Thursday, May 27, 2010

Rambling about Choices

There are so many choices each of us need to make every day. They are not overwhelming choices. They will not have a profound effect on our lives next year (or even two weeks from now) but just the same, choices weigh on each of us. There is cause and effect to even the small, daily choices we pick.

Recently I was invited to join the board of a small non-profit. I decided to accept. I am excited to serve and share of my talents and time. Last week I attended my first monthly meeting on Tuesday evening. Making this choice is making the choice to take some "after work" time away from my family. I was knowledgable of this when I said "yes" to the board. I remain happy with my decision. That decision also means I did not put my kids to bed last Tuesday, nor did I pick up around the house.

Thursday night I made a choice to go to a MN Bloggers Gathering/Happy Hour. I RSVP'd several weeks in advance. Later, some good girl friends decided to get together the same evening. I made a choice to go with the original Blogger event, to meet new people, and connect with bloggers. I made a choice to be away from my home again, and to chose networking over investing in my current friendships.

Saturday I made a choice to stay home most of the day. Originally, I thought I would make the choice to attend my friend Molly's garage sale fundraiser to help fight hunger. Or I thought I might choose to stop by my friend Jenny's house, who recently had her second child. But, because I had chosen to be away from my kids several nights last week, my son indicated he wanted to be AT HOME with his mom!

Early in the week, Mark and I made a choice to have our friend Mike and his girlfriend to dinner on Saturday. Then God made a choice to send the rain mid-morning on Saturday. This made the decision to stay home (thus not supporting two friends) easier. It made the dinner that night great, because I had time to clean the house, shop, and prepare for the festivities.

Sunday I made a choice to attend two cousin's graduation receptions in Olivia. This choice was made much easier by my Aunt Toot's who was willing to drive out with me (and Marly and Dean). I made this choice the night before. It turned out to be a great choice too.

I am constantly wondering... Am I making the right choice? Time plays a constant role. The truth is - at this stage in my life, I find some of my better choices made on a short time line, rather then advanced.

Anyway, I have no real point - other then to declare with kids, careers, husbands, families, homes, and whatever might be important to you... each of us needs to find the right fit in our hearts to best invest of ourselves.

Sometimes even the little decisions are tough to make!

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Jen Lyons said...

I couldn't agree with you more!


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