Thursday, January 29, 2009

We are off!

By tomorrow at this time we will be on a plane heading to the tropics. All will be quiet here at the "Thomberg Times" in the week ahead. Perhaps, just maybe, you can get a glimpse of what the Twinners are up to over at Koenig Park. Cindy and family will be loving up the kiddos in our absence and if she has a free minute, maybe she will post.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Rocking Chairs!

Last time we visited Grandpa David and Nana Chris for a Sunday family supper, Marly and Dean got rocking chairs to bring home!

Colorful nursery squares courtesy of Heidi Hagel Braid & Mark!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Jamaica - Then and Now

We leave in one week and I recogonize a lot has changed in five years...

Five years ago I took a nap when we arrived at our resort. I was exhausted from our wonderful wedding. This time around, I will probably take a nap because I am exhausted by two toddlers.

Five years ago, I wore bikini's that bared a mid-riff. One bikini was white with cute red cherries on it. This time around I have swim suit separates from Land's End that hide my pooch of stretched out stomach skin created by said toddlers while in the womb.

Five years ago, I was small chested, but felt comfortable in my padded bikini tops. This time around, I am embarrassed by my even flatter, deflated chest, which is the end result of breast feeding said toddlers for the first year of their life.

Five years ago, I tried every tropical cocktail, drank beer, drank wine, and ate and ate. This time around I plan to try every tropical cocktail AGAIN, drink MORE beer, drink MORE wine, and eat and eat.

Five years ago, I accidentally spilled an entire glass of red wine on another honeymooning guest in white pants at dinner. This time around I desperately hope I don't need to offer to pay for another guests dry cleaning.

Five years ago, Kelly drove us to the airport in the early morning. She lived with us at the time. I did not know our final destination until we arrived at the airport. This time around we are staying overnight at Brett and Rachel's the night before we leave. Rachel is driving us to the airport in the VERY early morning, while Brett, Marly and Dean continue to slumber snug in their beds. This time around, we will be in Jamaica WITH Kelly for her wedding.

Five years ago, we spent a week. This time around, only five days are feasible.

Five years ago, I was a newlywed. This time around I am a mommy.

Five years ago, I arrived with a tan. This time around I have not had time to go to the tanning booth and hope I don't burn my Minnesota white skin. My hope is to return with a tan.

Five years ago I weighed more then this time around!

Five years ago AND this time around, I was/am excited to lay on the beach, swim in the ocean, walk in the sand, and relax with my dear husband Mark! I suspect I will appreciate and relish my time with Mark even more THIS TIME AROUND!

A Wedding on the Beach!

In just over a week Mark and I will be on a plane destined for Negril, Jamaica! Can you believe it! We are headed to our own honeymoon site of 5 years ago for Mark's sister's destination wedding this February 1st.

Mark will be walking his only sister down the beach/aisle for the ceremony, and I will be standing up as her Matron of Honor.

We will be leaving cold Minnesota behind and look forward to sunning our selves in the the beach chairs pictured!

Not to worry, Marly and Dean will be well cared for and loved by Brett and Rachel, and The Koenig Family while we are away. I am so grateful to Rachel and Cindy, and I know they are in the best hands a mom could choose. I always wonder if the Twinners want to come home from the Koenig's, when I know they get so spoiled there. A dog, and kids, and sleds, and snow, and activities, and fun, and space to run.....oh my!

In the mean time, Mark and I are going to enjoy time with Marly and Dean this weekend and need to start packing. I still need to get some fancy flip flops or sandals to wear with my beautiful bright blue silk chiffon J Crew bridesmaid dress!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Fresh Air!

For five days last week the kids did not leave the house. They simply had no reason to go outside into the bitter 20 below Minnesota cold, so best to stay in. Last Saturday they finally got some fresh air and a sled ride. Toddlers look so darn funny tromping about in their cold weather get up!

Keep pulling mommy! We only look like we are freezing our butts off.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Marley & Marly

Mark and I were very fortunate to get my Dad to come babysit on Saturday night. We were itching to get out ALONE, and itching to sit in a dark movie theater and relax together. The only movie option that interested us playing at a conducive time was "Marley and Me." Anything heavy or disheartening was out of the running. We wanted a show that was substance free and simple. "Marley and Me" fit the playbill.

So, that leads me to 'Marley' the dog. Everyone reading my blog knows my daughter has the same name, with a slight variation in spelling. Most of you know my 'Marly' is NOT named after a dog in a best selling book or box office hit movie. My daughter is also NOT named after the famous Jamaican reggae artist for whom the dog is named. Occasionally, strangers have asked if Marly is named after Bob Marley. Mostly, this makes me smile. Do I look like a woman who would name their daughter after a man whose name is synonymous with pot? Not so much. Do I smell like patchouli? Not so much. Do I like Bob Marley? Sure! The man is a musical GENIOUS!I own a CD I purchased in college. But, our dear little 'Marly' is named after my mom, minus an 's'. (Which most of you already know!)

Actually, Mark and I decided before we ever got married, if we had a daughter, she would bear this name. The desicion on the name came prior to any discussion to actually reproduce. So, there you have it....

This past Christmas my Dad gave the Twinners a card. Scrawled in his classic, neat, beautiful, textbook style cursive writing was, "Dean and Marlys". Old habits die hard. Really, it just makes me think Marly's namesake is floating amongst us more often then we ever realize.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Freezing temps, French Fries, and a Friend

Yesterday, despite the bitter cold, I decided to keep my work appoints to visit my Litchfield and Hutchinson Walmart's.

I was responsible and prepared for my long distance travels. My gas tank was full, my cell phone charged, I wore boots and layers, my emergency clothes were in the car, and I put my Grandpa Elna quilt in the back seat for good measure. As I passed through small towns on Highway 12, bank clocks alerted and reminded me it was a dangerous 22 degrees below zero. In the frigid temps, the most difficult part of the journey was getting out of the metro area. After that it was smooth sailing.

Both of my Walmart visits went well. Honestly, due to the cold, the stores were very quiet and I got the full attention of the staff or manager. I also knew there was a personal reward when I completed my visits. I had e mailed my dear friend Cindy about my schedule the day before. It timed out perfectly for us to meet at Apple Bee's in Hutch for lunch. I treated myself to hot french fries, and got to eat them with a great friend while sharing wonderful conversation. Even on the coldest of Minnesota days, their are warm hearts!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Bedtime Bloopers

Our precious little Dean-o...
Sound Asleep...

In the middle of the nursery floor.

This is how I found him the 6th or 7th time I entered their room last night, the 6th or 7th time he had crawled out of his crib, and the LAST time I replaced him back inside the bars!

Here is Marly, who of course was in her own crib the entire time.

I think I am doing exactly what Super Nanny and Dr. Wiessbluth would recommend. When I hear him moving around the room after bedtime, I enter, put him back into the crib, and leave. I do not scold. I do not talk to him. I do not kiss and hug. I ignore his protests. I repeat, I repeat, I repeat.

*Disclaimer - Neither child's sleep was disrupted with this use of flash photography.*

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Pictorial Review of New Year's Eve

I am grateful this past New Year's Eve I was surrounded by my dearest friends. The Huwe's hosted us, along with the Lyon's Family.

Family Fun!

Gretchen and Andrea

Kiddy dinner time!

Mark & I

Quick - Take the picture!

The Lyon's Family

Our lovely cook made us a delicious Sausage and Tortellini soup.
It was served in a beautiful soup tourine she bought at Good Will, after we put the kids to bed!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Hello there!

I have went many days without posting....

I haven't felt inspired to blog lately. I have not felt I have had anything grateful to share. Last week I was overwhelmed with anxiety for an event I planned and hosted over the weekend. I have not felt up to par physically. I was dissapointed to miss a family event back home over the weekend. Basically, my attitude and spirits were best left off line.

Today is Tuesday, and today I am finally feeling more like the Andrea I prefer! Tomorrow I start the day at the dentist, and I LOVE clean teeth.

Let's see if I can finally get some some New Year's Eve photos up later this week too.

Take care all! Stay warm.

Friday, January 9, 2009

Just an Update..

So, nothing exciting... just a general update. All is well at the Thomberg house, except Mom. I have a cold and have mostly lost my voice. Oh well - this too shall pass. Mark probably enjoys my current symptom and a little quiet!

Many people have inquired about Marly and Dean's sleep habits. Dean gets into and out of his crib at will. When he wakes from naps, he gets out and knocks on the inside to get out. At night, he likes to get out over and over and over. I s0metimes think I can hear him drop himself down, so I return to the room, search him out in various corners or under the crib, and put him back inside, then leave..... then repeat....then repeat. I try not to give him ANY attention to gratify his behavior, but I can't help but grin as he crouches in a corner with Oscar, then covers his eyes when I see him, as if he will not be visible to me.

On many occasions Dean has crawled out of his crib and into Marly's. She just wants to sleep. She gets VERY annoyed with actions!

Aside from sleeping, Marly has taken to biting Dean. Oh my! He had three bite marks on his back yesterday. This being said, they are twins, and there is no experience quite like multiples. It warms my heart when Dean cries and Marly comes running to pat his back, retrieve Oscar, and give him a hug. Her eyes show her true concern.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Etiquette and Manners and Correspondence

Just to ramble a bit...

I swear, I encounter bad etiquette and bad manners on a constant, continual basis - often via e mail, texting or communicating in an electronic fashion. Why aren't people teaching their offspring of any age to be polite, gracious, and considerate, in our high tech era?

I find bad manners and etiquette to be frustrating in my personal and professional life. Really, so many people are self centered or rude and don't even recognize it. E mail or text perpetuates this, as it reduces the need to communicate directly, while providing a way to respond immediately. (I am NOT referring to ANY of my friends, family, or co workers by the way!) To combat my disappointment in other people's actions, I try and give more or recipricate with GOOD etiquette (part of my Gratitude Groove actually). I attempt to react with kindness. Sometimes this works, sometimes not.

The other day I was discouraged in someone else's innappropriate actions. As a reaction or distraction, I worked on correspondence/snail mail to friends and family. The correspondence was NOT related to the actual bad etiquette I encountered, yet I felt fulfilled by my own actions...working on my own etiquette. I sent out 4 birthday cards (each one was LATE), two thank you notes, and one "I am thinking of you" note to someone I should have sent something to a long time ago. With the use of text and e mails, the fine art of correspondance is quickly disappearing, with the current method of choice (e mail/text) providing many opportunities for BAD etiquette, where emotion is lost or misinterperted.

The thing is, physical correspondence is so meaningful and appreciated when received. It takes time to write a letter or note by hand, and thought to put words on paper.

This message was reinforced to me with the correspondence I received yesterday and am THANKFUL for. It was a New Year's letter. I loved getting this belated Christmas greeting and photo card. The sender had taken time to include a personal message just for me (Nicole - Thank your mom please!). When I opened it, I was in the midst of cleaning up supper. I stopped what I was doing and sat down in the middle of my kitchen floor to read, and give the wonderful letter my full attention. Truly, this snail mail correspondence was a highlight in my day. I rejoice in the simple pleasures I receive.

I will admit, this whole post is bit willy nilly, and not as well written as I would like.. but hopefully my point remains...

Monday, January 5, 2009

Como Park Photo Shoot

Both last year and this year, we have taken the kids to the Como Park Conservatory to get some holiday photos. This year we went on Christmas Eve morning. Take a look...

Mommy with her wee ones.


Could you smile just for a moment?

Marly being her usual reflective self.

Heading home for a nap.

Final Day of Gratidude - Day 40

Day 40 - Today is the final day/post of my 40 day long Gratitude Groove. Today I am grateful to be humbled by the experience. Today I am reminded I have so very many blessings in my life. Today I am reminded that like all of us, I long for more... when I actually have all that I need. This is tough to swallow, when in our society we want, want, want. I want a larger house. I often want to shop. I want to eat and drink here or there. I want to buy this or that for someone else. I want, I want.... But today, I am grateful for the Gratitude Groove experience. Although I continue to want, I have learned about how much I truly have. In this economy, I realize I have more then I actually need. I find joy in so many of the things I have, and I am blessed.

BECAUSE I HAVE ENJOYED THE "GRATITUDE GROOVE" YOU WILL CONTINUE TO SEE THIS THEME REFLECTED IN POSTs TO COME. I suppose I have actually created a new habit... and now I can't stop, which was the whole point of doing it for 40 days.

Gratitude - Day 38 & 39

Day 38/Wednesday - New Year's Eve... I am grateful for another year gone by of good health and many blessings. I am grateful for my husband, my children, my family, and my friends. I am grateful for a pleasant evening of celebration at the Huwe's with the Lyon's. (Details and photos of NYE in a post later this week.)

Day 39/Thursday - New Year's Day. I am thankful to start a New Year fresh with many possibilities ahead for Mark, Marly, Dean and me.


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