Monday, August 31, 2009

A Bad Case of the MONDAY's!!!

Today the sweet face below had a BAD case of the MONDAY's. Naturally, she made sure to spread her DIS pleasure with her other half. (The other half who had had a bad night after missing his nap on Sunday.) When I tried to get her dressed while she was snuggled into our bed watching PBS cartoons (which is our common practice as I get ready first), she screamed, "NO!!! GO AWAY!"

Actually, she did NOT have displeasure with the day itself. In fact, she woke and emerged quietly from their room in her usual calm, gentle, sleepy fashion. She had DIS pleasure for being dragged from her own home to someone else's. After struggling to dress and load them in the car, we arrived at Daycare Cindy's. I managed to get both of them out... but I was quite a spectacle trying to get them both to the door.

As you can guess, I had to do the quick kiss and DASH to make it easier on them, me and Cindy. As an update, Mark and I believe the kids are being loved and well cared for by their daycare lady. This being said, the drop off is not a whole lot easier on week three then week one. If anything, I am more and more upset and torn that the Twinners spend most of their days with someone other then me and Mark (or Kelly...) - but... it is what it is, and this is where we are at right now. Like many, many couples I know we are in a place where staying home is not an option which can be achieved easily.

So... We will work, we will come home, we will do our best to enjoy our time, and we will hope for a better TUESDAY!

Sorry I had to leave you today, sweet babe!

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