Friday, May 29, 2009

Our Memorial Day

(Take a look. Finally, I have two posts with photos.)

The fine Memorial Day weather was not wasted by the Thomberg's!
This is the front of our house at the beginning of the day.
By the end, the dead hedge in the middle was removed and the lawn looked somewhat respectable.

Marly and Dean planting an apple tree.

Mark mowing the lawn for the first time. What an improvement!
He did need to refill the gas before complete.
Not sure if he didn't fill full to start, or if the yard is that large...

Farm Girl attacks overgrown shrub.

Our backyard.

Marly and Dean viewing the activity from their weeping willow tree.

Costco ribs on the deck.

Finger licking good. (Except Dean who wanted to use his fork.)
There is now a little hand print on the siding by the patio door.

Mark was drinking a Leini's Summer Shandy beer.. not a sippy cup of milk.

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