Wednesday, June 10, 2009

TWO Cats in a Hat.

Marly and Dean have been sleeping in their twin beds since we moved in, and it is going okay. Marly likes to burrow in. Dean stays at the top. Both kids typically wake up once at different times during the night, although last night I rejoiced at a solid night of sleep. Dean seems to want reassurance, Marly wants a drink of water. Dean is difficult at bedtime . As usual, I know we need to get them down earlier. Bedtime is creeping past 8 to 8:30 pm, which leads to toddler monsters.

Mark chose a Dr. Seuss theme for their room, and we just put curtains up on Sunday! (Thank you Grandpa and Grandpa Thompson for coming to help with a few projects!) They remain in one room next to us (a choice I question every night at 8:45 and 9:10 when I am struggling to stop their shenanigans). We live in a split level, so two rooms would mean moving them downstairs.

Sometimes we find one or the other asleep next to their bed along the wall, but we think they climb out, not fall...Sometimes one Twinner leaps to the next...

All of these photos were taken in the dark of night.
Both slept through my flash photography.

Mark is thinking about painting a colored square behind each letter...It still looks like something should be added.

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