Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Busy, Busy, Busy

The Thomberg's are BUSY this week. Chaos!

-Over the weekend, we purchased a vacuum at a REAL vacuum store. Not one you can get in Target or Best Buy. A very upstanding brand that doesn't advertise. We are VERY excited about this new machine and I may comment further in another post. Okay... this makes us sound rather lame, but I am truly giddy. The belt would come off our crappy old machine every time we used it and it didn't suck anything.
-Saturday night we met Dad and Chris at Galaxy Drive In.
-Sunday we went to church, then Mark's parents came, and house projects were worked on.
-Sunday for supper we invited ourselves to Brett and Rachel's on the lake and went for a great boat ride (and had a few beers).
-Monday we took the kids to meet their new potential day care lady, Cindy, and signed the contract. Then we needed to eat so we popped into the 5-8 Club in Champlin.
-Tonight I will be doing a Miracle Treat Day interview live for Fox Sports North at the Twins Game, and Mark and the kids will join me and we will go to the game for a short time.
-Wednesday is Kelly's last day!!! (and Mark has to work late)... and I want to do something special for Kelly, get photos ready, etc and not sure where I will scrape out the time by tomorrow morning.
-Thursday is Miracle Treat Day and I will be helping with media EARLY in the morning and hitting the highway to consume treats across the state and into early evening... oh my... Mark is staying home from work to care for M&D.
-Friday I think we will all CRASH! (My dad is coming to help take care of M&D)

Anyway - Please head out and buy a Blizzard on Miracle Treat Day this THURSDAY! For a participating location - check out http://www.miracletreatday.com/

To give to Gillette - Check out my personal on line giving page by clicking HERE!


britta said...

I am serious...there are special stores for vacuums????

Nicole Mages said...

I have been thinking about going to our vacuum store in town!!! We need a good vacuum! Looking forward to Miracle Treat Day...as if I need a reason to eat DQ!!


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