Friday, December 28, 2012

We're Still Here

Pictures will have to wait, but the Thomberg's remain blessed this holiday season. We have been hunkered down at home since Christmas. Here we are on Friday, and I am putting my fingers to the keyboard for a quicky update.

We will usher out the year with minor illness this past week, and an ENDLESS and BOUNDLESS list of BLESSINGS.
  • Friday before Christmas, Mark and I attended Handel's Messiah at Central Lutheran following a delicious dinner out at Cafe Maude on Loring Park.
  • Saturday we took the kids to Madeline's Christmas at Stage's Theater in Hopkins.
  • Sunday we went to church. That evening we spent time at Brett and Rachel's with Dad, Chris, and Chris's son Eric. We dined on porterhouse steaks and cheesy potatoes. We unwrapped boundless gifts, and had creme brulee for dessert.
  • The kids and I stayed overnight and spent time on the ice and sledded down the hill over and over and over on Christmas Eve Day.
  • Mark returned from work, we set out for Hector, and arrived at First Lutheran with about 15 seconds to spare before the start of the candlelight service. The sanctuary was filled to the brim with country friends and relatives.
  • We got to meet cousin Jared's lovely fiance Lori and her son Jason.
  • We ate delicious ham balls and so much more at Auntie Jan and Sheldon's. Santa came for a visit and "sugar plums" truly danced in the eyes of Marly, Dean and Cousin Wilson. We even played BINGO before chills shook through me, and we needed to drive back to suburbia.
  • Christmas morning the kids actually slept in before diving in to gifts from Santa, and mom and dad. We ate a sweet and fattening french toast bake and noshed through out the day. I took a nap (after sweating out a fever) before we set out to a matinee of "The Rise of the Guardians". We came home for a fire downstairs. Dean and Marly were delighted Santa brought them each a fishing pole. Marly got the coat she wanted for Emma the doll. Dean got his remote control car.
  • Since then, we have played board games, watched movies, and the kids have spent hours playing with each other, and new toys. Mark has been here and there and in and out for work. The kids and I have been content leaving the house as little as possible, wearing Hello Kitty or Angry Bird PJ's until mid afternoon.
  • I visited the clinic Wednesday afternoon and felt lucky to get what seemed like the only Allina appointment left in the North Metro. I got a shot in the butt for Strep Throat. I have taken many naps along with regular doses of Tylenol and Advil for the Strep Throat.
  • I bucked up and we made a trip to the neighborhood sledding hill at Jewel Park yesterday after lunch. The third run down, Dean insisting on aiming for the "bump/jump". His face bears the not so pretty results. Tears ensued. Someone really wanted their DADDY, and we headed home.
  • The kids visited the clinic Thursday at 6 pm, when Dr. W kindly squeezed the Twinner's  in at the end of the day. We got amoxicillian for their nagging cough, the long awaited flu shot, and left with instructions on how to prevent any scarring for Dean's model face (the Dr's words...not mine). 
This brings us up to date.

I am feeling mostly better.

I suspect there are a few games of bowling in The Thomberg Family future this afternoon.

Sunday we will have Mark's family for a beautiful holiday gathering.
instructions on how to prevent any scarring for Dean's model face.

Monday we will be geared up and ready for guests for a NEW YEAR'S EVE party, ready to ring in another wonderful new year.

May we all be blessed in 2013!

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Friday, December 21, 2012

Peace Lutheran Sunday School Program 2012

Last Sunday was the kids's Sunday School Program
Before the program, the Twinners did the traditional Christmas tree poses in  front of our white pine, decorated in jeweltone brights this year.
 Dean found his polar bear sweater at Gap. The child's love for this not so gentle giant continues. Marly's dress is from Land's End. She hasn't had a "frilly froo froo" dress since she was a tiny baby. They just don't seem to suit here somehow (VERY unlike me as a child...always worried my bow was fluffed and STRAIGHT, neat and tight). She did let me put a pony tail and polka dotted ribbon in her hair.
 Dean remains two inches taller, like he has since BIRTH.
He is also the first to turn silly in photos. Eventually Malry got into the game. Dean's pose below is Grandma Marlys shining through. Peace everybody (except Dean doesn't know this means "Peace")!
Christoffer the Elf on the Shelf was perched in the tree Sunday keeping watch over the Twinners this time of year for Santa.
 Papa came over around 5 pm for a supper of Costco Chicken Pot Pie before we headed out.
The kids were towards the back row, but we could tell from the big screen they were doing all the actions with confidence and singing too. They practiced two Saturday mornings for two and a 1/2 hours in addition to during their usual SS time slot.
Of course, holiday treats followed the performance in the fellowship hall.

Merry Christmas to all. Last week after their Christmas program practice Saturday, we also visited Santa at a local jewelry store in a Anoka. I know the lovely owner through work and they put on fine holiday open house with Santa and Mrs. Claus every we could check another box off the holiday list.

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Holidazzle 2012

Just hours before the snowfall that resulted in more than a foot of snow began to fall (last week), the Thomberg's took in Holidazzle downtown. Pretty damn good timing don't you think?

This is the third time we have taken the kid's to Holidazzle. It turns out we are every-other-year kind of folks. I must say, this year we had a grand time.

Day of, I tried to make dinner reservations at a few of the prime spots. Duh! - this was a no go. Since I don't plan in well in advance, we opted to be downtown by 4:30, had our name on our list at popular restaurant at 4:45, and were seated before 5:30. It timed out beautifully indeed.

As parent's of five year olds, we can now have fun as adults, as they take it all in as a child. Our pre-parade meal was at the The Local Irish Pub on Nicollett. Our dining experience included pub fare, hot chocolate for the kids, and 'Big Gingers' wiskey cocktails for mom and dad. The Twinners enjoyed our high top table near the door, and all the activity that go along with the downtown bar scene (which happens to include TONS of kids during Holidazzle). Mom and Dad enjoyed all the activities that go along with the bar scene too.

At 6 pm, Marly and I placed our wool blanket on a prime piece of curb-side real estate.

Before dinner, I 'Facebooked' our whereabouts and plans. Soon I learned my cousin Taylor was headed in our direction for the parade too.

By Facebook, text and phone, we were able to hook up. What  great addition to the evening. The Thomberg's were cool enough to hang downtown with cute college girls. How lucky are we!

Sunday, December 9, 2012


It's finally official. Winter is here!

Before we could go to church this morning, Mark had to blow out the drive way. It was a small crowd at Peace, due to the snow, ice, and slick roads.

After, we headed to our favorite post-worship bi-weekly hang out.

The 'Cost-CA-nites' (as Mark likes to refer to them/us) were not deterred by the weather though. Despite the many cars in the ditch along Highway 10, COSTCO was only a little less busy than usual this Sunday!

Back at home the kids did the classic winter bundle (dressed mostly in Land's End armor), before heading out into the thick blanket of still falling white-ness.
Damn good thing we has also stopped at the Land's End inside Sear's this morning (right next to Costco) to picked Dean up a pair of waterproof gloves like his sister's, which were sold out on line when I purchased her snow pants and coat.
 Everyone in the family made a snow angel except mom. I don't have snow pants actually.
 The Twinners and I headed down to the river for a glorious look at the radical turn of season.
Eventually the  kids came in for hot cocoa and watched Rudolf and Frosty. We made a batch of "snow ice cream" in a one gallon zip lock bag. Then we made a second batch, since the first batch was too salty to eat (even though I followed the directions).

Our outdoor decor being Christened for Christmas!
AT LEAST a foot of snow has fallen across Minnesota. Later this afternoon, Mark blew the snow out for a second time.... until he ran out of gas, and had to run to the station for more! He is now properly positioned for round three, if there is one.

Friday, December 7, 2012

Pizza Party 2012

My Dad's House.
Thanksgiving Weekend.
Holiday Kick-off.
Pizza Luce'
 Champagne with "fluff"
 Basement full of kids.
Charlie with Nana and Papa
 Charlie with his proud Grandpa's
 Charlie with his Cousin's
ALL the cousins - firsts, seconds, thirds????
  There were adults at the party too.
Someone had to drink the champagne.

Thursday, December 6, 2012

A little of this, A little of that

I am busy, like EVERYONE this holiday season.... so this is just a DUMP of info, from me to you. From me to the history book blog for my children in 20 years.

  • Kindergarten is going well for the kids. The like Mrs. Loveridge and Ms. Stienberg. We like the school and are happy with our choice now and we believe for the 4 years ahead. The kids love the bus and the bus stop.
  • We are in full holiday tilt. I have half my shopping done on line. The house is decorated, the outdoor lights have been up for ages, and the pots and front door are decked,  and we love it. We always do.
  • We were the first host house for our Neighborhood Progressive Happy Hour last Friday. It was a blast. It always is. We served 'Poinsetta' champagne/vodka/cranberry cocktails in champagne flutes, lovely appetizers like prosciutto wrapped pears , crackers with brie and fig spread, olives, cheeses, nuts, something sweet, etc.
  • Marly is taking dance and Dean is enrolled in Karate.
  • I am serving on church council, and was elected last February.
  • Mark earned/won a trip to the 'Bou Costa Rica coffee bean fields and will travel in January.
  • We hope to get to Hollidazzle Parade and maybe a holiday theater production.
  • I plan to take the kids to visit Santa at a local store next Saturday, whose owner I know for work.
  • Dean will be wearing a polar bear sweater for the holiday's he found at GAP. Marly has a blue dress with a few sparkles from Land's End.
  • The kids have Sunday School Program practice the next two Saturday mornings.
  • I am hoping for some snow.
  • Christopher the Elf arrived Monday morning. So far he has moved to a new hiding place before the kdis get up each day. Yesterday the kids discovered he had eaten a marshmallow and had some hot cocoa the night before and DIDN'T place his tiny porcelain tea cup and plate in the sink!
  • I pulled the plug on the Christmas Card edits and placed the order at 11:11 pm last night. Just this momement I have discovered I spelled 'Kindergarten' wrong on the card.
  • I need to put up a post on the Pizza Party.
  • I need to put up a post of photos of our holiday decor.
  • I need to write and add photos to an "Chistopher the Elf on Shelf" post, because the whole thing is fun for the kids and fun for mom and dad too.
  • I would like to get back to the Guthrie for the Christmas Carol this year.
That's all for now.


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