Tuesday, June 8, 2010

The New Look

Alrighty Readers! I finally have my own header. I am so very excited. I owe it all to my friend Mary Ray McCarthy. She read my post about going the the MN Bloggers event, and e mailed me offering to MAKE ME A HEADER! I couldn't believe it.

I am probably one of the few individuals who call Ms. Mary "Mary Ray McCarthy". You see Ray is her maiden name (not her first or middle name), but it has flow. Mary Ray McCarthy is so catchy. I know Mary because I lived with her one summer in our sorority house in St. Cloud. Mary was not a Delta Zeta. She wasn't even a regular SCSU student, but she did take a few summer courses there and was living with her friend Tammy, who was a DZ. Anyway, there were only a few of us around the house that summer. Mary moved away to Colorado, and she moved back. Some where in there she got married to her long time sweetheart, Tim McCarthy. I got to be her personnel attendant at her wedding.

The years have passed and I RARELY see Mary. I remember when my mom died and I came one day to visit her (10 years ago). At the time, she had just one baby boy, and an on line clothe diapering business. I visited and she let me take a nap at her house. I know it is weird, but fresh grief is exhausting, and sleep can be elusive. I will never forget that day or that nap. Mary is now a good wife and mom to FIVE boys. I admire her faith and devotion to her religion. I admire her spirit. I admire MARY.

Social media has it's ins and its outs, but I know I wouldn't still be connected to Mary with out my computer and the Internet. I feel blessed for knowing her, on line and off.

THANK YOU MARY of Vocations of Motherhood!

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MollyinMinn said...

LOOOOVE the new look! Great job to her and to you!


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