Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Missing Jon

You know, sometimes you remember...and you miss people. That's life.

Lately I have been missing my Uncle Jon (my Godfather). I think he has been gone more then ten years now, after a battle with cancer. What has prompted this feeling? Honestly - It is the split level entry way in our new home. You see, it needs a bench. It needs to be a small bench, less then 30 inches across. It needs to fit on the tiled landing and butt up against a carpeted step. I would like it be be solid for my kids to sit on to put on their shoes. It needs to be rather narrow too. I would like it to have a shelf that I could put two small baskets in, to collect things like the Twinner's mittens in winter. I have not looked around for this bench, because I know I won't find what I am looking for.

The bench I am picturing, Jon would have made for me. Jon's tangible gifts to those who were near and dear to him where things he made with his hands. Toys, a doll bed, shelves, a lamp base, cradles for his grand kids, step stools to reach the bathroom sink to brush your teeth when you were small, and on and on and on. My list is painfully lacking of all the things he could and did create for others. He was a wonderful woodworker. He was a great craftsman. It has taken me years after his death and the wisdom which comes with age to appreciate the true scope of his talents, or to respect all of the tools in his shop, or to acknowledge the time, labor, and effort he put into his art as gifts to those he loved. When he was with us...he was just Jon, who could make things.

What I do know and am sure of, is that he would have made me the ideal bench for my new home. It would have lasted forever, and it would have been perfect. And, he would have enjoyed doing it, which simply adds more love to the finished product.

The gifts he did make me REMAIN in my home even today. A wooden toy train, a doll bed which recently returned from storage (which Toot made the bedding and doll for), a mauve shelf that was in my childhood bedroom (though not currently in use, could be easily be repainted), and the afore mentioned stool, which has a handle for easy transport, which I use in my current closet daily! I am terribly grateful to have each of these items today.

I miss Jon.

I know some of my devoted readers out there miss him too!
I think his birthday was in August...after my moms???

The photos were taken on the landing, where the bench belongs...


Dee Collins said...

Andrea, Andrea, Andrea --
Yes, I've been thinking too about your mom, your parents' anniversary, my dad's birthday and I think Curt's birthday is in there too somewhere. August was always jam packed with celebrations. Dad's birthday is on August 23rd. Funny how we miss certain things about those that we love. I'm freaking out because my hair dresser is moving her shop to Eden Prairie. Other than your mom she is the only other "hair dresser" that I've really had. I've also been thinking alot about dad. Mostly about what he would say about some of the projects my husband has been working on and his latest toy - a Huskavarna chain saw. I hope that they are watching over us and realize how much they are loved and missed. Love you Andrea! Dee

britta said...

I understand...totally.

love ya


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