Friday, August 14, 2009

Sugar Hang Over

Thank you to everyone who went out to purchase Blizzards yesterday. This event not only gives Gillette wonderful financial support, but amazing exposure too. I will not have any indicator of financial success for quite some time... but I do know there were more media mentions then ever, more Gillette families visiting locations then ever, most post cards sent then ever, more forwarded MTD messages then ever, and more Facebook mentions then ever.

I had a great day visiting Paynesville, Spicer, Olivia, Hutch, Plymouth and other DQ locations. I got to see my Uncle Dick and cousin's child Ashley in Olivia, then brought my cousin Dawn a Blizzard at her job while on my was to Hutch, where I met Aunt Carol and Uncle Loren. I ate my first Blizzard of 6 right before 7 am, after leaving the KARE 11 morning show set for an interview I did with one of our GREAT patients. I did NOT finish ANY of the 6 Blizzards, but I did have a slight head ache when I woke up this morning, which I attribute to all the sugar. I drove exactly 300 miles on MTD, and today I am basking in e-mail delights shared with me by Gillette families who visited their DQ's.

If you were not able to participate in MTD - You can still donate directly to my personal fundraising page HERE!

THANK YOU AGAIN for supporting the event! PLEASE feel free to POST A COMMENT if you visited your DQ and would like to share with me.

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Laura said...

Wilson and I ate a wonderful Tagalong Blizzard at the Olivia store. We then brought treats to H&L Printing for the excellent job they do on my Fair stuff and one to Mike. Barb at H&L claims she had never had a Blizzard and that the Oreo has made her a convert! (She says she doesn't like ice cream!) I Love MTD!
Laura Melberg


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