Friday, August 7, 2009

Our Little Huskies...

The Thomberg's have had an overwhelming week. Our dear Auntie/Nanny Kelly will be leaving us soon after a year and a half of taking care of the Twinners. We are excited for her new job, but sad to see her go.

In general, I have simply been very busy this week... Monday I met a few gal pals for a much needed Happy Hour at Sweeney's. Tuesday was National Night out. Thursday night my friend Dawn (who currently lives on the East Coast) had a layover here at the airport, so I buzzed over to meet her at the Starbuck's in baggage claim. In addition, Mark and I have both been visiting or interviewing potential day care options after work. (Add in a BUSY work week with DQ Miracle Treat Day just a week away.)

On Wednesday, when I arrived home after interviewing a daycare lady, I was greeted by our potential future SCSU'ers, fresh out of the bath. They were happy to pose for a little photo shoot to show off their 'Huskie Pups' t-shirts.

These images make for a happy mommy, and make me cherish the moments, especially on those busy weeks.

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