Thursday, June 3, 2010

Our Long Weekend

We had a just full enough, pleasant, Memorial Day Weekend and hope you all did too. Mostly, I was on hiatus from taking pictures, so I will give you my journal review. The truth is, Mark and I often find ourselves enjoying the doing and the living when with friends and family, to jump behind the lens of the camera....

Saturday neighbor's and passers-by our home on Riverview Lane would have seen what I consider a true slice of Americana. We had a flag flying out front, and small flags adoring our potted patio plants. In the back yard, you would have seen kids running from the sprinkler, to the kiddy pool, to the swing set, squealing with delight. You would have seen their parents sitting under the giant weeping willow sipping wine and beer. You would have seen a table with white linen set out, with a lovely perspiring water pitcher on the table, and a wicker basket of towels nearby for the kids. You would have seen blue plastic paper plates piled with watermelon, potato salad, hot dogs and hamburgers. You would have seen laughter, conversation and smiles with the Lyon's and the Huwe's.

Sunday brought with it another BBQ at Brett and Rachel's. Grilled pork and delicious baked beans were a part of the menu. Mark was at work, but the kids and I enjoyed the neighbor's trampoline while others played croquet. Unfortunately, the cloudy sky and cooler temps kept the boat in the launch.

Monday dawned to be a day for a drive. After a visit to the cemetery in Hector, we stopped in at my cousin Chad and Michelle's where the kids spent more time jumping on another trampoline, got a wild wheelbarrow ride, and peddled the John Deere. Next it was on to Aunt Jan & Uncle Sheldon's for a quick hello at Lake Allie before heading back to suburbia. Once home, we had ribs, fried potatoes and green beans on the deck. After supper I actually helped to mow our lawn. Yes... it is true... this farm girl had never operated a push mower until Monday!

I also had Tuesday off, and it was a wonderful day at home.

And, we remember our veterans who have served their country and sacrificed for us too.

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