Monday, June 7, 2010

Sewing 101

Last Thursday I attended a Sewing 101 class at JoAnne Fabrics... AND I MADE THE TOTE BELOW.
Yes sirree! I bought the fabric, thread and interfacing, cut it myself, and sewed it together with my mom's New Home sewing machine (just back from a tune up)! At the moment, I love the tote fabric so much, I just leave it hanging there on the hook as you walk in the door, for a cheery welcome!

If you were to look at it closely, you would quickly discover my seams are not very straight, but in the words of a 2 or a 3 year old, "I did it myself!"

When we move Marly and Dean downstairs, I know I could sew simple curtains. I instantly thought the tote fabric would be punchy, fun, and bold in Miss Marly's room. Mark would probably hate it, and Marly has indicated she wants butterflies.... but of course during my sewing class, my mind was whiring along with the purr of my machine!

I may sign up for a beginner's class where you make a simple skirt with a draw string waist. Could be a good next step for me.

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Jen Lyons said...

Ooooo....I've been meaning to ask you about your class! I need to get my mom's machine tuned and would love to take that same class.

I need to sew curtains for Ian's closet and have come up with numerous ideas of other things that I could sew. Keep me posted on that beginner's might just have a partner to go with you!



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