Monday, August 24, 2009

Weekend Review - With NO photos (BORING)

The weekend has come and gone, and I did not take any photos.... and there were some photo worthy moments.

Friday - I took a 1/2 day, had lunch with Jenny and Vivi at their house, and got ready for an evening of grilling with friends. Our pastor friend, Derek Harmon, was in town from the east coast for the ELCA conference. He was not a voting delegate, but attended as an observing pastor. Mark picked him up at his hotel and he joined us for supper with Jesse and Tony, and Amy C with Will and Audrey. We got to pick his brain a bit about the big vote... but even after talking, I don't fully grasp what the vote will mean for the church as I know it. Quite honostly, there is no way to know what the future holds. Talking about it (while sipping wine) with someone who witnessed the vote simply made me feel more unclear and unsure about what will happen within ELCA congregations. It was an early evening. All of our guests were gone by 9 pm! BTY - Naturally we missed Dawn dearly.

Saturday - We ran errands right away in the morning. Actually, we were in the line at the Room and Board Outlet in Golden Valley at 9:45 am, and were done by 11 AM. After, we headed over to Como Park. Surely this is a favorite place in the metro for adults and kids alike. I figure if the Twinners have to attend to the Mommy and Daddy tasks, they deserve an activity of their own too. Como is so managable, we didn't have the stroller along, and it didn't matter. We were home in time for naps too! I feel bad it has taken us until August this season to get to the treasure of a zoo and park.

Sunday - We went to church, then Mark worked. After nap time, Marly, Dean and I picked up Nana and Papa for a Sunday supper at Brett and Rachel's. Of course we go a boat ride and did some swimming too. If I had had my camera, it was so precious to watch Marly and Dean amble up Brett and Rachel's property from the boat to the house. It is a long stretch of grass on a slight incline up. They ran some, walked some, laughed, and merrily made the journey through the grass, still life jacket clad.

Hope each of you had an enjoyable weekend!

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