we played on the beach, we ate pizza at Zorbas, we went to the pool, we grilled, we went out to eat or stayed in to eat, Mark and Dad kayaked, we used the paddle boat, we investigated resorts for future vacations, we boated, we played with Charlie, we water skied, we mixed cocktails, we went into town for lattes at Stone Mill Coffee, we climbed a fire tower outside of Pequot Lakes, we went for drives, we drank beer and wine, we swam, we ate ice cream cones at the Chocolate Ox and DQ, we swam, we had a fire (just once, because the kids wanted one, even though it was HOT), we entered in the Turtle Races at Nisswa, we had my Dad's cousin and wife over for steak & sampled multiple glasses of Reg's home brews. The Twinners did not take a single nap, several adults did. The girls snuck off to the spa. My already stellar tan was further enhanced.

Here are some family photos taken after dinner out at the Bar Harbor Supper Club on Gull Lake. (Rachel's ultra super belated birthday dinner pick.)

Cousins - Chris got the boy's matching shirts.

My fabulous (arrogant - he he!!) brother and his beautiful family.

Just us.

I love this picture.
My dad looks so truly happy.
The kids are happy.
They make each other happy.

Dare I say lucky.


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