Friday, June 26, 2009

The Dog Days of Summer

When I was at Walmart for work the other day, I picked up a sprinkler for the kids. It was Monday night and it was HOT even after supper. At first the kids were sceptical when I ran through with them. They ventured off to another area of the yard to avoid the streams... and then they got curious and came back around. They happily entertained themselves with their new toy for more then 45 minutes.

Think back, way back, to the yard of your childhood and running through your sprinkler. Ours was always placed down from our garage. It connected to our actual pump house at our farm site. To the side was our clothes line (which did not see much use that I recall). Down farther was the garden off the field, with a strawberry patch. Our house was white with blue trim. We had ACRES of lawn and many old out buildings. The sprinkler was NOT typically put into action to actually water the lawn, because there was way too much grass for that.

Marly takes a refreshing sprinkler drink.

While the Twinners squealed with delight... Mark and I were perched on our front walk with a cold beer in hand. For 45 minutes we didn't even need to get our butts off our seats to chase after a Twinner. Eventually, Marly squirted Dean in the face and he ran over crying. Mark had to teach him to squirt Marly back.

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Nicole Mages said...

Now look at that fancy sprinkler system!! Looks like fun!!


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