Monday, June 1, 2009

Another Annivesary Greets Us Today

This afternoon will mark another year since my mom's death. Nine years have come and gone.

While so much has changed, so much also stays the same. You see, the lives of my brother and I (and my dad) change with each passing year (as we all do), but truly... Brett and I are the people my mom raised us and shaped us to be, which is why enough stays the SAME.

I realize in this 9th year I am MORE my mother's daughter then EVER! Deep down, I have this sneaking suspicious as I mature and age, I take on more and more of her persona. Despite this feeling, I have a great fear I will never be the mother my mom was. As I attempt to manage two toddlers and a full time job, I try and raise my twinners right. I fear I often fail in parenting, discipline, or nurturing in ways I don't think my mom did...

So, here is my request for the angel today -- Mom, please channel yourself in me as I mother Marly and Dean! I relish my sweet IDEA of what kind of outstanding grandma you would have been if you could have been both healthy and here with us.

God bless those gone away... (We also give thanks for those present TODAY!)


Anonymous said...

Okay my eyes are getting damp. I stayed at your house so often growing up and have so many memories of your mom. She would be so proud of you. Never doubt that.

I miss that I can not go to your house and hear her hell "Andrea, its Cindy" I can only imagine I would be coming over with my kids when you were out this way.

Love to you always, Cindy

Andrea said...

Goodness know if my mom were at home in our good old house, me and the kiddos would be there often and you visiting...

happygal said...

What a beautiful post.


w said...

awwwwww! I bet your mom would be so proud of you! I bet she is cheering you on in heaven and bragging about what a wonderful daughter, mother and wife you are to all the others!

W (Cindy's friend)


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