Monday, June 14, 2010

Weekend Updates

The last two weekends have been pretty low key for the Thomberg's. We have been sticking close to home as a foursome. Last Saturday we visited the Mpls Farmer's Market (between rain showers) and this Saturday we took the kids to 3D Shrek 3 (between rain showers). Yup - These two are buddies, most of the time. I didn't tell them to pose like this. They do it on their own.

This is their second movie ever. They love the popcorn, (but don't know about pop yet). Bottled water is a treat to them.

The past two Sunday's have been about family suppers. Last Sunday Dad and Chris came for pork chops. We ate on the patio (between rain showers). This Sunday we headed to Brett and Rachel's on the lake. No swimming for us (because of the chill in the air from the rain showers), but we did get a boat ride after supper.

Last Sunday Dad and Chris also attended the Edina Art Fair and picked up fun capes for Marly and Dean!

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JennyF said...

I bought wands at that same place that they had the capes! Hope they enjoy them, there was so much fun goodness there.


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