Sunday, August 16, 2009

The Land of 10,000 Lakes

Gretch and I planned to meet for a 'beach day' on Saturday morning, and despite the somewhat cloudy weather.... the kids had a very good time. The two mommy chauffeurs intersected in Clear Lake, and I followed her to our destination - a small private sand bottom lake surrounded by farm fields (and not a single home or cabin). To use the lake, you have to know the farmers who own the land around it. Basically, you open a chained gate (closing it behind you) and drive down to the perfect beach. There were two other groups there that day, each with a boat. We got there a bit after 10... and only stayed until around noon, as it began to sprinkle... and the kids were shivering while playing.

I am not sure if this lake has a name, but it exemplifies the lingo "land of 10,000 lakes". This is MN, this is summer, and this is just another example of why I love my home state. There are big lakes and small lakes. Busy lakes and quiet lakes, and everything in between, from the metro (including Lake Johannsen in Roseville where Kelly took the kids last Wednesday) to the Boundry Waters.

I also think it is a perfect testament of why outsiders don't believe in "MN Nice". There are hidden gems all around us. Unfortunatly, sometimes you have to know someone, who knows someone, to get the hook up. If you aren't from here originally, you may not know that someone well enough to get that special insider invitaion. Naturally, that someone has always been from HERE, and already has plenty of somebody friends.

Does that makes sense??? It does and you Minnesotans all know it! I am lucky. I am from here, and I know a lot of somebodies!!!

Sunday we attended our 'Mother's of Multiples' picnic for the North Metro. Mark also worked in the morning, and we continued to make baby steps on some outdoor projects.

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