Saturday, June 19, 2010

A 'Bou-ism from a Fine Father!

Go home early and play with your kids

My husband works for a lcoally based coffee company. The company has their own language of sorts. They talk in acronyms, lingo, metaphors, and catch phrases. When Mark talks about his job, I sometimes need translations.

The company also does a fine job of marketing itself. This coffee junkie (1/2 caff latte please) is a dedicated and loyal customer (when I splurge on such luxuries), even though I get no special discounts for having a husband employed with them. (Yes... I love my reusable cup sleeve. I have several cool selections Mark has purchased for me.)

Many months back, the cups, napkins, and POP kits at this company started sporting quotes all over them (along with an updated logo). They are called 'Bou'isms' (there's some lingo for you). I like it, and others seem to agree, and are blogging about it too! The quotes are from company employees. A new run of cups came out recently, and one of the quotes on the Large, at the top, is Mark's! He won't claim complete ownership, because he thinks others may have submitted something similar, but... as his wife, I know the quote is accurate to him. The handwriting even looks like his!

Go home early and play with your kids

Mark gets home from work at a time most individuals would consider EARLY... though NOT because he leaves work EARLY. He goes to work EARLY too! While I am at my desk waiting for the clock to strike 5:00, Mark has come home early, and is playing with our kids!

The truth is, I am proud of the quote, I am proud of my husband, and he is a DARN GOOD DAD!


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