Tuesday, September 1, 2009

State Fair Countdown!

It is no secret the Thomberg's love the State Fair! We are heading to the 'Great Minnesota Get Together' this Friday.

The last two years we attended, they were changing out the cow barns...my favorite place! That was on a Thursday. I hope we are safe on Friday. We plan to meet my Dad as well. Big surprise - He loves cows too!

This will be the Twinner's 2nd trip to the Fair. We didn't take them their first year of life. I did take my back pack breast pump and used the Lactation Station at the FM 107 area (TMI???). That was the last year Mark and I volunteered at the St. Cloud State Alumni booth in the Education Building. Last year we did drop by the booth so the kids could get their Huskies temporary tattoos!

Cheese curds, deep fried pickles with cream cheese, and fresh fries with vinegar... Here we come!

If you are at the Fair on Friday, give us a jingle. We actual fore-go naps for this event!

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