Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The PERFECT Summer Saturday!

Saturday was the PERFECT Minnesota day at the lake. One of those days you dream of all year long until the season arrives. One of those days you covet when it is hot outside and you are at work or stuck in the metro.

We spent the day at Jan and Sheldon's house on Lake Allie. There were two boats, a paddle boat, floaties, a golf cart, PLENTY of food, sunscreen, heat, a cloudless sky, and lots of family to enjoy every moment with!

Sutton, Saxton, Mikayla and more...

Mariah with Marly & Dean.

Mark told me to "let go" for a better picture... I did, and seconds later they were chortling water in the lake. They both survived! Marly was back for more after a few minutes to recover.

Dean preferred the paddle boat.

Chad, Brett and me in Brett's ski boat.

Mike, Laura, and Wilson heading to South Beach. No.. not a bar or someplace in Miami! South Beach is the preferred sand beach swimming area on Lake Allie. You can only get to it by boat, since it is on private property in a cow pasture!

The ride home after supper, and after forgoing naps.

Dean - Overtired and CRANKY most of the ride home. I didn't snap a picture of Marly with her blankie over her head. She acts like it muffles Dean's screaming and crying.

Thank You Jan & Sheldon for a WONDERFUL, FANTASTIC day!

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