Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Gretchen Saves the Day

It is typical for me to chat with Gretch while commuting to or from work a few times a week. Last Friday I was lamenting Mark and I were lacking focus on our marriage, which is a familiar topic lately. Like any couple with small children, our energy is on them... and this truth has been taking its toll on us. I came to the sad conclusion we had not spent time alone together since our trip to Jamaica in early February. I think we can all agree the nights we spent house hunting while my dad babysat for a few precious hours doesn't really count (for sure since Realtor Angie was with us!)

As I drove home in true frustration and sadness, Gretch saved the day. "Well why don't you just bring the kids here tomorrow?" It was that simple. I needed help and she cooked the plan. "Go home, tell Mark, and bring the kids over whenever your want. They can spend the night."

Drop off Saturday at 4 pm, back at home after 5 pm where Mark had continued painting in my absense, got ready in the bathroom with no one grabbing my leg or grasping for my make-up at 5:20 pm while Mark rested for a few minutes, glass of Chardonnay on the patio at 6 pm, flipped through the Minneapolis St. Paul magazine in peace at 6:15 pm, headed out to dinner at the Sample Room in NE Mpls at 7 pm, Mark enjoys a Mojito and me a cucumber mint cocktail upon arrival 7:20 pm, head for a drink in NE after our delicious meal where we talk about things besides Marly and Dean at 10 pm... and there you have it. The Thomberg's had a much needed date night. Sunday I hopped in the car at 8:15 am, was at a Caribou drive thru for a Breve at about 8:30, and was pulling into the Huwe's at about 9:10 (only 10 minutes late).


In the mean time, here are our DIRTY kiddos at 6 pm on Sunday.

Dean thinks he is very cool in his shades.

Both mom and Marly are dirty from yard work.
The embarrassing part is we went to the park like this after supper!!!

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Anonymous said...

Oh treasure those moments. They are rare and far between. Good for you and I know the kids were in good hands.

Love Ya....Cindy


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