Monday, June 28, 2010

Our Fluid Weekend Schedule

Tuesday - I e mailed/face booked a bunch of friends inviting them to a Summer Cook Out at the Thomberg's for Saturday.

Thursday Morning- By this point, most everyone had RSVP'd they were unavailable.

Friday - The H-we's wanted to spend the weekend at home, and invited the Thomberg's to come play on Saturday. We had our usual Thomberg Family pizza night.

Saturday at 8:49 am - I was scrubbing the grout in our front entry with a Magic Eraser and Mark was installing a ceiling fan when Gretchen called. P wasn't feeling well.... we'll touch base in a few hours.

Saturday at 9:50 am - P is definitely sick and contagious. (I was nearly done figuring out what color our grout really was.)

Saturday around noonish - Brett Calls. "I see your cook out is a bust. Want to come over to the lake."

Saturday at 1 pm - Mark and the Twinner's go down for a nap. I run to Costco, make a pasta salad, and pack up our things for Brett & Rachel's.

Saturday at 4:15 pm - We arrive at Brett & Rachel's. I ski and the kids swim in the lake.

Saturday around 6:20 pm - We walk across the street to Brett and Rachel's neighbors for a pool party. Mark will swim in a pool!

Saturday around 10:00 pm - We return to Brett & Rachel's and put the Twinners to bed.

Sometime in the wee hours of Sunday - The adults go to bed. What's in a 'Kris'tini anyway?

Sunday - We return home and EVERYONE in the family needs a nap.... (a long nap).

Sunday around 4 pm - The kids and I hit the park for an hour. We can't let all the grand weather go to waste.

Sunday evening around 6:35 pm - After a supper of chicken with grilled red/green/yellow peppers, tomatoes and onions on the patio, The Thomberg's finish off a sunny weekend with treats from DQ!

**As you will note, my kids still do best with an afternoon nap. That's reality.**

Little Miss Marly needs a real hair cut. I trimmed her bangs, but she is lacking shape here! They are not as crooked as they look here.

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