Friday, August 28, 2009

Little Tykes on Craig's List

Since we moved to our new home, I have been coveting a Little Tykes Picnic Table. The truth is, I have the most difficult time purchasing plastic kids gear new. It is not just because of the cost though. The idea of buying generally industructible/unwearable products new seems almost absurd to me. Basically, I know all over the metro other small children are outgrowing their Little Tykes goods (and other children's items) as I type!

Because I work full time, I don't have time to garage sale. I went on Craig's List in June and July and Little Tykes picnic tables were a hot commodity. Either they were gone before I got there, or the distance was too far for convience. Jenny Lyons called me a month ago to alert me the table was on sale at Mills Fleet Farm, but I was not willing to part with $45, and still not willing to buy new.

This week I checked Craig's List again. As summer draws to a close, three were listed! One mom in Eagan responded to my reply. I snagged Marly and Dean their new plastic gear over my lunch break on Wednesday, with $25 cash in hand.

I am sure the table will find plenty of use with the Thomberg's. We eat on our patio often. Our round table seats 4. If we have guests over, there is no place for the kids. It is likely the table will find a home inside over the winter for coloring, but if not... heck, it folds down for easy storage until next spring.

Naturally, I plan to recoup the cost of the goods on Craig's List myself some time in the years ahead.

The table just minutes after being set up. Marly and Dean are enjoying a snack of blueberries and watered down lemonade.

Thanks Mom! We like the table!


britta said...

Super cute pics!!! :-)

Mary in MN said...

Hi Andrea,

I love catching up on your family now and then!!! You know I have to say, having a little kid table has been a must around here. One of my friends was going to sell a table with four chairs, it's wood/laminate and is protected because it's on the screened in porch. It has come in so handy and was worth the 20.00 I paid for it!! I know ikea has something similar. The kids look great and it makes me want to blog my own little rugrats! Oh, and baby is coming on Sept. 23rd via c-section. Still can't believe it happened all so fast. Take care and have a blessed day,


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