Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Biker Babes

Well... the truth is we have no BABES anymore at the Thomberg House!

No Babes last year on three wheels!

(I couldn't find a picture of the year before, when they were BABES, when we pushed them on the trike with the Steer & Stroll handle at the townhome!)

No BABES this year on TWO wheels....

Well, actually, that's TWO wheels and TWO trainers!

And that's the Twosome in two helmets!

Making two silly faces!

...And cruising off into the sunset!

**A special Thanks to my co-worker Jenny for passing on her daughter's bike to Marly. We got it early this spring. The kids each toyed with it. In the past two weeks, both kids "get it" so we were off to Toys 'R Us on Saturday morning to get Dean his own ride. Saturday, after seeing Shreck, the kids took a cruise up the street. As you can see by the dusky light, we are clearly pushing the bedtime limits on a summer night!

1 comment:

Claudia said...

Uh - they are so cute - and they look SO proud with their bikes


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