Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Memorial Day Weekend 2013

Despite the gloomy weather, the Thomberg's had a fine Memorial Day Weekend and hope you did too. Friday we had a backyard fire, IN THE RAIN, with a patio unbrella. Our neighbor Chlo joined us for a glass of wine, or two.... or more...
Saturday we headed south for a day trip to Red Wing. We arrived for a late lunch at...... McDonalds! Yup... that was what Marly and Dean wanted. That was the ONLY thing they wanted. Remind me to BAN the Golden Arches from all future day trips. Nevermind we passed a great little burger/beer joint with a crowded parking lot in Meisville. Nevermind all the dining choices in Red Wing.....
 We hiked Barn Bluff, took some unusual turns, and ended up on a path that was clearly CLOSED, which always make for a better adventure.
 The view at the top.
 Back in town, it was time for ice cream. What day trip is complete without ice cream???
 The Memorial Day flag display in the park by the river was impressive.
We headed home by way of  the Wisconsin side of the river, stopped in Prescott for supper at one of the state's endless main street bars, and had a fine day indeed.
Sunday was cold, cloudy and windy. We went to Brett and Rachel's for lunch. It was too crappy for a boat ride, too crappy to play croquet, but NOT to crappy to wizz around in the golf cart before taking a Sunday drive with the family (including Papa) into Chaska for ice cream. Later we headed back to Suburbia to see Gretch's sister Sam's new home and have a BBQ with them in Columbia Heights.
The cloudy skies on Monday made the mood right to finally do our post-garage-sale-garage clean up. By 4 pm we could all park in the garage again. Mission Accomplished!!! After, it was time for some backyard baseball, a crock pot of ribs, and Sundae's on a Monday for dessert before bed! (Do you see a trend her with the ice cream?)
Thank you to our blessed troops and milatary personnel for your service to our country.
We honor you - young and old or gone before.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013


Marly took dance lessons this year at a small, non-competitive dance studio in Fridley called N' Motion. This Thursday through Saturday was the studio's recitals, hosted at the Ritz Theater in NE Minneapolis.

Below is her family of fans.
 Her biggest fan is probably her twinner - Dean-o!
 Nana and Papa!
 Grandma and Grandpa!
 With her two pregnant (glowing) aunties!
 Me and my little girl!
In case you are curious, after pulling everything into the garage from our sale on Thursday (while Mark picke up the kids from Reading Workshop at school), I sprayed a ton of perfume on my sweaty body, smoothed and teased my hair, quickly wrangled Marly into her tights and costume, curled and pinned her hair in place, put make up on her, dressed myself, and sprayed more purfume on both of us. We jumped in the car, hit the McDonald's drive through, got half way to the theater... then discovered Marly's tap shoes were still at home....

....but it all worked out, as it usually does.

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Baseball, Dance and a Garage Sale

So the Thomberg's have had a bit of a busy week, probably no different then you....

Monday morning - Mark left for a work retreat.
Tuesday at 5:30 pm - Marly had dance practice for her recital later in the week.
Tuesday at 7:00 pm  -Dean had his first little league game.
(Did I mention Mark was out of town for work?)
Dad??? council.
Kelly???? To the RESCUE!

She checked out of work a little early, and made for a smooth flow on Tuesday evening. While I headed to the Ritz Theater in NE Mpls for the N' Motion practice, Dean hit the field. Take a look through the lens of Auntie's camera....

Dean overhead talking to the coach, "Can you please put me somewhere the ball won't hit me?"

Hmmm.... not sure where he would get that from......

And the REST of the week.

Wednesday afternoon - Mark returned.
Wednesday eve - We cancelled Marly's reading tutor session, and I worked on garage sale prep.
Thursday - The alarm went off at 5 am to get ready for the garage sale.
Thursday at 4:45 pm - I drug stuff in the garage from the sale while Mark picked up the kids from reading workshop at school.
Thursday at 7 pm - Marly's Dance Recital.
Friday - Garage Sale day two!

(and as of Monday, Mark and I still haven't seen a game, due to the recital and rain postponement.)

Monday, May 13, 2013

Mother's Day 2013

And a review of past Mother's Day Posts...

Mother's Day 2012
Mother's Day 2011
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Mother's Day 2009
Mother's Day 2008

and finally, my first Mother' Day.......

I think Chris and Dad and Mark's mom and dad came for mimosa brunch on our townhome patio. I think I served this deliocous egg dish from a Byerly's recipe, with some sort of novel, delicious cheese. Later,  we went to Lake Calhoun to relax, and went to Wagner's Drive-In, while the kids vegged in their backward facing car seats. I think I look a little tired!!! What do you think???

Mother's Day Weekend

One Mrs. Thomberg had a perfectly delightful Mother's Day weekend.!
 Saturday I prepped for an upcoming garage sale, then Marly and I went to the Lady's Tea at Church. I was given a hat to borrow/wear. The confirmation boys all wore teas and served us tea, savories, and sweets.  After, Marly and I continued our girls afternoon and attended an "Introduction to Chamber Music" hosted by one of my friends and two other talented musicians. The music was performed at Marly's dance studio. I know the pretty lady playing the flute - her name is Mandy.
 Sunday we went to church. The kids sang, and all the kindergardeners said the Lord's Prayer. The kids and I have been reciting it at LEAST one time a day for more than two weeks. They did a fine job.
 We went to lunch at Kelly's and learned Kelly and Pat are expecting a baby boy!
Later we headed to Nana and Papa's to see their photos of Africa, then went to supper with her kids too.

A perfectly lovely Mother's Day indeed!

Tuesday, May 7, 2013


The month of April always slips away on me because of my workload and the Crystal Ball, hosted this year on May 4th. So... here is a recap!

We headed PAST Hector to to Max's in Olivia for Mariah's confirmation. I tried to steal a cute cousins picture off of Facebook, but I couldn't get it to forward.

We headed to Como Zoo for Earth Day. It had  felt like a millions years since Mark and I had taken the kids on any activities around town.

Inside the Conservatory
 Marly refused to take a photo by the fish pond, which is a tradition on every visit.
 Dean was happy to pose and flash me a smile.
Dean asked me to take a photo of EVERY animal.
For this post, I will limit it to his beloved Polar Bears.
 One Saturday was spent at dance photos prior to her recital later in May.
 Meanwhile, Dean and Mark headed to a Twins game with  the tickets his family gave him for his 40th Birthday.
 It snowed again.
 Less than a  week later, swimsuits and water balloons replaced boots and snowballs.
 These two little besties spent some time horsing around!
The Crystal Ball heralded in the month of May on Saturday
... and now I  want to take a nap every afternoon this week.
 (The event was a SUCCESS indeed!)


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