Monday, August 31, 2009

A Bad Case of the MONDAY's!!!

Today the sweet face below had a BAD case of the MONDAY's. Naturally, she made sure to spread her DIS pleasure with her other half. (The other half who had had a bad night after missing his nap on Sunday.) When I tried to get her dressed while she was snuggled into our bed watching PBS cartoons (which is our common practice as I get ready first), she screamed, "NO!!! GO AWAY!"

Actually, she did NOT have displeasure with the day itself. In fact, she woke and emerged quietly from their room in her usual calm, gentle, sleepy fashion. She had DIS pleasure for being dragged from her own home to someone else's. After struggling to dress and load them in the car, we arrived at Daycare Cindy's. I managed to get both of them out... but I was quite a spectacle trying to get them both to the door.

As you can guess, I had to do the quick kiss and DASH to make it easier on them, me and Cindy. As an update, Mark and I believe the kids are being loved and well cared for by their daycare lady. This being said, the drop off is not a whole lot easier on week three then week one. If anything, I am more and more upset and torn that the Twinners spend most of their days with someone other then me and Mark (or Kelly...) - but... it is what it is, and this is where we are at right now. Like many, many couples I know we are in a place where staying home is not an option which can be achieved easily.

So... We will work, we will come home, we will do our best to enjoy our time, and we will hope for a better TUESDAY!

Sorry I had to leave you today, sweet babe!

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Fairies and Pirates and a Party for P!

Sunday the Thomberg's attended P H-we's Fairy and Pirate themed 4th Birthday Party. What a lovely afternoon... although I must admit, we arrived an hour late because I read the invitation wrong. Fortunately we were there in plenty of time to see our Godchild blow out her candles. (And for all of us to eat PLENTY of cake...and chicken salad, and PB&J for the kids, and Wheatberry salad, and taco dip, and fruit, and cheese...and...oh my)

Dean is sporting Mark's take on 'pirate' hair!

Tulle skirts were the popular fairy like ensemble item amongst the toddler set at the soiree!

Being an hour late seemed to work to our advantage. The other guests departed, and our kids got another hour to play... naked... in the kiddy pool... and the kiddy jumper...and around the yard. (I am sure I have mentioned before the H-we's live in the country.)

(P and M were naked too. P's Nana has the cutest pic of their four little butts, not featured here on this blog.)

Back at home - Thanks for a GREAT party Piper!

Other weekend activities - Former Nanny Current Auntie Kelly and Pat came to visit on Saturday. I think somebody misses each other, and it is mutual. I was excited to get a great update from Kelly about her job. Yeah!
Kelly - I suspect I miss you as much as the kids do!

Friday, August 28, 2009

Little Tykes on Craig's List

Since we moved to our new home, I have been coveting a Little Tykes Picnic Table. The truth is, I have the most difficult time purchasing plastic kids gear new. It is not just because of the cost though. The idea of buying generally industructible/unwearable products new seems almost absurd to me. Basically, I know all over the metro other small children are outgrowing their Little Tykes goods (and other children's items) as I type!

Because I work full time, I don't have time to garage sale. I went on Craig's List in June and July and Little Tykes picnic tables were a hot commodity. Either they were gone before I got there, or the distance was too far for convience. Jenny Lyons called me a month ago to alert me the table was on sale at Mills Fleet Farm, but I was not willing to part with $45, and still not willing to buy new.

This week I checked Craig's List again. As summer draws to a close, three were listed! One mom in Eagan responded to my reply. I snagged Marly and Dean their new plastic gear over my lunch break on Wednesday, with $25 cash in hand.

I am sure the table will find plenty of use with the Thomberg's. We eat on our patio often. Our round table seats 4. If we have guests over, there is no place for the kids. It is likely the table will find a home inside over the winter for coloring, but if not... heck, it folds down for easy storage until next spring.

Naturally, I plan to recoup the cost of the goods on Craig's List myself some time in the years ahead.

The table just minutes after being set up. Marly and Dean are enjoying a snack of blueberries and watered down lemonade.

Thanks Mom! We like the table!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Yesterday I had the pleasure of meeting my second cousin Karin for a happy hour drink in St. Paul. Surely not a GRRRRRRRrrrrrrrr moment. It was wonderful to catch up with her, but it leads me to the GRRRRrrrrrrrrrrrrrr moments of today.

Yesterday I was suppose to meet Karin at W.A Frosts on their beautiful patio. When I arrived, I parked a block and a half a way, and attempted to exit my car. The keys would NOT come out of the ignition. I tried turning the steering wheel, putting it back into drive, putting it back into park, turning the car off, and turning the car on. I got out the book that comes with the car. No luck. I leave my car and go to meet Karin. Karin's dad owns a Ford dealership... maybe she knows more about cars than I do. Hopefully I am just having a stupid moment. We walk back. She can't get the keys out. She actually has the SAME car that I do. She calls her boyfriend who works at another car dealership. He offers suggestions, but no luck. We resort to changing happy hour locations to a place where I can park my car, chat and see the car from the patio.

Fast forward to this morning. The electricity goes out due to the weather around 7 am. GGRRRRRRRRRrrrrrrrrrrrrr. My hair is wet. I have no make up on. My bathroom is dark. I paruse my closet for an outfit that will not require ironing. (I typically iron my outfits before I wear them, not after I launder them). Before belting in the Twinners, I load my make up and curling iron in the car to get ready later. I neglect to grab any hair spray, etc.

I have no idea when the power will return while at work, or if it was out long enough that the food in my fridge has now perished. GRRrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

Now I am calling to get to get the keys out of my car. The dealership indicates they will need the car for the day. GRRRRRRrrrrrrrrrrrrr. Probably the steering column will need to be disassembled. Best case scenario, only $90. Worst case scenario... a lot more...

Of course the dealership service department is not do open on Saturday's. GRRRRRRRRRrrrrrrrrrrrr! Lucky me, an on site loaner is only $15.

In the mean time, Mark and I have traded cars. The car runs peachy, but Mark's lot at Caribou is a much safer place to leave your car locked with the keys inside then where I park.


Monday, August 24, 2009

Weekend Review - With NO photos (BORING)

The weekend has come and gone, and I did not take any photos.... and there were some photo worthy moments.

Friday - I took a 1/2 day, had lunch with Jenny and Vivi at their house, and got ready for an evening of grilling with friends. Our pastor friend, Derek Harmon, was in town from the east coast for the ELCA conference. He was not a voting delegate, but attended as an observing pastor. Mark picked him up at his hotel and he joined us for supper with Jesse and Tony, and Amy C with Will and Audrey. We got to pick his brain a bit about the big vote... but even after talking, I don't fully grasp what the vote will mean for the church as I know it. Quite honostly, there is no way to know what the future holds. Talking about it (while sipping wine) with someone who witnessed the vote simply made me feel more unclear and unsure about what will happen within ELCA congregations. It was an early evening. All of our guests were gone by 9 pm! BTY - Naturally we missed Dawn dearly.

Saturday - We ran errands right away in the morning. Actually, we were in the line at the Room and Board Outlet in Golden Valley at 9:45 am, and were done by 11 AM. After, we headed over to Como Park. Surely this is a favorite place in the metro for adults and kids alike. I figure if the Twinners have to attend to the Mommy and Daddy tasks, they deserve an activity of their own too. Como is so managable, we didn't have the stroller along, and it didn't matter. We were home in time for naps too! I feel bad it has taken us until August this season to get to the treasure of a zoo and park.

Sunday - We went to church, then Mark worked. After nap time, Marly, Dean and I picked up Nana and Papa for a Sunday supper at Brett and Rachel's. Of course we go a boat ride and did some swimming too. If I had had my camera, it was so precious to watch Marly and Dean amble up Brett and Rachel's property from the boat to the house. It is a long stretch of grass on a slight incline up. They ran some, walked some, laughed, and merrily made the journey through the grass, still life jacket clad.

Hope each of you had an enjoyable weekend!

Friday, August 21, 2009

The Renville County Fair

If I were closer...I would make Mark come with me to the Demolition Derby tonight at the Renville County Fair. The Renville County Fair provides for plenty of great reflection from years gone by.

Let's take a stroll down memory lane... working backward. Please note, this is NOT the State Fair. In my childhood, we did not travel to the state fair. I think I was 13 or more before I ever went to the State Fair. During my elementary years, the Renville County Fair was a BIG deal.

The last Renville County Fair I attended was probably 12 years ago. I was in college. While in college, I use to collect all those free raffle tickets at area businesses. One year I dropped in over a 100. My name was called for the 5 pm early bird drawing of $200. You must be present to win. I wasn't there at 5 pm, perhaps because I had been in the beer garden too long the night before...hmmm....

I always loved the Demolition Derby. It was a highlight every year. I think my cousin Mike had a car in it one year. And at least one year, I was in the pit area watching the action, but I am not sure with whom. The memories are sooo cloudy, but I think maybe I was with the Novetny's (a different Mark, who I spent fair time ogling after)???

In my younger years, we would start our family fair afternoon with my mom at my Grandpa's house a few blocks from the grounds. Grandpa would treat every grandchild to the $5 needed to purchase your wrist band for the rides. By the time we got to Grandpa's, I think we were about bouncing off the walls to get to the big event! No, we did NOT need to park there and walk. Most people park in the field/grassy area connected to the grounds. Brett and I would spend the afternoon riding rides with my cousins or friends. It was GREAT. The tilt-a-whirl, Ferris Wheel, scrambler, and etc over, and over, and over again.

In my younger years, my older cousins got to STAY at my Grandpa's during the three days of the Fair. Brett and I weren't old enough. I know my cousin's had a GREAT time. I bet my Grandpa loved every minute of it too.

After ride time, we always ate supper at the Our Saviors Lutheran Church food stand. We always had burgers. I am sure my mom must have worked at the stand in her youth. Of course we would go see all the animals and the 4-H building. I think my dad always joined us in the evening. He think he got a malt every year.

Cost of fair entry in my youth - $3 to $5??? Probably free for kids
Cost of the carnival ride wrist band in the mid '80's - $5.00
Cost of fair entry today - ??? ($5)
Cost of the carnival ride wrist band today - unknown... probably $12??? ($18!!! Holy Cow!)

(Thanks cousin Laura, who is on the Fair Board, who posted to help me update the numbers here!)

Memories - PRICELESS

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

A Birthday

Today (August 19th) would have been my mom's birthday. I believe she would have been 57. August 25th would be my parent's wedding anniversary. I am guessing they would have been married 36 years.

If you are near Hector, please swing by the cemetary and just take a moment and enjoy the space, air, and sky for me. Perhaps you have some garden flowers to cut and leave.

I like going to the cemetery. Mark is always so good about nonchalantly stopping when we are in town. I wish I could stop today, and let the kids run about a bit...

And then I would drive on to the Renville County Fair...

I am spending too much time thinking, reflecting, contemplating...

It will only make my heart heavy....

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Missing Jon

You know, sometimes you remember...and you miss people. That's life.

Lately I have been missing my Uncle Jon (my Godfather). I think he has been gone more then ten years now, after a battle with cancer. What has prompted this feeling? Honestly - It is the split level entry way in our new home. You see, it needs a bench. It needs to be a small bench, less then 30 inches across. It needs to fit on the tiled landing and butt up against a carpeted step. I would like it be be solid for my kids to sit on to put on their shoes. It needs to be rather narrow too. I would like it to have a shelf that I could put two small baskets in, to collect things like the Twinner's mittens in winter. I have not looked around for this bench, because I know I won't find what I am looking for.

The bench I am picturing, Jon would have made for me. Jon's tangible gifts to those who were near and dear to him where things he made with his hands. Toys, a doll bed, shelves, a lamp base, cradles for his grand kids, step stools to reach the bathroom sink to brush your teeth when you were small, and on and on and on. My list is painfully lacking of all the things he could and did create for others. He was a wonderful woodworker. He was a great craftsman. It has taken me years after his death and the wisdom which comes with age to appreciate the true scope of his talents, or to respect all of the tools in his shop, or to acknowledge the time, labor, and effort he put into his art as gifts to those he loved. When he was with us...he was just Jon, who could make things.

What I do know and am sure of, is that he would have made me the ideal bench for my new home. It would have lasted forever, and it would have been perfect. And, he would have enjoyed doing it, which simply adds more love to the finished product.

The gifts he did make me REMAIN in my home even today. A wooden toy train, a doll bed which recently returned from storage (which Toot made the bedding and doll for), a mauve shelf that was in my childhood bedroom (though not currently in use, could be easily be repainted), and the afore mentioned stool, which has a handle for easy transport, which I use in my current closet daily! I am terribly grateful to have each of these items today.

I miss Jon.

I know some of my devoted readers out there miss him too!
I think his birthday was in August...after my moms???

The photos were taken on the landing, where the bench belongs...

Monday, August 17, 2009

Bye, Bye Kelly!

Kelly's last day as the Twinner's nanny was last Wednesday. She started her new job at a chiropractic firm on Thursday. We were fortunate to have her with us for a year and a half, and are forever indebted for her care and love for Marly and Dean. It was a true pleasure to have her for this time, and we will NEVER forget it.

Good Luck Kelly! We love you!!!

Today Marly and Dean had their FIRST day of daycare with Cindy, a lady who has been providing care in her home for 20 years. She was recommended by our neighbor, and is two miles from our home. Today was the FIRST drop off. Marly walked in and went right to play with the kitchen set. Dean screamed, cried, and tried his darndest to get back in the car. The other little people tried to tell Dean he would have fun... I left with him still screaming, and with a few tears in my eyes. I am sure as I type he is busy playing with his new friends.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

The Land of 10,000 Lakes

Gretch and I planned to meet for a 'beach day' on Saturday morning, and despite the somewhat cloudy weather.... the kids had a very good time. The two mommy chauffeurs intersected in Clear Lake, and I followed her to our destination - a small private sand bottom lake surrounded by farm fields (and not a single home or cabin). To use the lake, you have to know the farmers who own the land around it. Basically, you open a chained gate (closing it behind you) and drive down to the perfect beach. There were two other groups there that day, each with a boat. We got there a bit after 10... and only stayed until around noon, as it began to sprinkle... and the kids were shivering while playing.

I am not sure if this lake has a name, but it exemplifies the lingo "land of 10,000 lakes". This is MN, this is summer, and this is just another example of why I love my home state. There are big lakes and small lakes. Busy lakes and quiet lakes, and everything in between, from the metro (including Lake Johannsen in Roseville where Kelly took the kids last Wednesday) to the Boundry Waters.

I also think it is a perfect testament of why outsiders don't believe in "MN Nice". There are hidden gems all around us. Unfortunatly, sometimes you have to know someone, who knows someone, to get the hook up. If you aren't from here originally, you may not know that someone well enough to get that special insider invitaion. Naturally, that someone has always been from HERE, and already has plenty of somebody friends.

Does that makes sense??? It does and you Minnesotans all know it! I am lucky. I am from here, and I know a lot of somebodies!!!

Sunday we attended our 'Mother's of Multiples' picnic for the North Metro. Mark also worked in the morning, and we continued to make baby steps on some outdoor projects.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Sugar Hang Over

Thank you to everyone who went out to purchase Blizzards yesterday. This event not only gives Gillette wonderful financial support, but amazing exposure too. I will not have any indicator of financial success for quite some time... but I do know there were more media mentions then ever, more Gillette families visiting locations then ever, most post cards sent then ever, more forwarded MTD messages then ever, and more Facebook mentions then ever.

I had a great day visiting Paynesville, Spicer, Olivia, Hutch, Plymouth and other DQ locations. I got to see my Uncle Dick and cousin's child Ashley in Olivia, then brought my cousin Dawn a Blizzard at her job while on my was to Hutch, where I met Aunt Carol and Uncle Loren. I ate my first Blizzard of 6 right before 7 am, after leaving the KARE 11 morning show set for an interview I did with one of our GREAT patients. I did NOT finish ANY of the 6 Blizzards, but I did have a slight head ache when I woke up this morning, which I attribute to all the sugar. I drove exactly 300 miles on MTD, and today I am basking in e-mail delights shared with me by Gillette families who visited their DQ's.

If you were not able to participate in MTD - You can still donate directly to my personal fundraising page HERE!

THANK YOU AGAIN for supporting the event! PLEASE feel free to POST A COMMENT if you visited your DQ and would like to share with me.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Miracle Treat Day

I am typing on the eve of Miracle Treat Day. I have been working, working, working on the event, and it is finally here. Tomorrow I am to arrive at KARE 11 at 6:15 am for a 6:40 live interview with GREAT Gillette child. We both did the same gig together last year too, and it is a good way to start the big Blizzard Day. From there, I am heading west to the Spicer DQ. The owners are so dedicated, and I can't wait to meet them in person. I think four Gillette families will be there as well for a lunch party. While I am westward, Blizzards are being delivered to the patients at Gillette mid-morning. From Spicer I think I will head towards Olivia, then Hutch, and hit more locations after that. If any of my family or home crew are reading this, you can call me on my cell phone if you might like to join me. I have no exact times at this point... but am thinking Olivia around 2 pm perhaps, and Hutch at 4 pm maybe....It is pretty hard to tell! I always decide where to head on MTD pretty last minute, as I never know quite how things will line up until Wednesday!

Please enjoy a Blizzard for Miracle Treat Day - Thursday, August 13th!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Busy, Busy, Busy

The Thomberg's are BUSY this week. Chaos!

-Over the weekend, we purchased a vacuum at a REAL vacuum store. Not one you can get in Target or Best Buy. A very upstanding brand that doesn't advertise. We are VERY excited about this new machine and I may comment further in another post. Okay... this makes us sound rather lame, but I am truly giddy. The belt would come off our crappy old machine every time we used it and it didn't suck anything.
-Saturday night we met Dad and Chris at Galaxy Drive In.
-Sunday we went to church, then Mark's parents came, and house projects were worked on.
-Sunday for supper we invited ourselves to Brett and Rachel's on the lake and went for a great boat ride (and had a few beers).
-Monday we took the kids to meet their new potential day care lady, Cindy, and signed the contract. Then we needed to eat so we popped into the 5-8 Club in Champlin.
-Tonight I will be doing a Miracle Treat Day interview live for Fox Sports North at the Twins Game, and Mark and the kids will join me and we will go to the game for a short time.
-Wednesday is Kelly's last day!!! (and Mark has to work late)... and I want to do something special for Kelly, get photos ready, etc and not sure where I will scrape out the time by tomorrow morning.
-Thursday is Miracle Treat Day and I will be helping with media EARLY in the morning and hitting the highway to consume treats across the state and into early evening... oh my... Mark is staying home from work to care for M&D.
-Friday I think we will all CRASH! (My dad is coming to help take care of M&D)

Anyway - Please head out and buy a Blizzard on Miracle Treat Day this THURSDAY! For a participating location - check out

To give to Gillette - Check out my personal on line giving page by clicking HERE!

Friday, August 7, 2009

Our Little Huskies...

The Thomberg's have had an overwhelming week. Our dear Auntie/Nanny Kelly will be leaving us soon after a year and a half of taking care of the Twinners. We are excited for her new job, but sad to see her go.

In general, I have simply been very busy this week... Monday I met a few gal pals for a much needed Happy Hour at Sweeney's. Tuesday was National Night out. Thursday night my friend Dawn (who currently lives on the East Coast) had a layover here at the airport, so I buzzed over to meet her at the Starbuck's in baggage claim. In addition, Mark and I have both been visiting or interviewing potential day care options after work. (Add in a BUSY work week with DQ Miracle Treat Day just a week away.)

On Wednesday, when I arrived home after interviewing a daycare lady, I was greeted by our potential future SCSU'ers, fresh out of the bath. They were happy to pose for a little photo shoot to show off their 'Huskie Pups' t-shirts.

These images make for a happy mommy, and make me cherish the moments, especially on those busy weeks.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

National Night Out

On Tuesday the Thomberg's were the newbies at our Riverview Lane National Night Out Block Party. We pulled the wagon up the street about 8 houses for the after supper gathering. We barely set a foot into the driveway before two neighborhood girls had whisked Marly and Dean off to play on the lawn. Mark and I enjoyed meeting more of our neighbors, and actually getting to chat with those we have met briefly. Mark talked well water with the men since everyone on the street uses their well, despite being offered city water several years back. I got invited to the neighborhood book club, got a daycare lead, and got the number to the girls playing with Marly and Dean to babysit. Everyone was very nice. Many of our neighbors are the original owners of their homes and have been there since the '70's, such as our neighbors Cathy and Randy (who are VERY smitten by Marly and Dean and do not have grandchildren of their own). Other neighbors are a touch older then Mark and I. We had the youngest kids in attendance.

So... we continue to think our Brooklyn Park neighborhood is true hidden gem!

Monday, August 3, 2009

PAST family vacations

I was uploading some photos and came across these on a card that was out of rotation for a while. This our family vacation three or four years ago to Hibbing, the range, and Biwabik.

I think this big fish is in Milaca...

Rachel, Brett, Andrea and Mark at the Judy Garland museum in Grand Rapids.

At an mining exhibit in Hibbing.

I was maybe weeks pregnant in these pictures, although we had not told anyone. We also didn't know we were getting two for one at the time, as I had an early ultrasound a week or two later.

Updates on our house and more...

In case you have been wondering what has been happening on the home front with the Thomberg's since we moved in...

We had new screen doors and fiberglass entry doors installed out front and off our patio. Mark is finishing up the trim work around them inside. We are undecided about the outside color, so it remains white.

Just last week week Mark added a few shrubs. He was home taking care of Marly and Dean on Wednesday and Thursday when Kelly was ill.

"Slow but steady wins the race!" says the wise turtle.... right??? We have been working on cleaning up the area below at the end of our driveway for weeks. This weekend we hacked away at dead branches on the overgrown shrub, and removed debri from underneath. Mark and I regularly debate weather the old juniper stays or goes. At the moment, it remains.. because if we cut the whole thing down, we don't have an immediate and easy way to remove the carnage. I will assure you I am getting my money's worth for the seasonal yard waste removal with my garbage hauler.

Look way on the right in the photo below of Dean. Mark put up a new mailbox last week. Our lawn is also looking better and better, and one by one, Mark is driving in fertilizer stakes around the trees.

Mostly....projects at our new home progress at a snails pace, because these two move WAY faster then a snail or a turtle!

We decided several weeks ago, two trikes were a necessity with twins. Dean loves to careen down the driveway, then swerve left at the last minute to hit the grass down by the evergreen and overgrown juniper. Last night he opted not to "break left" and was grinning with delight as he raced into our quiet street. TROUBLE!!! or perhaps DOUBLE TROUBLE!

Inside of the house, things are progressing at the same rate. Mark is painting here and there, etc. We were very excited about our dehumidifier purchase two weeks ago. Yup...We Thomberg's are a wild crew. After reading my own post, I sound like a home improvement slacker, with my hubby doing all the work! I did clean out the gutters out front on Saturday morning.

Weekend Recap - Besides yard work, Gretchen, Piper and Martin came for a sleepover Friday. Saturday we attended a back yard post wedding reception for Chris's oldest son Alex and his new wife, Becky at her parent's home near Princeton. Sunday we had a long overdue morning date with Jesus... then we went to see Brett and Rachel's new house on a small lake near Chaska in the afternoon!!!


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