Friday, June 5, 2009

A Weeknight with the Thomberg's

After supper (and before too) we head outside. The biggest challenge is always getting the kids inside for any reason.

We have a duck nesting in our GIANT rhubarb plant out our back garage door. The kids come by to check on (harass) her regularly. I think there may be something wrong with this mother duck, as I fear there are no longer any eggs under her, and I never see her move...

DEAN! Please leave the duck alone!

On the other side of the duck there is a robin nest.
Just the other day, the two baby birds leapt out while the kids were craining their necks to see the little peeps...

Of course Dean wanted to get closer...

Poor little thing! I tried to put it back in it's nest, but it jumped right back out.
Mama Robin did not seem happy.

Several nights a week we head out for a wagon ride through the neighborhood which skirts the river, and then back on the Mississippi River Bike Trail.

Other nights we attempt to get some yard work done, since it appears obvious the prior owner did little in her 8 years on Riverview Lane! You would be correct if you assumed we are not getting a whole lot done INSIDE these days.

You will notice our brush pile growing. There is now a fire ring nearby. We discovered last Saturday night when the H-we's came for a sleep over it is OKAY to have a fire ring, but against ordinance to burn your brush. This is according to our neighbor Tim, who serves on the fire department. Silly Farm Girl wanting to burn it all!

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Anonymous said...

Loving this post of your blog. Happy weekend. I have already fallen behind in the house. Just to nice outside.

Love Cindy


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