Thursday, June 10, 2010

Wednesday Night OUT!

Monday Gretchen called, "Can we stay at your house Wednesday night? Dan's birthday is next week and we have tickets to some Scandinavian, female, acoustic, indie-rock singers or something that Dan found on U-Tube, who is playing somewhere or another in Minneapolis"


Tuesday I left a VM, "Hey... Can Mark and I meet you for a drink or something before. Maybe I can get my dad to babysit?"

Response VM, "Hey... I guess we aren't staying with you, but yah... dinner would be great!"

Fortunately my Dad called me back on Wednesday morning and yes he could watch the kids...

So Mark came from home, I came from work, and the Huwe's came from Dan's parents where they dropped off their kiddos, and we united at the Lohring Pasta Bar in Dinky Town for drinks and a great meal.
The time to dine outside in Minnesota is fleeting, and this was the perfect June evening. The four of us enjoyed every single minute of side walk dining, people watching, and friendship talking on our mid-week much that Dan and Gretch were surely late to the show at the Cedar Cultural Center!

What a fantastic break from the usual routine.

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