Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Remembering Marlys

10 years ago Tuesday my mom became a person of our memories. She was a mom, wife, sister, aunt, daughter, friend and neighbor. She was good at those things. They defined her (well... and her lawn too...) She never got to be a grandma, but she has a lovely little name-sake of sorts.

I woke up on Memorial Day Monday in our quiet bedroom. Mark was at work for a few hours. My heart was leading/pulling me to the cemetery. I called Mark, and of course he agreed we should go. My Dad had given his church's alter flowers in memory of Marlys on Sunday, so we picked them up and headed west to Hector.

It was a beautiful drive. We tried to explain and show Marly her almost name on the stone. I tried to show the kids their history and heritage as we strolled through the cemetery from one Melberg headstone to the next, and on to the Nelson's (and my Uncle Jon). It was a tough go on the family tree with out my Dad or Aunt Carol... but we will return again.

On Tuesday (June 1st, the day my mom died), Daycare Cindy had an additional day off. Mark and I enjoyed our kids. We took them on a bike ride (we have the pull behind trailer) and picnic.

When everyone else was napping in the afternoon, I dropped off my mom's sewing machine for a tune up. This seemed fitting, for all the memories that sewing machine holds for me. The elderly shop owner opened the case and said, "This is a GOOD Machine." I always remember my mom telling me her New Home machine was NOT fancy, or expensive, but it worked well and she liked it. On Thursday I am taking a beginners sewing class at Jo Anne Fabrics. Indeed, my mom tried to teach me to sew when I was in high school. I didn't pay attention. Surely my mom could just sew whatever I needed.

Today, I want to learn for myself. Today I will remember the lime green shorts with elastic which was my 'learn to sew' project all those years ago. (Except my mom ended up sewing them for me!) Today I also remember all the dresses my mom sewed me, and so many other things.



britta said...

Memories are some of the best things to cherish our loved ones after they are gone. Thinking about you Andrea...!

MollyinMinn said...

What a beautiful post, Andrea.

The Koenig Family said...

Thank You to your mom for re sewing the blue bears we had to do in home ec. We did such a bad job but I think your mom got us A's.

Thinking of you this week. She was the best.

She never got mad when we stayed up much too late.


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