Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Father's Day at the Lake

Thanks to my cousin Michelle, digital photography, .jpg's, and the Internet... I have some photos now of Father's Day.

On the beach at Jan and Sheldon's at Lake Allie. Marly is our little fish. She wanted to go way out to the water trampoline and jump off, multiple times. Dean was more cautious about such activities. She also loves to swim about in her life jacket and jump off the dock.

(The Twinners still fit into their suits from last year. Actually, their Gymboree 2T suits from last year are STILL too big. Dean's falls off his waist. Maybe when they are 4???)

Marly and Dean went on their first tube ride. They made if for a little while before they got scared, even though Uncle Sheldon was the perfect toddler friendly driver and Mikayla and Mariah gave them assuring and comfortable laps to sit in.

SMILE on such a GREAT afternoon at Lake Allie.

Thank you to my wonderful relatives for precious time with family!

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