Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Jazzing it Up! Basement bathroom

Do you remember in April when I blogged about our basement bathroom paint color delemia, and our various sample pots before going for the same color as our bedroom...

This post???

Well, way back in APRIL, just after the post, we finished JAZZING up our basement bathroom. (Finally saying good-bye to the sherbet stripes.) I never got around to posting. But when I was taking pictures Monday morning for my weekend project post, I snapped a few photos of the bathroom as well. As usual, we still need art, and possibly some shelving still to come.

-The shower curtain (with owls and trees) is from Target. Perhaps you will recall the shower curtain inspired/dictated the paint color.

-The rugs are super cheap-o from Ikea. The small one by the shower is actually cut in 1/2. We had the same ones in orange!

-The white ceramic owls were purchased on line from West Elm in a post-holiday clearance sale, with some sort of bonus coupon I had received. They were on back-order. I had completely forgotten about them when they arrived just as Mark finished painting. A perfect fit.

-The mirror is from Home Goods. (Two prior purchases were returned and didn't fit the bill. The third time was the charm.)

-The light fixuture is the room original. It didn't match the hardware before or after the "jazzing".

I shot her up with several coats of Krylon Oil Rubbed Bronze spray paint. There is nothing like a $7 can of O.R.B paint for a CHEAP, super easy, classy enough make-over! The former silver shower curtain got a few coats too.There you have it...

Monday, July 25, 2011

Weekend Projects

After a FANTASTIC Friday afternoon at Lake Nakomis beach with Jenny, Viv, and Ian Lyons... followed by pizza in the Lyon's backyard, it was time to set to work on some house projects on Saturday and Sunday.

As I have mentioned, we had water in our basement some time back. We have corrected our sub-pump issues. Saturday I cut up and hauled out the remainder of the damaged carpet. Sunday Mark ordered new....

... And in the midterm - here is our DISASTROUS family area. (above)

...And the future rooms of Marly and Dean. (below)

Mark spent the weekend adding a second coat of paint to the lower level rooms (which use to be a guestroom,which was really storage, and an always messy toy room).

Both kids have a section of magnetized wall with chalk board paint. Three coats of the magnetic paint is suggested, and Mark is on oil based coat number two. A coat of black chalk board paint will go on top of that.

Sunday, Nana and Papa took the kid's shopping for their bedding (as promised for their birthday). While we had lunch at the Good Earth and headed to Pottery Barn Kids for butterfly and dinosaur bedding, Mark stayed home and painted the inside of the closets, etc.

The Twinners have been talking about and anticipating their dino and butterfly rooms for MONTHS, and they are finally beginning to come to fruition. We hope all the hype will lead to an easy transition to the lower level, and apart from one another at the end of August....

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

I Love to Tell the Story

I love to tell the story of unseen things above,

of Jesus and his glory, of Jesus and his love.

I love to tell the story, because I know 'tis true;

it satisfies my longings as nothing else can do.

Refrain: I love to tell the story,

'twill be my theme in glory,

to tell the old, old story of Jesus and his love.

This past Sunday we sang a favorite hymn of mine. I love those good old Red/Green hymnal LBW songs. Those ones you grew up with. Those ones so familiar. Those ones that bring a flood of memories back when you hear/sing them again.

Last Sunday Mark, the twinners and I sat in our air conditioned pew at Peace Lutheran in the middle of Coon Rapids. But, as we closed the worship with "I Love to Tell the Story," I was transported back to Trinity Lutheran, in the middle of the country, among the corn and bean fields, along a gravel road in Brookfield Township.

Last Sunday it was VERY hot and VERY humid. I was wearing a cotton sundress. I was flooded with distant images of me... a little girl, wearing a summer dress, with short, permed, curly hair...

I remember when it was hot you kind of stuck to the pew at church. They didn't have cushions, and there was no A/C. We ALWAYS sat on the right hand side if you faced the alter. We always sat near the front. Usually the Kurth's were in front of us. My mom always wore a dress too. All the stained glass windows would be wide open, and there would be extra fans on. The flowers on the alter would be from a parishioner's garden. If it was June, they would be huge pink PEE-OHH-NEES (peonies).

Outside the bees would be buzzing. The cemetery was just beyond the church. Church members took turns all summer long mowing everything. When it was our family's week, my dad would load the John Deere lawnmower onto a cart, pulled by the pick-up, and drop it off at church for my mom to use later. Families teamed up to mow the lawn and cemetery. We also took turns cleaning the church.

I was reminded of vacation bible school, and what fun that week was, playing "To Late for Supper" at lunch time outside, and riding the bell rope up and down to call the kids back in. I remember class and crafts in the basement (There were partitions pulled into place on wheels and drapes to divide the basement into classrooms), and singing upstairs. My mom use to bring here sterio and speakers from home for the week, for the kids to sing too. The music was on tape. I remember the Sunday VBS program and the benches outside, which we made into teeter-totters after the service. I remember the big pot-luck dinner, fun games that followed, and lots of candy on VBS Sunday. I remember Kool-Aid at bible school. My mom always made the Kool-Aid. She said some of the other ladies watered it down too much for her taste. She liked it sugary sweet.

I remember Pastor Burman. He was a wonderful man and gave wonderful sermons. Even though I was a kid, this still sticks with me. I remember the massive pipe organ in the front of the church, and Gayle or Diane playing it. I remember their tiny little mirror attached in front of them, so they could see the congregation behind them while they played. The small congregation spent a lot of money to keep this beautiful instrument in working order.

I remember the green carpet up the center aisle, and the kneelers at the alter on communion Sunday once a month. I remember when we actually had a common cup (before my own confirmation, as there was no first communion).

I remember we did not have "fellowship/coffee hour" at Trinity, but the men of the congregated gathered in the narthex and on the front steps to chat after church, while the women stayed inside the sanctuary (or headed to the basement for Sunday School in the fall and winter).

I remember the petunias planted in the circle beneath the church sign out front. In the spring, members were asked to donate a box or two each to fill the area.

I remember the white wood siding that was eventually replaced for sturdy, long lasting, economical steel siding.

I remember the steeple, rising from the quiet prairie.

I remember Grace Horky, who lived adjacent to the church and made cakes for many.

I remember.....

and 'I Love to Tell the Story'.

Monday, July 18, 2011

This and That Weekend

The Thomberg's have been going from fun event to the next every single weekend so far this summer... so this weekend we took the high heat as a chance to chill out.

I kicked off the weekend with a late afternoon pedicure on Friday with my dear friend Jess in Uptown. Nothing like some girl time and relaxation. I got home just minutes before our Thomberg Family Pizza night delivery.

Saturday morning I attended Rachel's second baby shower hosted by her sister. (Marly opted to stay home.) It was a delight to sit back and enjoying the fun. After... I used my alone time opportunity to do returns at Crate and Barrel, and Land's End!

I arrived home to my family hanging inside where it was cool. We headed out for dinner at Ruby Tuesday and grabbed a sweater for the theater to see Mr. Popper's Penguins. I give the movie two thumbs up.

After MANY weeks on hiatus, we were finally in attendance at church on Sunday. Next up, we headed to Super Target for groceries, and headed home. We could have packed up and sought out water, but the truth is, we all needed a nap!

Through out the weekend, I also finally performed some basic housekeeping chores. Like many homes over the summer, ours is neglected when it comes to sweeping, kitchen and bathroom clean up, sheets, dusting, etc! Thankfully we won't stick to the kitchen floor anymore.

Oh... and I tried to rest my ankle. For anyone who has seen me recently, you know I am gimpy. I have had a strained ligament in my ankle since before the 4th. The Dr told me to rest it as best as I can, keep it up when I can, ice it, and take Advil. I haven't been a very good patient, and haven't listened. It is bad enough to make me limp all over, but not bad enough to stop me. I tried to give it a break this weekend... sort of...(okay... well I ruled out beach/sand activities!)

Finally, Dad came to the rescue for Sunday supper. No need to turn on the oven or grill! We went to Maverick's to eat... thus bringing a close to our low-key weekend. (And my quest to avoid cooking - Mission accomplished!

Take care all. Hope you are enjoying your summer, and find ways to beat the heat in the record breaking days ahead.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

The Kid's Weekend

Last Friday, Kelly picked up the kids for a weekend away at her house! The kid's LOVE their weekends with Kelly and Pat! As we have come to expect, they jump in her yellow car as soon as Daddy gets the car seats in, and they are rearing to get out of our drive. Cheese!

They spent time at the park.

They spent time at the Forest Lake beach.

They got pillow pets for when they sleep at Auntie Kelly's.

They spent time loving on their very dear auntie. Being their nanny for more then a year has created a TIGHT bond with these three!

Thank you Kelly!

While the kids were away, Mark and I had dinner at Heartland in St. Paul and attended my cousin Karin Holt's wedding to Martin (from Sweden). The ceremony in Hudson and reception at the St. Paul Hotel was lovely, touching and memorable with the Norwegian and Scandanavian influences.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Rachel's Baby Shower

This past Sunday Chris and I hosted a baby shower for Rachel, at Dad and Chris's house. We had a lovely time!I ordered these invites from Tiny Prints, and used the colors as the theme for the shower.

I picked up a small photo album from Achievers, added baby stickers and the invite inside, and had guests write a memory of Brett or Rachel as a child, a wish or hope for the new family, or advice for the future parents. During the gift opening I read the cards aloud, then tucked them inside the album.

Of course we ate and drank...chicken salad and croissants from Costco; turkey cherry pasta salad; fresh fruit and dip; hummus and pita chips; pickles, olives, mints and nuts.

Mango OJ mimosas, cucumber water, fresh lemonade, and 'Bou coffee.

Our very special guest of honor - Mother-to-be Rachel

After lunch, I did my best on the traditional baby shower games. Here are Jan and Mikayla guessing the size of Ms. Rachel's blooming belly.

Of course there was an abundance of wonderful gifts for the babe!

Rachel with her mom.

Rachel's friend Emily logging the gifts.

We all had to check out the latest in baby gadgets.

One of my not-so-little babes!

More guests and more gifts.

My cousin Kris and Marissa!

For dessert we served filled cupcakes from my neighborhood bakery.

Perhaps you can tell I am VERY excited to be an Auntie!

Rachel and Brett - You are loved, and the babe is loved.

A very special thanks to Chris who hosted the shower with me and opened her home to us!

Thanks to those who travelled to attend!

Thanks to Michelle, Jan and Carol for helping with the clean-up!

Thanks to my Dad for helping with the prep work!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

4th of July - MORE pictures

Marly and Dean on the dock at Brett and Rachel's house. Me - Soaking up the Vitamin D. Yes I will put pictures on the blog even when I am NOT cute!


Brett and I getting Dean ready to ski from the boom.

Rachel enjoy a fun summery blended drink (non-alcoholic. Sweet girl mixed up something stonger for the rest of us.)

After hours on the lake, and another 20 minutes convincing Marly she had to get back in the boat and couldn't swim forever, we came back to play croquet.

Dean was a BIG TIME cheater!

Siblings. Andrea and Brett - Rachel and Sarah

After all that sun....we headed home, rested a bit, then walked up the street to see the AWESOME fire works hosted by our neighbor's - The Schmitz. I thought the kids might not make it. Silly me. They started bouncing around just after 9, couldn't contain themselves at 9:15, then insisted on riding their bikes the 6 house distance because it would be faster!

THANK YOU BRETT and RACHEL for having us.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

The Twinner's Water Ski - 4th of July

Since the bitter cold of this past winter, Brett has been talking about getting the Twinner's on skis. Mom's response, "Sure you can try... Go for it. But you can't force it, and if they don't want to then we are done."

We have all been talking up the activity for months. So this past Sunday while the boys watched baseball, the girls headed to the lake. I told Marly this was her chance! She was wary, initially said "no", but asked to try once we were out on the water. Brett had borrowed kiddy training skis. She put on the skis and held the rope. Brett gently propelled the boat forward....and she got a face full of water. After sputtering and getting the water out of her nose, she nodded she would try again. This time wise Auntie Rachel re-evaluated the situation, and had Marly hang onto the barefoot poll. She was off and running. She skied around the lake with a smile, before Brett reeled her in, without even a dunk.

Okay... okay... so this doesn't constitute skiing, but we are all proud of her, since she is just a pre-schooler!

Monday, the 4th of July was Dean's turn. Marly cheered him on and encouraged him from the boat.

And he's up!

After Dean's FOURTH request to ride on the poll (and after Marly took another turn) Instruction Uncle Brett said it was time to graduate to the ROPE! It's true.

Dean got ready and Mark held the rope from the boat, which is how the kiddy skis work. (When the kid goes down, the parent releases the rope.) Mom tried to help him from the water, like I did with the pole, but after two attempts, it was a no-go. Dean was NOT giving up though. Brett gave Mark the quick tutorial on driving the boat, Brett took the in-water position, I held the rope...and he was off!

It was amazing. He couldn't stand up, but he went well around the lake with his knees bent. There are no pictures, because everyone was doing their part and unable to grab the camera!

Okay.. Okay.. I am a really proud parent. Mark too! They were both brave, tried something intimidating and scary, and didn't give up!

When they are 60 and still sking like Grandpa David, they can say they have been doing it since they were 4.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

4th of July - Boat Parade

Hope each of you had a memorable holiday. We sure did!

After waking up to clear blue 4th of July skies at Brett and Rachel's and noshing on quiche Lorraine, it was time to head onto the water for a slice of pure Americana! Pierson Lake 4th Annual Boat Parade!

Decorating the Malibu!

Thanks for the overnight Brett and Rachel!

Brett searched for patriotic music to play for the processional. This included, "Proud to be an American", "Born in America", Neil Diamonds "America", and Jimi Hendrix "Star Spangle Banner" (which I only needed to hear once...)

Girls in red!

After nearly an hour tooling the lake, we made it around, with the expected chorus of, "Can we swim NOW?"

The rest of the day was filled with action on the water... More posts to come!


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