Thursday, August 6, 2009

National Night Out

On Tuesday the Thomberg's were the newbies at our Riverview Lane National Night Out Block Party. We pulled the wagon up the street about 8 houses for the after supper gathering. We barely set a foot into the driveway before two neighborhood girls had whisked Marly and Dean off to play on the lawn. Mark and I enjoyed meeting more of our neighbors, and actually getting to chat with those we have met briefly. Mark talked well water with the men since everyone on the street uses their well, despite being offered city water several years back. I got invited to the neighborhood book club, got a daycare lead, and got the number to the girls playing with Marly and Dean to babysit. Everyone was very nice. Many of our neighbors are the original owners of their homes and have been there since the '70's, such as our neighbors Cathy and Randy (who are VERY smitten by Marly and Dean and do not have grandchildren of their own). Other neighbors are a touch older then Mark and I. We had the youngest kids in attendance.

So... we continue to think our Brooklyn Park neighborhood is true hidden gem!

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