Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Go Gophers! Go Bison!

Last weeknd we got to go our first Gophers game at TCF Stadium. My Dad asked a cousin with season tickets to get him 10 tickets to the UND game, before they went on sale to the public. My dad, Brett and the Thomberg's were joined by the Paulson's.

Although my Dad is a VERY proud Alumni of the Carlson School of Management with a masters, Mark and I are SCSU Huskies through and through. Thus, none of us have any Gophers gear. In fact, I accidentally dressed Dean in Bison colors!

Chad is a graduate of the University of North Dakota, and my cousin Michelle went to Moorhead State.
Marly decided to cheer for the Bison (which was encouraged by Michelle), and they won.

No matter the score, everyone had a fabulous time. If we get to attend next year, I will make sure we have the appropriate attire/gear!

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Charlie's Baptism

This Sunday we celebrated the baptism of Charlies Lester Melberg, Child of God. Little Man Melberg was baptized at Faith Luthan Church in Waconia

Sponsors - Rachel's sister Sarah, and Mark and I.

After the 11 am church service, a big gaggle of family from both sides enjoyed dinner at Brett and Rachel's. Here is proud Grandpa David and Nana Chris on the deck.

Family - A Blessing!

Friday, September 23, 2011

Goodbye Summer Season Friends

This summer on Riverview Lane, we had new neighbors. We have enjoyed having them, but as expected, they are gone before the snow birds fly south!
Our neighbors were three chickens in a small coop! Rex and Jaci up the street got the birds this spring to try and combat some sort of bugs that have infested their two apple trees for more then a dozen years. It seems they have tried all kinds of sprays and organic methods to deal with these slugs, with no success. So, this year they tried CHICKENS! They explained the poultry were suppose to eat the eat the insects before they matured and infested the apples.

Well, as you can imagine, the three new neighbors were a hit with the kids of Riverview Lane, and especially Marly and Dean. Jaci invited Marly and Dean to come and visit the trio whenever they wanted.

The Twinners pedaled up the street to check out the chickens at least once a week. When the grandparent's would come over, they kids trucked them up the street too.

Dean named one the brown birds Charlie.

This might be Charlie, or it might not!

Charlie and his pals layed green and brown eggs.

Just yesterday I noticed the pen was empty. We knew this day would come. Since our summer friends arrived, I have made it no secret we eat chicken. I haven't mentioned it to the kids yet, but I suspect Charlie, the white chicken, and the other brown chicken are destined for the dinner table!

I believe Rex has mentioned the birds did not provide the answer to the slug problem, so I am not sure if we will see any new poultry with the return of spring.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Renaissance Festival 2011

Once again this year, Dad and Chris took us to the Renaissance Festival. This year it was a HOT September day, but we still had a marvelous time. When we picked Dad and Chris up, Chris had a pirate costume for Dean and a princess costume for Marly. Where is my costume????

Camel Ride.

Elephant ride.

A quick detour to check out the ducks.

Llama Ride.

Horse ride. (Last year the kids rode the ponies. This year Dean spotted the real deal.)

Dean easily convinced Grandpa to say yes to any animal he wanted to ride.

Eventually we headed home hot, dirty, and happy.

Thank you Dad and Chris for another great day.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Memorial Day 2011

On Memorial Day we headed to the Minnesota Zoo to use Marly and Dean's Birthday gift certificate from the Collin's family. The weather was perfect and the crowds were light. We saw the new penguin exhibit and rode the monorail.

We walked the paths.

We watched the dolphin training show.

And by now, you are probably wondering why there are not photos of ANIMALS.

You know how it is at the MN Zoo (which was known as the NEW Zoo when I was in elementary)- the animals are in the back, or behind a tree, and slightly obscured.

Or...there is a crowd of kids in front.

Of course the ordinary animals at the Wells Fargo Family Farm are always a hit with Marly and Dean. Throw in a GREEN tractor (even if it is antique, with NO cab, NO buddy seat, and NO high tech gadgets like on the Melberg Farms) and it is a winner of a day for little man Dean-0! That boy has country coursing though his veins even if he is the suburban cousin. As we walked up the trail, Dean started yelling, "Soybeans Mom, Soybeans!"

Time to head home, but not before snapping one more picture, with NO ANIMALS!

Sunday, September 4, 2011


Today we went to visit Brett, Rachel and Baby Charlie. Dad was there too. Despite the new addition to the household, Brett made ribs, and had cold slaw, beans and corn bread for dinner/lunch.

I feel bad Brett and Rachel fed us, with a brand new baby on board. In my defense, I brought a baked ziti dish to heat, frozen garlic bread to go with it, Quiche Lorraine they can cut and nuk by the slice, brownies, and Wasi toast and Laughing Cow cheese for the nursing mom. Yes... I made the ziti, quiche and brownies (which were admittedly from a box).

In the afternoon, we got to be a part of Charlie's first boat ride. He is about 6 days old today!

Most likely, this is the last boat ride of the season for the Thomberg's. I can't wait for next summer at Brett and Rachel's on Pierson Lake with the new addition to the family.

Friday, September 2, 2011

Charles Lester Melberg

Charles Lester Melberg FINALLY made his appearance to the world this past Tuesday sometime between 6 and 7 pm.

When he FINALLY arrived he weighted 9 pounds 2 ounces.
When he FINALLY came out, he was 22 inches long.
Welcome to the WORLD. We are all so glad to see you. Welcome to the WORLD, we are all so glad you are here.

Dad jetted to the hospital as soon as he got the call on Tuesday evening, after returning from our annual State Fair adventure. Dad ALMOST cancelled his State Fair trip with Marly and Dean, awaiting little Charlie's arrival.

The Thomberg's went to visit on Wednesday afternoon. I neglected to take a picture of the proud and happy parents, but I would like to tell you Rachel's hair was in perfect curls as usual, despite having been long over-due, and spending many, many hours being induced, and then laboring the day before.

Charles was our great grandfather's name.

Lester is Rachel's dad.

New little man is NOT so little, but he is a blessing from the tip of his dark hair to the bottom of his tiny toes.

Rachel, Brett and Charles are all doing well.

I am over the moon to be an auntie.

Dad is ecstatic to be a grandpa again.

Marly and Dean are excited about their cousin. Marly rarely has kisses for ANYBODY, but she suddenly has plenty for Charles. She loves to hold the baby.

Mark is funny. He is uncomfortable holding the baby, despite being super-duper, natural from the get-go, hands on daddy to tiny infant Marly and Dean.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

State Fair 2011

As usual, we headed to the Great MN Get Together.
As usual we went on a week day and met my dad.
As usual, we kicked off the day with cheese curds from the food building. As usual, we headed through all the barns, starting with the Miracle of Birth Barn.
Dad showed the kids the milking parlor. Dad milked cows when he was a kid. He raised his college tuition this way.

As usual, the cow barn was my dad and my favorite. I like cows.

Dean being silly, and pretzel-legged at the cow statue.

This year we went in the butterfly house. We have never been inside before.

This year we got our Fair tickets for free. Last year we signed up for the Gophers Kids Study. They want you to return year after year, and they send you free tickets in the mail.

Although we saved $44 in tickets, we spent about $70 in food and drink.

This year we had to skip the Giant Slide because it was sprinkling when we went by.

This year the kids favorite ride on the Kiddy Midway was the Tilt-a-Whirl.

This year we left the stroller at home.

This year Dean complained he was too tired to walk about 10 feet from the exit gate as we were leaving.

This year Rachel and Brett were at the hospital while we embarked upon all the State Fair has to offer.

This year I texted Brett from time to time to find out about Rachel's labor progress.

This year we all had a WONDERFUL time. We always do.

Dean Favorite Food - Mini Donuts

Marly's Favorite Food - Cheese Curds

My Favorite Tried and True Food - Cheese Curds

My Favorite New Food - Deep Fried Cookie Dough on a stick.

Mark's Favorite Ride - The Tilt a Whirl with the kids.

Mark's Food he MUST have - The traditional, tried and true Pronto Pup.

People We Ran Into in 2011 - My former KSTP Co-Worker Margaret Hart who now works for the Ag Dept & Molly, Peter, Charlie and Owen deVries.

Things We Missed in 2011(besides the Giant Slide) - The SCSU booth in the Education Building and the Giant Bore. There was a sign indicating the giant bore had gone home. I think he died of a massive heart attack!



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